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Could you go and just not eat? Eat beforehand? That way you won't miss out.
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I was thinking of that...but I'm not a very strong person.

When I'm in a restaurant and everyone is eating around me...I just can't resist. I've tried that before and I ~always~ end up ordering something (an appetizer, a drink, a dessert).

It is much safer for me not to go.

This book club usually meets at someone's house, they just chose this month to meet in a restaurant.

I just emailed the hostess to tell her I wasn't coming. Whew. That was tough.

But instead of thinking of depriving myself of the book club, I'm going to think in terms of saving money to pay off debt.

That is $40 that can go towards getting out of credit card debt. (and we have A LOT of debt.)

I'll catch up with the book club next month because I know they are meeting at my friend's house next month.
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Prudence I'm proud of you for getting 3 in a row!! BTW- I love your sig!

To all the other challenge moms Way to go!! We're half way there! Keep up the good work!
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Did my BIG SHOP today. I split my kids up - two went to one friend, two to another (we homeschool), so I got to shop alone, woohoo! Farm store, hardware store, regular grocery store, natural foods co-op, farm stand. I stuck to my list but I have yet to tally up my expenditures (yikes). My one transgression was to buy myself a snack, which I think is probably allowed on a multi-hour power-shopping trip, right?

So now I have to make do with the food and things I bought today for a whole month, so I hope I planned well. I might reserve a little cash for mid-month in case we run out of something, because I cut my planning very close this month and we're eating mostly creatively out-of-pantry.

If I can manage to NOT go into any of those stores, I won't spend any money there until next month's paycheck. That is my strategy anyway, and it takes up the slack when my self-control wavers.
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I managed to get back on track. Yay!

We're nearing the half-way point for the month....Can you make the second half of your month EVEN BETTER than the first half? Can we make the last two weeks no-spend weeks? Let's aim for all thumbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I'm "starting over" with the second half of the month : I withdrew $40 from the ATM on Saturday and have it all still! I hope to not need any other money for the rest of May.

May 13th
May 14th -No plans to spend for the day
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I'm determined to do better the second half! I broke down my spending (going by the receipts in my binder...so the totals don't include the Air Show trip)
Here's everything I bought so far this month:

Wal-Mart 5-9-07

Clay pots 3x 87c

Lettuce 1.38

Coffee 2.44

bag of chips 2x 1.00

5# russet potatoes 2.00

gallon water 2x 64c

potting soil 1.96

hummingbird feeder 2.48

foam cups 1.18

120ct napkins 87c

cake mix 2x 88c

ground chuck 3.04

cucumber 50c

canola oil 1.88

12pk can drinks 2x 2.18

2liter drink 64c

Kool-Aid 7x 20c

snack cakes 2.50

Total: $36.58

Piggly Wiggly 5-9-07

frozen pizza 2x 50c

8pk hamburger buns 1.09

4pk smoked sausage 1.49

1# turkey sausage 1.59

I got 3 packs of beef, but I can't remember or tell from the recipe what they were. But they were 2.43, 3.25 and 3.47 (this one was a roast I do know)

Total: 14.61

Bookstore 5-9-07

Total: 1.38

Goody's 5-9-07

I took back 2 outfits from a baby shower for a total of $18.79 Then I got 3 different outfits for CJ for $18.61 (all on sale.) **Not included in the final totals below**

Piggly Wiggly 5-10-07

Pork Tenderlion Tips 3.04

Family Pack Tip Steak 2.87

1# mild sausage 2x 1.99

4# sugar 2x 1.50

Total: 12.89

Dollar General 5-10-07

Hot Wheels 6x 38c

health & beauty 1.00

gift bag 2x 1.50

cookies 1.00

20oz drink 1.10

Total: 8.90

Dollar General 5-11-07

Candles 50c

2liter Pepsi 4x 1.00

2liter Mt Dew 4x 1.00

Total 9.07

Bookstore 5-12-07

Total: 13.00

Non-Necessaties: $42.02 ($24.43 mother's day $2.28 gift closet $15.31 dh's b-day party)

Groceries: $54.41

Plus what we spent at the Air Show. AND then I went and spent $21 on pictures of CJ today at Snapfish. (ordered some 5x7s and wallets for grandparents and other family plus a BUNCH of 4x6s of pics we've taken over the past week)

There's 17 days left in the month (not including today) so I'm aiming for at least 15 thumbs! (I think if I give myself some leway I'm less likely to spend)
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Another for me today--that's three in a row!

I'm so impressed with the rest of you--when you want to stop spending, you really stop! It is inspirational. I'm hoping to be more like you in the second half of this month. My plan right now is absolutely no spending until Friday, then I get a little cash boost from some freelance work ($50). I'll get that in cash and make it last the rest of the month. And I still have at least two and possibly three pairs of shoes to return, too.
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doing a-okay. made it to pay-day, under budget.
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May 1 around $9
May 2:
May 3
May 4
May 5: $3
May 6
May 7
May 8 $4
May 9 I spent but I don't remember how much
May 10
May 11 $2 (forgot I don't have to count necessary purchases)
May 12 $11 on supper...We were supposed to go visit my mom & were running late...have to try to plan better next time!
May 13
May 14

Groceries tomorrow! I need to take the time make out a list with all the fat cut out. I REALLY want to pay off dh's cc this month!

Here's to a no spend second half for everyone!
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I have been doing great.

I do need to make sure my library items get back on time.

I did buy my daughter $8 in birthday presents, used books through Amazon.com. Last year I was beginning a major transition in my life, and I was a regular Amazon customer. Today I felt that temptation, and I did slide a bit: I bought two used books rather than the one I had planned, but I'm improving.

Her other presents from me are from a homeschool yard sale, where I exactly broke even. I can see needing to go with $0 presents in the future, but at this point I am not sure it's necessary (finances are up in the air (divorce)).

One thing I really labored with this month was the homeschool yearbook. It was only $5, so beautiful and full of the faces of the children we have come to love as part of our community. At first I just ignored it, telling myself it was not necessary, which is true. But when I saw one, I decided to contact the mom and see if she had any leftovers, and I am going to get one.

Another thing is that my children needed new shoes, due to leaving them at parks and outgrowing. In one case, I am working on my oldest parting with her old pair of croks because my middle child lost his pair. I thought that was a stroke of genius, but she's still pondering her "price." (I am hoping it can be in-kind, like giving her X amount of time for things she loves to do.) We did get two pair at the yard sale, big score. My dd also needs church shoes, and that's a bit trickier, but I'm trying to solve the shoe "necessity" with craftiness rather than buying new. I'm also trying to solve it without going to thrift stores, because I would have to bring my kids, and it would be extremely hard to walk out of several thrift stores with three children without buying extras.

We've been making the most of nature as entertainment, and it really feeds us all. The museum has a free-day coming up, and we'll go. I bet the best part will be climbing on the tree outside it anyway.

We haven't bought food out once. Here's to outtings with PB&Js, apples, and kids who get hungry enough to eat them. Until this budget crunch this winter I never knew it was possible.

I managed to cut my electric bill to an all-time low, and I am so proud and encouraged about that. (Thanks MDC mamas for your ideas!)
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We've been making the most of nature as entertainment
Ooooh...I'll have to commit this one to memory and use it on my DDs tomorrow.

Nature as entertainment, using gas is the same as spending money...I'm learning some good tips from you ladies!
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Well, *I* didn't spend any money over the weekend, but dh went and bought lunch for us on Saturday and then went the supermarket and bought a bunch of unnecessary stuff last night. No for us

However, I did hang most of my laundry out to save on power, paid attention to the outside temperature and kept the air off until we needed it & managed to make it though the weekend without using ONE paper towel (my weakness).

Gearing up for the second half of the month.....
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grocery this coming thursday should be it, but i'll be picking up a case-lot order form so i can get a 12% discount unstead of regular co-op member discount of 3%.

still at $222 for me (have no idea what dh has spent).

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Tomorrow we will be grocery shopping on about $50 budget and making an offer on the house. I'm excited and scared
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Today will be a . I am not going anywhere today! I did end up spending a little more unplanned money yesterday but Dad gave me $50 for my birthday so that evens it all out (woo!). Mom said she is giving me money too, so that's exciting. I wasn't expecting anything as they split up around Christmas and are both screaming poverty (well, Dad truly is; mom is just seeking drama).

There are some things I can see being needs coming up, but I'm hoping to stave them off. Our cell phone is on the out and out for one (are they supposed to sound like a blender when you plug the charger in? : ). If it wasn't so cheap, I'd just get a plan elsewhere to get a new free phone, but it's practically free and we only have to pay system access fees (which are lower than some other companies). We may eventually just get a pay as you go phone as we don't use it much for calling or texting, mostly just the phone features (alarm, phone book, stop watch, ect...). But my need to have one outweighs the cost of having it. Our contract is up this summer so we still have a little time.

I told DH what I want to do for the rest of the month (only spend about $10 a week for produce). I know he doubts we can do it. I just have to keep out of Superstore. Darn them with their low, low prices and having all your shopping needs taken care of in one convenient shop!!! I think I will just take the money out to set aside and leave the cards at home so we can only spend that amount.
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I'm venturing into the danger zone this morning...


May the spirit of the guide me safely through...

Be strong, Prue, be strong.
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May 1: -$173.85 on shoes
May 2:
May 3: +$89.90 on returned shoes, -$109.90 on more shoes
May 4: -$8ish on lunch
May 5: -$28ish on books
May 6: +$28ish on returned books, -$12.99 on skirt (which I'm going to return), -$30ish on mother's day card/present, +$64 turned in change
May 7: -$8ish on lunch, -$56 on running shoes
May 8: -$6ish on coffee and muffin, -$4.50 on lunch, -$65ish at Ross on summer tops and work out clothes, +$12.99 on returned skirt
May 9: -$6ish for lunch, -$3.50 for dinner, -$40ish at two thrift stores (mostly on stuff to re-sell, but still)
May 10: -$19ish on drinks
May 11: -$6ish on lunch, -$9 at the thrift store (again resale stuff), -$26 at the other thrift store (again, resale)
May 12:
May 13: (+$45ish in stuff I returned, too!)
May 14: (+$165.90 returned shoes)

Running total: -$205.95

Today will likely not be a --I still have to find some shoes and will be heading out shopping during lunch to try to do that. I'm hoping I can find something relatively inexpensive in the men's department at Ross, though.
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1. Please introduce yourself and tell us anything you think it would help us to know about yourself.

Hi, I am Sheila. SAHM to 3 kids. Occasional hairdressrer....

2. Please tell us why you have decided to spend nothing (or spend significantly less) for the Month of May.

We just had a $3600 truck repair and moved to a new house last month. We are saving for a replacement vehicle for me (not the one that got the $3600 repair...) and need to rebuild the emergency fund.

3. Please tell us your game plan -- what are your goals and how do you plan to approach no spending for a month?

hmmmm not sure, coming here for ideas... It seems ALL these little expences keep cropping up and sapping us. things for the new (older) house, things for the kids, the kids gt invited to Birthday parties... that kind of thing... but we are getting unpacked and settled in and I am happy to be back to cloth everything... I have just started reading the No Impact man blog....
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Half for Monday.
Got paid and deposited my paycheck...got $100.00 for Mother's Day and used it to buy myself a new babywearing wrap (limited edition..argh...but I'm so excited!)
Bought groceries (we were out of essentials)

I'm still under budget for the month!
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Well today will be a spending day but guess I'd consider it essential.

Got pulled over yesterday for a tail light that was out. Fortunatley the officer told me get it fixed in the next 2 days and did not even write up a warning. The tail light will be cheaper than getting pulled over again
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