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*update* baby born - Page 3

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Mama Knows best!!!!
He's beautiful (and so are those longies!)
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Originally Posted by doulalove View Post
what a scarey experience but you got quite an adorable little guy to show for it! it love the outfit, too! what's his name? did i miss that part!?

His name is Callum William

Thanks for the compliments on the outfit an mdc mama knit it for me
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Wow, how scary, but what a great outcome in the end! Congratulations and welcome to Callum William! (Love the name, btw.)
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What a cutie!! I'm glad that you are both doing great! Enjoy your babymoon, crystal!
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I'm so glad you went with your instincts and everything turned out fine. Congrats, what a beautiful babe!
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OMG he is so adorable and that little outfit is really fabulous! Good for you for trusting your instincts! Congrats mama
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wow! a true testament to trust your instincts! So glad that all is well and you and your healthy babe are home....what's his name?
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Great story. I am so glad that he was ok and what a good mama!!
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He is SO ADORABLE!!! What a little sweetie. Great job listening to yourself!
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Originally Posted by KingdomKey View Post
Great job listening to yourself!
yeah that! congrats, mama!
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Congratulations!!! Very cool you knew where you needed to be.

Those PANTS AND HAT!!!!! Too adorable for words.
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