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Originally Posted by firefaery View Post
Either donated milk (jsut find nursing mamas in your area) or make it. I did both with my ds as I couldn't find enough donated. With dd I found enough donated so I didn't need to. You CANNOT use plain goat's milk, but there are good recipes out there.
Yeah, plain goat's milk is low in iron, thus why adding grated liver is good or any other iron supplement. Fortunately, we didn't have an issue since the goats we got the milk from drank water high in iron (well water), thus when their milk was tested the iron was actually great and so when my son got his iron tested his was also wonderful.
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another vote for donated breastmilk. I make enough milk for a small village...I have donated to two different families during my five years of lactating. ALWAYS free of charge--I'd never dream of charging for something that I make anyway, and changes the outcome of a child's life for the better...breastmilk is alive...I couldn't charge for something alive.

For instance, I pumped every time I nursed my son and donated it to my best friends' child, who had the same allergies my son did, and her mom couldn't nurse. For about a year, I pumped enough that she didn't need formula at all. Again, I make enough milk for a small village, but I am sure that you could probably find a couple of mamas in your area willing to donate, and that might make up enough that you wouldn't have to use much formula at all!
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Another vote for donated breast milk and/or homemade formula (WAP). I bet you could find someone to donate to you. Personally, I wouldn't use store bought -unless it was a really good quality and organic. Of course, you mentioned that you are a very careful eater yourself, so you probably feel this way too. Good luck finding something that works.
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Some insurance companies reimburse for milk-bank milk for mothers who have had double mastectomies.

www.hmbana.org or call the Denver Milk bank at 303-869-1888
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I formula feed.
All the commercial formulas are the same to me (Enfamil, Similac, Parent's Choice: walmart's brand, which is the cheapest! )

If you choose a commercial brand buy the powdered and NOT can formula. Concentrated can formula stains and it'll make your baby smell funny. Plus you'll get more out of the powdered formula.
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