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So my month started on sun lol...
we went out for a dinner with my aunt and uncle on sat...and did grocery shopping on sun for the entire month!! Hopefully...I planned all of our meals for the entire month over lapping to stop waste..

We spent 140 dollars at the grocery store....so lets see how long that lasts us...

My dh made the comment that he would like to go out to dinner on fri!:

Im making sure with each dinner I make just enough extra that dh can take some for lunch..I bought him a whole bunch of granola for morning break, with soy milk and make him salad for afternoon break..(the coffee truck is insane!! and theres no vegan food so dh feels sooo sick after eating it! tons of processed cheese!)

The hardest is that I would love to go buy fabric and patterns!!! I really want to go fabric shopping!! Im hoping someone got me a gc for mothers day!!

Good luck mamas
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May 5
May 6
May 7

Does it count if I spend money we already budgeted?
I have to go pick up more sealer for our fence but DH already budgets that in the beginning of the year? I'm also not going to spend gas to go get it. Found out our bike trailer will hand the weight of the 5 gallon bucket so I'm going to ride my bike over ! If it doesn't count as spending that today looks like a day as well.

I, unfortunately, am not going to make it until the end of the month though. I'm going to visit family in PA and that's where I replenish my shoes & clothes. No sales tax in PA and really good outlet stores The good thing is I'm only getting back to PA once a year so I'm pretty strategic on my purchases.
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One cute story - I told you that on Friday we got DS a new pair of shoes. A few weeks back we had gotten him a pair of shoes at a local thrift store. When we got home that day he looked at my DH and said "Thanks dad for the old shoes." Today when leaving for school he asked "Mama are these new old shoes or new shoes? so I can tell my teacher.
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We spent more today than I expected, but still less than usual. $40 for groceries (we usually spend $100 and we got just as much!), $40 for the battery charger (DH got an extended warranty, grrrr!) and $11 for a brita type water pitcher. We debated about the one we were going to get that I mentioned earlier but this was $20 cheaper and we have a lot of the filtration crystals already from a pitcher we had when we were first married (we got them for next to nothing when the store was moving).
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Progress not Perfection.

That is what you are aiming for. Don't beat yourself up if you spent a little something on something you need...being frugal and watching your pennies is an aquired skill. FIDO forget about it and drive on.

If you pass up buying ANYTHING this month, then you are making progress.

I think you all are doing GREAT!!!!!

May 1...
May 2...
May 3... $105
May 4... $23
May 5... $9.50
May 6...
May 7...
May 8... $6 MOPs fee

We have finished our first week!!! Even if you spent money all seven days, at least you were more ~conscious~ of spending it.

Now we are starting our second week...for those of you who slipped off the wagon...here's a fresh new week for you.

Save that money!!!!!!!!!
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So didn't do great today, but did "better"...
was in the area of our REI and needed a SIGG bottle (work related expense) and thought I had a store credit with me, but I didn't. (But I did get my 20% off member discount on it!)
So $16.19 for the day...
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May Spending:

Current total: $19.05

May 1 - $6.48 (lunch and snack)
May 2 - $8.90 (kids wanted to go to McD's and I agreed before remembering my pledge)
May 3 -
May 4 -
May 5 - $3.67 (DS was invited to aparty at McD's. I ate while I waited )
May 6 -
May 7 -
May 8 -

I want to say that I am so grateful for this post. I don't think I would have ever realized the full impact of my 'a few dollars here, a few dollars there' lifestyle. From breakfast at the drive-thru, to renting a movie, or stopping for a treat...I spent money all over. And now? I feel like I have a new outlook and that my habits are already changing. I love it!
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Time for check-in....how did ya'll do today?
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I spent $10.16 at TJ's this morning and I'm about to make another run (it's 2.5 blocks away!) because George requested hair conditioner. I bought a cookbook the other day and I'm planning to go through it from beginning to end in an attempt to plan our meals and save money in the long run. I've been pretty good at not spending (though that chai from Tully's yesterday was soooooooo good ) and being more aware in general of the money going out and why it's going out.
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Spent $56 on groceries plus $4 more on assorted household & sewing stuff. I really thought about those items though! I feel they were good purchases and am happy with how I did today. All this not spending should allow us to put a nice chunk of change towards paying off DH's credit card.
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I am joining late but NEED to join you ladies. I am determined to not spend more than 50 in the next two weeks. That is groceries and everything. Except gas for dh to get to work. I have lots in the pantry and meat in freezer I need to use up. I am going to make lasgana tomorrow and need the cheeses for that and will pick up some milk and fruit/veggies. That is IT. We took a three day trip last week and with the gas/room/food it hit the checkbook more than we should have. peace and blessings
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I'm really trying here but falling short day after day

I ordered a playdress and bike shorts for my neice's bday next month. It was a little more than I'd usually spend but she's a big 7yo girl and the clothes I'm finding in the stores in her size are too "mature" for her. So I splurged : but I know her mom will be happy and so will my little clothes horse neice! The worst part of the purchase was that I also got my dd a playdress : But, they were both on sale and close to being out of stock on dd's size. It was now or never :

I also had to pick up some groceries so in total I spent $145 today. Yomorrow isn't looking so great since I need to fill up the gas tank, get something at Sam's Club, and I feel an intense need to go to LL Bean to see if they have any of the Unshrinkable Dresses left in dd's size. It's a staple in her wardrobe and I waited too long to get one online. It will be a success for me if I can go in and out of that store without buying anything (except that dress). That's what I'm striving for tomorrow... only the dress and gas.

I actually hope I'll reconsider LL Bean since the Hanna dress I got dd is similar to the Bean one. HELP ME!!!
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i spent 125 today but it was mostly groceries & gas, about 8 unbudgeted. dh has my car for the rest of the week so i should be good till next tuesday.

1 - 39 (groceries)
2 - 15.50 (dd playing)
3 - 39 (groceries)
4 -
5 -
6 - 3 (hubby's junk food)
7 -
8 - 125

running total - 222

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I'm about to place a pretty large kids' clothes order. I got an email about the sale, and I think it's a good time to stock up (the sale is on summer clothes, and I live in the tropics). It won't affect my May budget though, as I have a "clothing fund" that I add money to monthly, for just such an occassion.
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Yesterday did not go well. At all.

May 1: -$173.85 on shoes
May 2:
May 3: +$89.90 on returned shoes, -$109.90 on more shoes
May 4: -$8ish on lunch
May 5: -$28ish on books
May 6: +$28ish on returned books, -$12.99 on skirt (which I'm going to return), -$30ish on mother's day card/present, +$64 turned in change
May 7: -$8ish on lunch, -$56 on running shoes
May 8: -$6ish on coffee and muffin, -$4.50 on lunch, -$65ish at Ross on summer tops and work out clothes, +$12.99 on returned skirt

Running total: $307.35

I think it is probably time to start leaving the plastic at home...
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Yesterday got DS a smoothie for .99 then had to get the already budgeted sealer for the fence. Pretty good!

I looked at April's spending 9 days in compared to this month and at 9 days I'm ahead this month by $140.
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Yesterday was no money spent! Woo Hoo!! I have to go grocery shopping today so hopefully I can stay away from the "extras" and just shop from my list. :-)
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May 1
May 2
May 3
May 4
May 5 $4.07 for drinks and snacks, $6 for 2 drinks (yikes!) at the Air Show and $9 for supper at Arby's on the way home.
May 6
May 7
May 8
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May 1...
May 2...
May 3... $105
May 4... $23
May 5... $9.50
May 6...
May 7...
May 8... $6 MOPs fee
May 9...

Right, Prue????? Don't go to diaperswappers. Don't go to ebay. Nothing you need at either website. you are home for the day and that thumb is in sight...stop surfing and keep that money in your bank account.

~~~ little bit of self-talk for myself there.

My Frugal Progress for today:

1. Cloth diapered Eleanor
2. Hung my laundry on the line this morning
3. Walked to playgroup instead of driving.
4. Brought out my summer clothes and was truly amazed at how many clothes I had packed away in there -- do NOT need to buy anymore clothes this season. None. Vogue will not be checking up on me, so why do I think I need more clothes? I count this as frugal progress because it was a needed wake-up call for me.

Every little bit counts.
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I haven't had time to read through the posts and I don't have the energy to be supportive right now. My stepgrandfather is dying and we spent the whole day yesterday at the nursing home. I took snacks for dd, but didn't plan on being there for so long. We ended up going to get lunch and we brought back stuff for my mom, dad and aunt.

May 1 -
May 2 -
May 3 -
May 4 -
May 5 -
May 6 - $33.06
May 7 -
May 8 - $25.77
May 9 - (so far, anyway)

I really want to stay focused on not spending money on things that aren't necessary. As I mentioned before, our eating out alone was insane! The stress that we are all under right now could cause me to crack. I'm already checking out websites to see all the great stuff I can buy! I feel like an addict! I am going to have to make a trip to the grocery store for milk, bread, etc. probably tomorrow. I will try my hardest to not overindulge. Congrats to those who are doing so well!
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