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painful Movements....

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Has any one had the exerience where baby's movements are just so hard and constant that it literally hurts??

Last night I laid on the couch to try to fall asleep ( because the bed is not comfortable and I was trying anything!) and the baby was moving so hard and constantly that I would doze between movements and then be jolted awake moaning because each movement was causing shooting pains to my cervix. I m a 36 wks, 5 days----and as of last week 100% effaced, with an “open” cervix and baby is at +1 station. I am assuming that because he is far down—that’s why any movement sends shocks through my cervix and groin---but last night it was ridiculous!! My husband could see my belly moving form across the room because they were such big movements---and he did this for about two hours. Crazy thing is that today—he seems to be in the same position he has been in for weeks—so I have not what a clue what aerobics class was about last night !

But does any one else have a problem with their movements being really painful and uncomfortable?? I don’t want to be a baby about it---but it was brutal!!
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i've had this for a couple months now. it's not in my cervix, though...just my belly. this little guy completely stretches out & i can see his butt & feet at opposite ends. it hurts!!! i've had to literally push on him to curl up again & i know he gets irritated but it's so painful.
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my kid is SUPER heavy and SUPER active but it doesnt really hurt.

what DOES hurt is every night when i wake up needing to pee. my cervix and everything hurts/cramps so bad i dont want to get up....but i obviously need to.

i kind of try to slide off the bed and limp to the bathroom. then just peeing hurts soooo bad at first.

i get scared that this is what labor feels like?!

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Yes!! I get that a lot. I try to move around to find a position that is more comfy for her but it just HURTS!! You have my sympathies, mama!

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Not the same as you.. but when I am riding in DH's car and he moves around- it is a really sharp pain on my left side. It's not always in the car, but mostly.
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Yes! Yes! This little girl's movements hurt me all the time, everywhere, all over my abdomen. Last night she moved against my pelvic bone so hard it made me yell "ouch!" My boys never hurt like this so consistantly. What's funny is my boys were huge (9.5 and 10 lbs at birth) and according to an ultrsound she's only about 7.5 pounds and I'm due in a few days. Maybe she's just a strong woman!
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Yes - I am consistently being actually hurt. There have been days when I have felt like my belly is bruised in certain spots too. I don't remember my son being this active or painful.
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Yeah, a bit painful. And since he's dropped, sometimes when he moves against my pubic bone it can be a bit uncomfortable and definitely strange.
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i've had the same sort of scenario you are describing on and off for about a month now. I asked OB about it and he said that a lot of women describe the same sort of thing this far along.I didn't have it with my previous pregnancy so I was a little concerned but I think it's fairly common.
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YES YES YES that is why I keep on telling everyone she must be at least 15 pounds if not more.
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I am SO glad I found this post!!! I've been having the exact same thing for the past couple of days. I have no idea if baby's dropped and/or how low it's sitting, but for the past couple of days every time it shifts it feels like my pelvis is going to split in half. Plus I sometimes get these horrid shooting pains down my left leg alongside it. Going potty helps, but it hurts to go at first, then only a trickle comes out and then finally once I'm totally relaxed and leaning forward the rest comes out. Oh, and I also get painful movements on top when baby decides to stretch its leg. It literally looks like a foot is coming out of my side. I had none of it with DD so I was a little worried, but knowing that I'm not the only one makes me feel a heck of a lot better.
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