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Bleeding gums?

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Ugh, I hate this problem. I've had problems with bleeding gums off and on throughout the pregnancy, but vigilant flossing/brushing seems to keep it pretty well under control. (My gums hardly ever bleed when not pregnant, btw.) But just in the last week or two, it is HORRIBLE. I was eating an apple earlier and noticed there were bloodstains on the white part after a while. :

This is my least favorite pregnancy symptom, I swear. Anyone else have this or is it just me?
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Me, too. It's gross when I brush my teeth and spit. I hope it ends when I have this little one!
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I've had this on and off for months, it's just horrible. It seems to be in a good patch at the moment very little blood even when I brush, but at one point they would just randomly start bleeding-not when eating or anything, it must have just been my tongue that set it off. And my mouth would have loads of blood in it (think horror movie bloodstained teeth, lovely), with nowhere for it to go except swallowing, which freaks me out.
Weirdly, I think it has been my most pronounced non belly/boob pregnancy symptom...interesting!
So yeah, I sympathize!
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i haven't had it that badly except yesterday. i was out in the yard weeding for HOURS and definitely overexerted myself. i came in and took a shower and brushed my teeth and was spitting BLOOD. lots of it. i was wondering if i drove my blood pressure up or something working so hard. later that night and today they didn't bleed. and my bp was fine today. but i definitely was a little freaked because it was a lot of blood and not just a little pink.
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yep, I've been getting this too. It's gross!
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Yep, I have this too. I have what seems to be a blood vessle really close to the surface in one of the gums on the left side and it bleeds horrifically if I nick it or eat something the wrong way. Thankfully that doesn't happen too much.
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Definitely! You know, my last pregnancy I had a dentist appt at 35 weeks and after all the scraping and brushing from my check-up, I go to spit...and it looked like someone had punched me in the teeth. I spit up 2 mouthfuls of blood...gross .

My gums are sooo sensitive when I am pregnant. I try to be gentle when I brush but they still bleed.
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