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TTC#1 in our 30's May Thread

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Ace age 30 TTC since Jan 2007
adsm73 (April) age 33 TTC since Oct 2006
B2* age 34
belle67 age 34 TTC since Oct 2006
Boernemama(Angie) age 33 TTC since April 2007
Cattibrie age 32 TTC since Dec 2006 after tubal reversal :
Cicely_m age 29
Cking (Christina) age 30 TTC since Aug 2006 :
Earthymama2b (Kiya) age 30 TTC in March or April:
Ellien C age 37 TTC since Oct 2006
FiberLover (Michelle) age 31 :
Frog, TTC in the fall
Funnygrace age 35, TTC since 9/05 :
Fuzzy Bunny (Annie) age 35 getting ready to start TTC in Feb 2007
Fuzzycat age 35
Greenegirl (Karen) age 33 TTC since May 2006 :
ItyBty age 30 TTC since Sept 2005 :
jencat (Jen) age 36 TTC since Dec 2006 :
jentina age 33 TTC since March 2007 :
Jujubie (Judy) age 33 TTC since January 2007:
kJad29 (Kemi) age 31, TTC since July 2006 :
Nony age 31
Phillybama age 31, TTC since April 2007 :
Raingyrl (Rain) age 36
Red_Lil_Mamma (Jasmine) age 33
Ryan's Princess (Stephanie) age 32
Spinedoc age 37 TTC since Sept 2006
Farmama Nov 2006
PiePie age 35 Dec 2006
Dctexan (Emily) age 33 : Dec 2006
Greengrey (Alex) age 30 : Dec 2006
Beckyphry (Becky) age 32 : Dec 2006
Hazieluna (Natalia) age 35 : Jan 2007
ATD Mom age 32 Jan 2007
Brightside (Beth) age 30 Jan 2007
K9sarchik (Laura) age 38 Jan 2007
Amberbella age 30 : Jan 2007
Shibababy January 2007
jpiper0430 (Jenn) age 30 : Feb 2007
MajorGroover (Dee) age 32 : Feb 2007
ChristyM26 age 30 : Mar 2007
FiberLover (Michelle) age 31 : Mar 2007 April 2007
Grace24 age 36 Mar 2007
Hezzy (Heather) age 33 Mar 2007
CowsRock (Kripa) age 33,: April 2007
Christine1977 age 30 : April 2007
Kharen (Karen) age 32 : April 2007
Nico DeMouse age 31 : May 2007
xenon age 30 : May 2007
SarahJen (Sarah) age 36: May 2007
Suzywan, age 30 : May 2007

June threadkeeper: Jujubie (Judy)
July threadkeeper: http???
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Welcome to the May TTC#1 in our 30s thread….and my favorite month. I love May because the days are long and everything starts to bloom….but mostly because, in my part of the world, the mosquitoes have not hatched yet!

I went looking for an inspirational quote about the month, and I thought this one was oddly appropriate:

The month of May was come, when every lusty heart beginneth
to blossom, and to bring forth fruit; for like as herbs and trees
bring forth fruit and flourish in May, in likewise every lusty heart
that is in any manner a lover, springeth and flourisheth in lusty
deeds. For it giveth unto all lovers courage,
that lusty month of May.

- Sir Thomas Malory, Le Morte d'Arthur, 1485

May we all have a wonderful, fruitful (and lusty!) month, and may I move many graduates this month!

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Christina - what a great quote! It's a great start for the month - Thanks for hosting May!

And Kemi - thank you very much for hosting April. You were a great threadkeeper. I hope all goes well for you and that you check in to let us know how you're doing once in a while - if you want.

I know it's silly but AF has not quite shown up yet. So I'm holding on to a small thread of hope that my temp drop this morning was a fluke. The cramps... I don't know, maybe it's the baby nestling in? Probably not. I know AF is probably on her way but I still can't help wondering and hoping a little bit... sigh.
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Happy May ladies! I'm still lurking around.

Christina thanks for being May threadkeeper, May and April are my favourite months too.

Kemi I wish you all the best, I hope your dreams come true. We'll sure miss you around here and I hope you'll come say Hi.

Jen there's nothing wrong with staying hopeful as long as you can.

Xenon wow your chart looks amazing! : for you.

Well I think I'm about to O, if you could spare a good wish for me I'll love you forever. Hello to everyone I missed...

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Originally Posted by SarahJen View Post
Well I think I'm about to O, if you could spare a good wish for me I'll love you forever. Hello to everyone I missed...
: : :
: Sarah :
: : :

(love me! love me!)
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Hi, I am new to this forum, and I qualify for a mommy over 30 ttc. My name is Willow, and I am 34. I have 1 ds, who is 1 1/2 this month.

We have been ttc since he was 6 months, with a tubal pg in Sept. Everything came out ok, with no damage, thank God.

We keep hoping for a BFP, but so far no luck. I am still bf, but have regular cycles, between 28-31 days usually. I haven't temped yet, but am starting to think I should. It is just hard to find the time because of ds's morning nursing sessions.

I am on cd 27 and did a test this morning, BFN of course. I am feeling a little blue.

Anyway, hello!
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Thanks Christina for hosting the thread!

Wishing you luck Sarah!

Welcome moontreemommy--I am new here too.

Well, AF should be here this week, but I haven't experienced any of my regular symptoms (sore breasts, diarrhea (TMI!), etc). At the same time, I haven't had in PG symptoms either. If AF isn't here by Friday, I will pull out one of my PG tests to be sure. I had the IUD removed a month ago, so there is always a possibility.

Oh, I did buy a BT, so as soon as AF shows I will start charting. BTW, I have to be at a conference in Atlantic City for a few days next week. If I forget one day to temp, will that totally screw up my chart?

Wishing you all a good week!
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Good Morning, Ladies! Happy May!

Did you know May 1st is Lei day in Hawaii?! So, Happy Lei Day!

I should O tomorrow, so i'm : If we succeed this month, i'll be testing right about my birthday (May 16), wouldn't that be a nice bday present!! First month temping, how does my chart look?

Oh, I'll volunteer to keep the June thread.

WELCOME to Moontreemommy! May your stay be short!
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Jen, I just saw your chart. I’m so sorry hon.

Welcome Moontreemommy! I’m sorry to hear about your tubal pregnancy. Glad to hear it worked out ok without damage. I’m also sorry about the BFN this morning.

We are all trying to conceive our first, so none of us here have children yet. So some of the themes will be different that you’d find on The One Thread or some of the other ttc threads. Good luck to you!

and :

Originally Posted by phillybama
BTW, I have to be at a conference in Atlantic City for a few days next week. If I forget one day to temp, will that totally screw up my chart?
Missing a temp here and there isn’t really a big deal. During the first week of my cycle, I often take a break from temping for a few days. I think it’s important to have at least 5 temps before you O, at least this is how FF establishes a cover line. So if you expect to O around day 14, as long as you start temping again before day 9, you’re covered.

Originally Posted by Jujubie View Post
If we succeed this month, i'll be testing right about my birthday (May 16), wouldn't that be a nice bday present!! First month temping, how does my chart look?

Oh, I'll volunteer to keep the June thread.
That would be so nice - a bfp on your birthday! Your chart looks good
Thanks, I'll add you to the first post for June!
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Jen, I just saw your chart. Boo for AF : and for you.

Christina, thanks for hosting! You choice of verse is outstanding... lusty hearts and lusty deeds this lusty month indeed

Hi moontreemommy! Welcome! We're all trying to conceive our first here -- since you already have a son, you may find more in common with the ladies in some of the other threads. Or who knows, maybe you'll like it here in this thread Lots of us do!

Aimee, skipping a few days of temping early in your cycle is not a big deal. Some people (like me lately) have unstable temperatures during AF, and don't bother to record temperatures at all for the first week or so. After about day 8, though, you should start tracking your temperatures so that you have enough data to see the temperature shift when it comes.

Judy, Happy Lei Day back at you! And, of course, to all the other lovely mamas coming up on their fertile windows (it that double entredre too heavy handed? )

Sarah, I'm sending hopeful, positive, procreative vibes your way : May your lusty work bear fruit!

And thanks for the compliment on my chart I'm new to this neutrality thing, so I can't tell if I'm feeling neutral, or just plain indifferent : I had one day of pure optimism a few days back, and, honestly? It terrified me, because I was worried about the potential letdown. <sigh> So neutrality will do for now.

Have a great day, all! May is one of my favorite months, too, and I'm so happy it's here
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Just wanted to pop in to say that the new thread looks great!! Thanks for hosting Christina.
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A new thread!

I love it. As soon as my cycle comes back, I'm in.

I just started with the miscarriage today, naturally. It's a huge relief to me. I want to learn to trust my body again, and to go through it naturally is a big step in the right direction. I was worried. It had been a week since I found out, and my MW said, one more week then I'd have to do something medically. I think the ultimatum forced my body into doing the right thing .

So, TCOYF says to start temping again on the first day of it. So. I guess that means tomorrow I will.

Hugs and love to everyone, I'll do personals in a few. I just wanted to update.
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Thanks everyone. : This hosting thing ain't so bad.

Michelle. I'm thinking about you as you get through this. Good to hear it has started naturally
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Yeah, AF is officially here. Thanks for the hugs, gals. I'm taking it ok - no tears this month. And I even forced myself to do a small workout when I really just wanted to come home and pig out on the couch! : I may be feeling better b/c of my appt with my OB/GYN next Friday. DH is coming too. It'll be good to get some tests done and see what is going on...

Michelle - I'm glad your body is doing what it needs to do - can't be easy though. I'll be thinking about you and sending you comfort and nuturing.

Hi Willow! Welcome!

Sarah - lots of and : : : : !!!

Xenon - WOW! Your chart does look nice! Really high temps! Nice... Only a few more days. I've got all my parts crossed for you "cycle sistah!"

Judy - go bananas, go go bananas! (I see you live in Michigan. I grew up there - in Canton [between Detroit and Ann Arbor]! My family is in Dearborn, Waterford, Wyandotte...)

I love our clean thread... it's a nice clean start for the month and for me at the moment... My CD matches the days of the month (CD 1 = May 1) so maybe that's an omen!!???

Later dudes....
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Christina, thanks for a great new thread! I absolutely love the quote—how apropos!

Kemi, thanks so much for the wonderful April thread that you hosted. Now I love Christina, but you will always be my favorite thread keeper--for obvious reasons. I will be thinking about you and wishing you peace and lots of

Jen, I’m sorry about AF showing up. I know it’s little consolation, but you had a really strong luteal phase this past cycle, and that’s always good to know/see. When that little blastocyst is ready to implant, he or she will have a very plush and comfy area to burrow into. And I’m sure the ob/gyn will be happy to see that as well.

Sarah, I hope I’m not too late in sending out the love and positive vibes! It looks like your temp did, indeed, go up this morning. Your timing looks stellar!

Welcome, Willow! :

Aimee, I’m hoping you get some good news next week. Others have commented, but, no—missing a temp or two won’t really matter. It’s all about the general trend of temps. The only time a missed temp was problematic for me was if I missed temping the morning after I ovulated and didn’t catch the temp rise right away.

Judy, good luck!! : Your timing looks good. There are a couple of special people in my life who share your birthday! Getting a BFP that day would surely be a great gift for you!

Xenon, very neutrally, dispassionately staring at your chart and trying not to smile, but it’s not working. It is very, very pretty!

Michelle, I am also thinking about you--all the time--and praying your body and your heart heal quickly.
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Happy HUMP day!

I'm hoping we catch that egg this time. Got a peak on the monitor this morning, so i'll have to bug DH to BD again tonight. He was tired last night so I had to work extra hard to get it going. .... LOL

I'm stalking my chart and comparing it to everyone else's. :

Jen, I know where Canton is, that is where they built the new Ikea! I'm about 30ish miles north of A2.
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Morning, ladies!

Judy, wheee, a peak reading for hump day! You do know how to time things

Kharen, it's always so nice to have you stop by.

Jen, it's great that you worked out... I shall hold you up as a shining example for myself. I had great plans to go for a run this morning, but DH got up early, so we went for a walk together instead, which was nice, although my winter-padded butt would have done better by the run!

Michelle, I'm thinking of you. I'm so glad your body got motivated into action! Proof that tough love works, I guess.

Sarah, : I've still got some positive vibes heading your way!

As for me, well... I dunno. You chart-stalkers and positive-talkers are definitely sweet, but my neutrality/indifference is slowing giving way to resignation. I woke up early this morning and my temperature was down by 0.2°... then I went back to sleep and it was back up at my normal waking time, but the seed of doubt had been planted. Darn doubt!

As for my chart, the niceness is a bit of an optical illusion due to a super-low coverline this month. My post-O temperatures are actually exactly what they usually are. I will admit that it paints a pretty picture, though
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My First Post Here

Hi there,

I've been lurking around here for about a cycle but haven't ever posted. I'm 33 and ttc #1 with my partner using frozen sperm at home. We've just started our 2WW of cycle 2. I'm really surprised at how crazy ttc makes me feel and I've been really happy to find MDC and this thread in particular, which calms me down a lot. It's nice to know that there are other women out there analyzing (and over-analyzing?!?) every single thing their body does. My goal for this cycle is to stay calm. We'll see how that goes. . .

Anyway, thanks for being here. I love this thread!

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I'm SO goofy!! I was wondering why we had gotten so quiet all of a sudden - durrr, new month, new thread!!

Jentina!! May your stay here be sweet & short!!

Christina - I LOVE the quote! Lusty deeds, indeedly!

SarahJen - oooh, pretty chart!! Do you think you've O'd already?

Willow!! May you stay here be short & sweet as well!

Michelle - oh, so sad - but still, I'm happy that things are moving along naturally...

Jen - I can't remember if I gave you for the apperance of AF - do you plan on doing anything differently next cycle?

Xenon - now you KNOW that temps are lower the earlier you wake up! Girl, take that higher temp, but reamin neutral. Yes. Neutral. *finds her neutral place*

I'm doing fine - waiting to Ovulate, sliding in a few lusty deeds here and there.
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Welcome Jentina! I'll add your name to the first post. Wishing you a short stay here also.

Judy, Hooray for the peak reading!

I started peeing on (fertility monitor) sticks again this morning. This is my 2nd month with the monitor. I'm sure it'll be quite a few days until I get to peak, but it's nice to know I'm getting a little closer.

everyone else! I'm thinking about you all. And xenon, I'm remaining objective but hopeful!
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