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What was the first solid you gave to your baby? - Page 2

Poll Results: What was the first solid you gave to babe?

  • 31% (39)
    Rice Cereal
  • 32% (40)
  • 1% (2)
  • 4% (6)
  • 3% (4)
  • 25% (31)
    Other - do tell!
122 Total Votes  
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I went with rice cereal. There is not much nutrition to it, but my ped said it's a good starter because you can mix it with breast milk, so it's kind of the same and kind of different. She loved it! Next we went with carrots, peas, then apples and bananas. She loved everything and still a very unpicky toddler.

Peas was a mistake. Should have waited on those. Never give peas at night! Pooperama!
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I voted bananas, but I kind of lied. I offered rice cereal first to all 3. Dd#1 loved it. The next 2 hated it, so I gave the box to dd#1, who still liked it.

I was mostly too lazy to ever express my milk to mix with foods. I just used water to dilute when neccessary. She probably only got 2 boxes of baby cereal total, then was ready for real table food.

Dd#1 was/is easygoing. She allowed me to spoon feed her just about anything. I do remember she got constipated when we started solids at one point, so I backed off on the quantity. Bananas and rice cereal are constipating.

Dd#2 and ds preferred to self feed, dd also hated pureed foods, so they didn't start eating til about 8-9 mos. Then they ate just about anything. They didn't like Oatios (too big and hard, but I think the co has changed the recipe by now), so we did Cheerios. I am not a health food purist! but they mostly had fruits and veggies, mostly raw and fresh from my plate or stove.

We started tofu and fish/meat, beans and lentils at around 9 mos. They also had no problems with wheat or dairy, so we could do toast, pasta, crackers, yogurt and a little cheese. I held off on cow's milk til one yr. No need, with all the mama milk fresh from the source.

All 3 continued to breastfeed every hour.
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ds first food was banana. second was baked potato mixed with a bit of ebm when we had gone out to dinner with mil, third was sweet potato, fourth was carrot.... ds was about 9 mos when he started having more than just an occasional taste of food...even though he "seemed" ready by 6 mos, we actually started offering around 7 mos..

dd on the other hand already "seems" ready ( just over 4 mos)( doubled bw( i weighed her at our lll meeting- held at my peds office ), sits up, hand to mouth etc... we will still prob wait till approx 6 mos unless sumthin drastic happens

she has had one taste of some mushy banana though ( ds "shared" and could not understand why that was a bad thing, lol)
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Organic Avocado mixed with breast milk!

We started with in-season organic vegetables. (which is also what we ate)
After a couple of months we moved on to fruits.
Didn't offer rice cereal.
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I don't know what he ate first. We just dumped a bunch of stuff on a tray and let him paw through it and taste what he wanted. We used applesauce, a diced banana, and some cheerios. He pretty much liked all of it. We tried the cereals, but he hated all of them no matter what I did to them to make them palateable. He had french fries once we figured he wouldn't choke. They are his favorite food even today. (And I really do mean today. He had some with lunch. )

He also liked mashed sweet potatoes and applesauce mixed. By the time he was about 1 year he was seriously into yogurt, cheese, peanut butter, grahams, grapes and most other fruits. He is not a veggie eater, though we do make it sit on his plate and ask if he will try.

I always thought it was a good idea just to put an item in front of him and see what he did with it.
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Started solids yesterday!

We started DS (almost 5 mos) on mashed avocado and breastmilk yesterday morning. He loved it and made a big mess.


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Great topic!! Iwas gonna bf forever, but...... dd is 4 months and we started with peaches and she loves 'em! She opens wide, and she will 'search for the spoon' like she does for my nipple, she gets all excited!
This is a few things I did...I pureed canned peaches in their own juice minus the juice, then froze them in tiny candy molds...this just happened, my son wanted to make candy and I had the idea of using molds to freeze our baby's food. So I bought 1 mold for $1 that fits about 24 tablespoons of food. Now I hold the frozen peach mold and she gums it...she is teething! So this is perfect.
And I popped a couple of frozen peach squares in a tiny tupperware container to travel with.

Yesterday, I pureed a fresh pear and added a little apple sauce to get it to a mush consistentcy.....I gave her some then, saved some for later and froze some. The stuff I used later in the day had turned brown(like an apple cut would turn brown). Does anyone have experience storing fresh fruits, would I add a drop of lemon juice to it?

And I had read in an old Mothering issue about feeding babes No 91 from Nov/Dec '98 homemade 'cereals' and just last night I bought millet and short grain brown rice. I just toasted them seperately and stored them. The directions said to puree tem in a grinder when you are ready to use them. I plan on trying this today so I will let you know how it works if you're interested.

I am trying to be so 'green' but the apple sauce I used was my 9yr old's son and 'gasp' it had corn syrup in it! lol
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My daughter liked banana, avocado and goat's milk yogurt. Sweet potato and homemade brown rice cereal also. But she really didn't eat much solid food at all until she turned one. She didn't touch mushy baby food, it had to be chunky and part of mama's meal!
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I really planned on waiting the full 6 months before offering solids, but while we were on vacation(Ben was 4 months old), Ben decided it was time. He wanted my peanut butter frozen yogurt, so I gave him a taste. I can't believe I did that now. I knew better. He spat it out. Then my dad took me out for lunch at an Israeli restaurant, and Ben started screaming and grabbing, so I fed him a few tastes of hummus.

His first real meal was bananas and potatoes. Fresh, homemade- never from a jar. I just buy a little extra of whatever veggies I'm cooking for our dinners, steam and grind it for Ben. Ben is allergic to fruit, so I only give veggies and cereal. Ben loves cereal, esp mixed with bm, though I do use water in a pinch. I also mix it in with the veggies if they turn out a little watery.

Ben also only drinks water, milk and sometimes Chammomile tea. I don't like juice, and I don't think it's good for babies, or children. I'll give it to him when he's old enough to ask for it. He's also allergic to fruit, so we couldn't really give it to him now, anyway.
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I too was very adamant about waiting until 6 months. But at about 4 months, he was just so interested in our food, sitting up with assistance, and way surpassed doubled birth weight (at his 4 month well check, he was 19lbs 4oz --- from 7lb 6oz at birth).

I mashed up some banana mixed in some ebm. He didnt get much, and though I thought he would be interested, he wasn't once it was in his mouth. He spit it all out. Well, mostly. When I changed a poopie dipe later in the evening, there was a small bit of undigested banana in there. So, that convinced me he definitely wasn't ready yet, not digesting it at all. He is 5 months now (in a week) and he is getting more and more interested (making chewing motions when we eat), but I'm gonna wait until six months for real now. No use feeding him stuff if his tummy can't handle it. But I'll try banana again, and want to try avacado, good idea.
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I voted other - sweet potato.

I had read The Womanly Art... and decided against cereal, as any grain tends to be more allergenic (and also MUCH less nutritious) than fruits or veg. It also says bananas tend to be more constipating, so I went with sweet potato. Turns out I was right to reject both cereal and the bananas - ds still has difficulty digesting anygrains (and is, in fact, allergic to wheat) - and bananas were constipating at first.
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We tried bananas, sweet potatoes, and avocado (all homemade). Although I had planned on waiting as long as possible before introducing solids at about five months everything that was on my plate (or cup) was grabbed by ds. I finally blended some banana and bm and fed him from a spoon, he loved it. At six months know I still only offer foods occasionally but he gobbles them up when ever they are offered. He has also tried cantalope, watermelon, homemade brown rice cereal, mashed potato (gagged at the texture though), and applesauce. His poops, although still not stinky, have turned the consistency of peanut butter. Does anybody know if this is a result of the solid foods or just from growing older?
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It's probably from the solids. The more solid foods he eats, the more solid the poops will become (and they will start to get smelly too!).
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We started just a couple of weeks ago with sweet potatoes. It's such a nutrient-rich food and the puree is a great color!

I like the idea of starting w/ tart whole milk yogurt, just 'cause it's interesting to see how your babe will react to tartness after having had only the sweet breast milk
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Originally posted by traceface
I like the idea of starting w/ tart whole milk yogurt, just 'cause it's interesting to see how your babe will react to tartness after having had only the sweet breast milk
I think the current recommendation is to wait until at least 9 months before introducing yogurt.
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Horray baby had her first solids! I decided on bananas and gave it to her when we were on vacation in Egypt these past two weeks (thus my delay in posting the news). She loved them and was quite dismayed when they were all finished. They didnt seem to give her constipation.

Second up was sweet potatoes - which were also a real hit.

Yesterday we tried some carrots - not such a winner - but baby might just be recuperating from the long flight.

Thanks for all the responses - glad this thread has turned out so well!!!
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I was cooking one day. I was making a chicken dish that required me to make a broth. Well, the ingredients to make the broth were celery, chicken, carrots, onions, chicken broth, water, salt, pepper and parsley. You cooked all of this for 30 min (or until the chicken was tender), pulled the chicken out and retained the broth (discarding all the veggies....you know,the good stuff). Well, instead of throwing out all the carrots, I mashed them up and fed a bite to Kaeleb. HE LOVED THEM. I think it was the fact that they were seasoned instead of plain. He was grabbing the spoon, shoving it into his mouth. I think he ate all three carrots that I used in the recipe. Now he eats squash, sweet potatoes, sweet peas, mashed potatoes (from my plate). He won't touch green beans. He loves the normal fruits, mashed up apples (not applesauce), bananas and peaches (trying pears tomorrow - from my trees...the apples come from there too. my peach tree only made one stinkin peach) sorry, ranting :LOL. I don't think he has had too much of those cereals.

edited ** oh, and yogurt...lord this baby loves yogurt!
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I had posted I was going to try hm toasted rice cereal I had grounded, well I did but it was still too grainy. I tried it anyway on dd(4 1/2 months) and she wasn't thrilled, lol. Since then, I have slowed down with feeding her(I was trying to do it once a day) and just go with the flow now. She is definitely interested, but realistcally, she does't care if if we give her a spoonful of food or a teether! While holding her, if I am eating a pear or plum and she is going crazy for it, I will let her suck on it for a bit and she is so into it when I do this, I am very careful watching the skin. She also loves to take a sip of water from my glass, but she is just as contented to suck on the bottom of my cup When we have dinner, I see if there is something for her and have been letting her sample mashed potatoes off my fingers.

oh so cute, while picking sugar snap peas, Maegan was laying down on a blanket and rolled to my pile and grabbed a pod, she sucked on it, then snapped it in two and continued to suck on it, it was very cute(the peas weren't going anywhere)

I'm so glad I remembered, lol, to slow down about this step with her! I recall reading baby stomachs are better t ofiltering out bad stuff after 6 months.
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Definately avocado, she loves it!

Now that she gets older I mix in brocoli, peas or brown rice and she loves it!
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Well, we waited until dd was pretty close to 7 or 8 months before we gave her some delicious refried beans -- the *real* kind made with actual lard .

We skipped the rice cereal, whirled peas, et cetera because to me, it all tasted so flavorless and gross that I thought, "Food is such a wonderful thing...why start out by giving your child food that's so gross you don't want to eat it yourself?" So we waited until her digestive system was more mature and could tolerate something more interesting than rice cereal.

P.S., She ABSOLUTELY LOVED them, and they are her favorite food. Never had a problem with them, not even "toots."
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