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What was the first solid you gave to your baby? - Page 3

Poll Results: What was the first solid you gave to babe?

  • 31% (39)
    Rice Cereal
  • 32% (40)
  • 1% (2)
  • 4% (6)
  • 3% (4)
  • 25% (31)
    Other - do tell!
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The recommeneded age for starting solids here is 6 mths. Ella is 6 mths next week so I thought I would try some rice cereal yesterday and see what happened. Well sheloved it. My other girls didnt really take to solids until 7-7.5mths. I started on this first as it's easy to mix with something familiar tasting (breastmilk in our case) I will keep giving her this for another 3 or so days (to make sure no reaction) then try some fruit or veges.
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I kind of let it be a spontanious issue with my son, it was a pear because I was eating one and it was soft and he kept grabbing at it so I let him try it.

My daughter it was rice cereal because she was my first so I thought that's what I was "supposed" to do. She loved it the first time but never would eat it again!!

With my third I will just wait to see what he grabbs for that he could possibly try.
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Avacados - at 6.5 months

also nectarine which ds loves to rool around on the ground with and get all slimy!

I had planned to wait longer, but ds looks so longingly at dh and I while eating and one day he pulled my bread out of my hand and stuffed it in his mouth I realized I needed to follow his lead.

He does not eat from hunger, but for the experience - taste, smell, texture and mostly messy fun
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I started dd on bananas last week. She's 6.5 months. This week we're doing avacado. She loves both. She waves her arms and goes "Mmmm Mmmm" and grabs at the spoon. So cute! We are having so much fun with food!
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We've given dd squash a few times. I don't know that any actually got down her throat. She is interested in eating, so maybe just doesn't care for squash right now. The other day MIL gave her mashed potatoes - WHEN I WASN'T AROUND. Said she loved them. I'm sure she did. They were the powdered kind, which has margarine & cow's milk added to them. I wasn't pleased. I want to try avocado next. This thread has me psyched. I think I'll try that tonight!
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something odd...

eli's first solid was a turkey drumstick with everything pulled off
of it. i soaked it a bit in the turkey juice and then handed to him. he had the time of his life. *shrug* i wanted to give him something he couldn't choke on, since we were having a seder and he wanted to eat with everyone else. the next week, we tried some more traditional rice cereal & breastmilk.
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I posted before on this thread. At four months I tried banana with ebm because ds seemed so interested. What little he actually swallowed came out in his dipe still looking like banana, so i waited a bit.

He is a little over 6 months now, and I've been feeding him solids for a few weeks now. Not a whole lot, and not every single day. This time around I started him with avacado mixed with ebm...he loved it. He also loves banana. Peaches and apples he likes too (pureed with bm). Oh, and carrot, he likes that. He pretty much has liked everything I've given him. I usually give him a tablespoon or two at a sitting, and that is once or twice in a given day. But some days, I don't give him any...if he doesn't seem interested.
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