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my husband isn't on board, either. so I get a , but the family doesn't, because we got art supplies for Andy today.
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All right, all right... I'm in.
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Originally Posted by KariAnn View Post
ColoradoMama, I'm glad you feel good about today and hurray! to you for standing up for yourself! Why do they make so many mistakes?
Thanks. They have these two ladies who check people out that make mistakes ALL THE TIME! I mean, they're really nice ladies, but they always screw things up. The employees there know they screw things up. I'm not sure why they have them as checkers.
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Two days ago, I bought my dh a nalgene bottle, since I found out he's been buying bottled water daily. It was a thoughtful purchase, but it will take 2 weeks of him not buying water daily, to make up for it.

The weekend is coming up. Friday is here for me already. I don't know what dh has in mind. Maybe we'll use our passes to go to the zoo, and I'll get our camelbacks out of the closet. We'd eat lunch there, and getting there will cost cab fare, but lunch can be really cheap. Calculated spending is okay, as long as it fits, imo.
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Originally Posted by KariAnn View Post

Even though I spent a whopping $225 today, it was on gas and groceries only. Hopefully, the groceries will last through Sunday of next week. I really need to find some frugal recipes.
how large is your family?
have you see www.hillbillyhousewife.com ? I don't cook half the stuff she reccomends (I only cook veg and we don't do powdered milk unless it's an emergency and we can't get to the store) but I have gotten some good tips there! (and recipes) I find cooking in double or triple batches saves me ALOT of time and $!
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spent another $29 on more groceries. luckily, h is taking my car tomorrow so i won't be able to spend anything. i'll finally have a thumb!

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I have GOT to join. I'm the only breadwinner at the moment, so NO extra spending.

So far we are under-budget, but it's only what, May 3rd? 2 CC's have $0 balance so we saved there, just gotta avoid eating junk food at work. Spending $1 here and there, frittering all the extra money away.
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Argh!! DD has been putting a serious crimp in my frugal style. I am making DS's birthday cake and made the frosting and cake last night. She ate into the cake and spilled the frosting over the floor, so I lost half of it. In the process of doing that, the beaters somehow managed to get mangled by hitting the floor and are now unsuable (I use these almost daily so that's a big loss. I'm going to try to get on without it). She got into the cheese and we lot a lot of that. She turned the fridge on high yesterday (didn't notice until today) and we lost a lot of produce. Plus about a dozen other things over the past day that I can't even remember. Argh! I'm so frustrated. At least I was able to salvage enough to put together a cute cow cake but she keeps finding it and snacking on it. Right now she's walking by me with frostingful fingers. *sigh* The wonderful twos.

Now I just have to resist the urge to go buy helium balloons and more stuff for the party. I just have to make it until 3 when we'll be on our way. I want to buy......!!!!

But we've been invited to another party this month. That makes about 10 birthdays this month : (thankfully not all parties!!!)

I'm proud of DH as he left his wallet home yesterday. He's been so excited at the prospect of possibly being able to buy a house in the next few years that I think he's willing to sacrifice the needless spending.
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Carla -- I do the "leave the wallet at home" trick too. At first I used to get panicky about not having any money -- what if there were an emergency??? -- but it really does work. Your whole attitude changes when you don't have any money with you.

Today is BIG GROCERY DAY for us. I'm trying to buy enough groceries to last us for the month.

I'm making a list and I'm going to check my cart before I leave the store to make ~sure~ I stick to the list. No extras. If I don't think we need it when I'm at home making the list, then we probably don't need it, right?

Wish me luck!!! I want a thumb today!!!
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okay, ive been watching all week..

and i was just going to continue watching, but i decided to make a post!

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us anything you think it would help us to know about yourself.
-I'm Chelsea - mama to be in June/July! My boyfriend and I rent an apartment in Westland, MI.

2. Please tell us why you have decided to spend nothing (or spend significantly less) for the Month of May.
-We've been HORRIBLE with spending money and not really keeping some sort of accountability - I have much less money to work with than boyfriend does because I make a lot less (so its much easier for me to keep track of where it goes...he, on the other hand, has some work to do), and we keep our money separate for the most part, but I think its time we start looking at things together instead of just getting by with what we each have. Our biggest problem area is eating out, but we've gotten significantly better. The next biggest problem is little things: you know, $3 for lunch, $3 for breakfast, $3 on whatever other random thing we "need."

3. Please tell us your game plan -- what are your goals and how do you plan to approach no spending for a month?
-Well, I haven't spent anything yet!!!! so 3 thumbs up for me! We went grocery shopping the other night though, after a long talk about how grocery shopping needs to be a priority and not just a hey, lets get SOMETHING to have in the house to eat which really ends up being convenience food, yogurt, and other non-meal type items. We spent $74 and came home with a ton of food - Meijer had boxes of pasta on sale, 10 for $5!!!! last night we made tacos, and even had some left over. We won't have to go again until next weekend.
-I do need clothes, but I usually go to the thrift store for that because I don't need to spend $25 on a little shirt - and especially being pregnant - what the heck, maternity clothes are so ridiculous. I have one pair of pants that I LOOOOVE that I got for $7 at the thrift store.
-ultimately, my goal is to have enough money to set some aside for when I'm not working, as well as some to put towards my credit cards that I've been slowly paying off for the last two years - dumb credit card companies that come to your school and tell you how great they are. I had no idea what I was doing. I really don't make very much money, so I only have a little bit to work with.

So, hi So far I'm doing really well! I've had to cut back here and there on things, but its okay. I have a huge yarn stash, I can learn how to make something with it. I have a ton of onesies that I want to tiedye, and I can always spend some time reading the boards on here or getting together with other women outside now that its getting nice out. I think a huge reason why more money gets spent than what should, is because I get bored. Boyfriend and I usually work opposite shifts, so I'm home during the day (or at school) and I get antsy sitting here alone.
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So yesterday didn't end up being a thumbs up for me. More like...a sideways thumb? I ordered two more pairs of shoes, but I also send the two that arrived back because they didn't fit. Sounds like a even deal, right? Well, except for that the ones I ordered cost a lot more than the ones I sent back...

It's hell to have giant feet and a pain-inducing condition that really requires quality shoes. You do what you have to do, I guess. Today will be better. I already resisted buying coffee on the way in to work!
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Originally Posted by Crunchy*VT*Mom View Post

I wasn't in the April group for this forum, so please excuse me if you already have gone through this...but for our May group (and if you are new and considering joining our group, please join in at ANY time...you don't have to be here May 1st):

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us anything you think it would help us to know about yourself.

2. Please tell us why you have decided to spend nothing (or spend significantly less) for the Month of May.

3. Please tell us your game plan -- what are your goals and how do you plan to approach no spending for a month?
Coming in a little late here but I really need this!

I'm Kim. A single mama. I have a little income that covers all of our basics plus some extras but not much. I blew most of my savings when my baby was in the hospital and I'm feeling the need to build a bit in the bank again for security.

My goal is to significantly reduce the amount I spend on non-essentails and reduce the amount I spend on essentials. Ultimately, I hope to reduce what I actually consider essential . Mother's day will be a bit difficult since my mom is on the materialistic side and a handmade gift would not be welcome. But I'll be doing some creative shopping to try and meet her standards on my budget...

At the end of May, I hope to have money left in the bank so I can start adding it to my savings...
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Bah. I've worked through lunch all week and I really want to go do something on my lunch hour today, but "doing something" almost always means spending money! The weather is bad, so a walk is out. Infuriating!

ETA: I compromised. I took a long walk and bought lunch (I actually didn't even have anything to eat at work, so I sort of had to buy lunch). Next week, though, no buying lunch. I'm going to cook this weekend and bring stuff to eat at the beginning of the week.
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So far so good for today!! I went out to get dh's paycheck and made myself not go anywhere other than the office. woo hoo!
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I haven't spent anything yet this month! for me! I have stopped myself a couple of times from going out and spending money out of boredom though...like today for instance.. it's hot, and I like to take the kids for ice cream on occasion and just get out of the house for a bit, but I am resisiting, so we are making homemade smoothie popscicles today and playing in our yard.
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May 1st
May 2nd
May 3rd $105 diapers
May 4th $23 diapers

I'm running alongside the wagon, with my hands reaching out, but I haven't been able to jump back on...

Tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a big blue thumb day.
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I'm in, a little late but here I am!!!!
Money spent this week, a mag at the grocery store, takeout lunch from work x 2 days, undies and socks for my DS and take out for dinner tonight.

I am working all weekend, so I will pack my meals and take bottled H2O from home.. ladies help me please!!!!!!

I really need to reel in the spending!
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for today. Not a penny was spent by anyone in my family. Yay! I am hoping to pay off a huge chunk of DH's credit card next week.
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I didn't spend a penny today! One day at a time, right?

Oh- and I got reimbursed by my ex for dd's glasses! Now if I can just not see that money as "etxra"
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May 1 -
May 2 -
May 3 -
May 4 -

And, I resisted temptation big time! My mom picked us up today and we went to Home Depot, Sally's, Target and Wal-Mart. I didn't spend a penny! Woo-hoo! My mom did buy us lunch and a cute tank/dress for dd. It's been a great day. We made homemade pizza for dinner and I desperately wanted an ice cold coca cola, but we didn't have any. Instead of having him run to the store (definitely would have had him do it last month), we drank water.

A big hello and welcome to the new folks!
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