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Not a cent! I was so tempted to get some stuff for DS's party but I'm glad I didn't. He got sooo much stuff. One good thing is he got doubles of something so I'm going to give the extra to his friend for his birthday. I told the giver and she said it was ok. I said I would buy DS something in it's place but maybe in June I will get him a soccer ball as the replacement gift . He has enough to keep him busy for a while.

DH is going to the bank right now to deposit the money we've saved. We are definately going to be able to afford a house before we know it and we're so excited!! We're tired of low income housing!!!
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Originally Posted by Lilacmoon View Post
I am working all weekend, so I will pack my meals and take bottled H2O from home.. ladies help me please!!!!!!
Packing your lunches can really save a bundle.

We had a good day today. I had to buy vacuum bags (yes, I know about the trick of cutting the bottom off and emptying it - but the bag had a bunch of broken glass in it!), but that was it. I only spent $2.16 for the day. We made homemade gf pizza that was very good, and there are leftovers for lunch. We wanted desert so I made some oatmeal cookies out of what we had in the pantry. Dh really wanted popcorn, so I found a grocery store gift card ($5) that I found in our junk drawer this weekend and told him that he had to go to that store! In the end, he stayed home.
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hallelujah! i get a thumb!

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May 1st
May 2nd
May 3rd $105 diapers
May 4th $23 diapers
May 5th $9.50 on puzzles and a toy for DD

Considering it was grocery day and I went into a gazillion stores, that was a good day for me. Not -worthy, but still good.

I also bought some hair cutting scissors -- but those will be money-savers. I'm learning (very slowly) how to cut my children's hair. They were both due for a cut, so the cost of the scissors I'm chalking up to necessity. The scissors cost less than one haircut would have cost for both of them.

Anyone have a good recommendation for a "how to cut your children's hair" book?

KariAnne -- you are rocking! Go-no-spending-Mama!!!

Welcome aboard New Mamas!!!
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May 1 -
May 2 -
May 3 -
May 4 -
May 5 -

We didn't leave the house today, so no money spent. The last few days I've been feeling rather liberated about not spending any money. Today, I felt completely blah about it. The weather here has been yuck and I'm hoping that is what is causing my blahs. I kept looking around the house at all the stuff I want to do (meaning money spent) and being upset that I was choosing not to spend any money! How absurd!

I want the thumbs up. I want to do this. I need to do this. I CAN do this! We all can!

Crunchy - You are working your way back down to a zero dollar day! I know you can do it!

sarahlyao & bwylde Woo-Hoo on no money spent!

ColoradoMama You got what you needed with no extras! Very cool!

"See" ya'll tomorrow!
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May Spending:

Current total: $19.05

May 1 - $6.48 (lunch and snack)
May 2 - $8.90 (kids wanted to go to McD's and I agreed before remembering my pledge)
May 3 -
May 4 -
May 5 - $3.67 (DS was invited to aparty at McD's. I ate while I waited )

I also started on the frugal meal planning and I am so excited about all of the money that I'm NOT spending!
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May 1 -
May 2 -
May 3 -
May 4 -
May 5 -

Tomorrow is the test though, we have a playdate in the morning then we're off to do some grocery shopping. I did a meal plan for the week and made a list!
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I haven't spent anything extra except change for cokes at work. It comes from leftover change, so I don't count it as spending.
If I pull out the debit card for a coke - that is spending
So far, so good.
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May 1
May 2
May 3 *groceries*
May 4
May 5 $3 spent at a couple yard sales. Stuff I've been ISO for a long time so I am okay with the big money I spent.
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Saturday: :
Sunday: :

Sundays are easy as we don't shop on Sunday anyway . I was so tempted yesterday to go shopping. We went for a drive instead and I talked about it with DH. We want so badly to save for a house that it makes it easier.

Tommorow I am going to go through all our stored up food and write it down to make meal plans. I have been warning the kids that for the sake of saving money and eating healthier, they may have to start eating things they don't like : (That's going to go over well. They are both sooo picky!!). I have put together my shopping list and it is mostly fruits and veggies and a couple items that are a really good sale. We won't be spending much this week on groceries.
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Well I was doing great until Friday!

We are gearing up for a trip to Alaska and needed to get DS a good pair of walking shoes for the trip. I wanted them early enough so DS could break them in and know they are comfortable. We've never done this kind of camping/trip with him and he also needed some rain gear and a few more things. My BIL lives in AK and he told us what were essentials to make travelling with our 3 year old a worthwhile experience. I found nothing in thrift stores for his age bracket so I had to buy new. Other than the shoes I bought everything else big so we'll have it or 2 or 3 seasons so at least we'll get more use out of it.

Back on track over the weekend though
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Bought some books yesterday, but took them back today, so I'm no-spend for the weekend! We did buy a couple of mats for outside (it's so rainy here right now!) and some much needed dog leashes on clearance, but those are joint expenses and were not extravagant, so I feel fine about things. I'm also working on putting together food for lunches during the week. Finally, I turned in my change today and now have $64 in cash in my wallet, so I am going to see how long I can make that last. I am planning to go out today to pick up mother's day cards, but that seems like a reasonable expense.
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you mammas that are no-spend for this long are such an inspiration!

my stats:

5/1 - 39
5/2 - 15.50
5/3 - 39

it's making it easier that dh sold his car, he's using mine & the IL car we borrowed for me & dd to use locally stalls out if you slow down to quickly. i don't want to drive anywhere!

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May 1...
May 2...
May 3... $105
May 4... $23
May 5... $9.50
May 6...

Yeah!!! Finally a again!

It is only 3 PM, but we are home for the rest of the day and DH is taking the car, so no money will be spent by me.

Okay -- I made a way too extravagant bid on a fiber-arts wall hanging at a silent auction today at church -- but hopefully someone else will fall equally in love with that wall hanging and outbid me. So I can't count that as reckless spending until I win the auction...then it will be a prime example of Prue-impulse purchasing. Who in the world can't live without a wool fiber wall hanging??? ~No one~ can count that as a need.

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I fell off the wagon today :

Went to Target to pick up diaper cream (dd has a bd, bad rash ) and ended up spending $77! Most was spent on summer clothes for the kids (which they both need) and I only bought clothes on clearance. So I'm almost done summer clothes shopping for both kids- they only need a swimsuit each still. I didn't get any goodies, though, which is what I almost always come home from Target with. So now I just need to not spend any more money on "stuff" for the rest of the month

I'm working on cleaning out closets and gathering my craft stuff together so I have something to do and won't get bored. Plus it has the added benefit of making me feel like I have too many things lying around already

I hope the rest of you ladies had a better weekend than I did!
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Crunchy--WooHoo!!! See you made it back on the wagon! lol Did you decide any more about your DH's b-day? I've decided to fix a baking hen in the crockpot with some mashed potatoes and Candied Carrots (my dh's favorite side dish). Then for his "party" on Saturday we're having cake, chips, homemade cookies (probably Snickerdoodles since they are his fave) and maybe a couple more homemade party foods. Its going to be really small just our parents and siblings and maybe a couple of his friends. So it should be a cheap party. :-) All I need to get is the chips and some throw away cups since I have styrofoam plates and plastic forks already. yay!

May 1
May 2
May 3
May 4
May 5 $4.07 for drinks and snacks, $6 for 2 drinks (yikes!) at the Air Show and $9 for supper at Arby's on the way home.
May 6

The Air Show trip turned out really good! I'm amazed we only spent $6 inside. :-) We did fill our SUV up on the way, $45!! Yikes!! But we won't need gas for probably at least 2 weeks.
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Went to Target to pick up diaper cream (dd has a bd, bad rash ) and ended up spending $77
sunflowers -- Isn't that the truth?? I can't walk into Target or Walmart or Costco without spending $100...they should just charge me a surcharge at the door.

"Ma'am, can I see your Costco card? Prudence Taylor, eh? For you that will be $100 to enter this store."

I'd pay it.

Because I'm going to be giving them that anyway.

I don't know why I have ~no~ impulse control in those big box stores. And I have NOTHING to show for it. A house full of stuff, but honestly I can't figure out what it is that I have spent all this money on.

Oh...but things are changing now, I tell you.

Thanks Kelly! It feels good to be "back" Luckily for me DH's birthday is the 31st, so I have more time to ruminate on a non-spendy gift for him.
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KariAnn and Michelle -- You are my idols. All those thumbs...you're blinding me with the blue. Way to go!!!!
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Anybody want to buy a wool fiber-art wall hanging?
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May 1
May 2
May 3 *groceries*
May 4
May 5 $3 spent at a couple yard sales. Stuff I've been ISO for a long time so I am okay with the big money I spent.
May 6 and a for DH, too!
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