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Hi everyone!

I'm peaking today!

Just had to share that with you.

Originally Posted by FiberLover View Post
The shearer forgot his llama attachment, and can only do sheep today.
Um, this made me giggle too. :

I'd love to see photos of the llama too!

Grace, good thoughts for your appt today.
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Christina - go bananas, go go bananas!

Grace - nice to hear from you! Lots of good vibes for your appt today... Everything is going to go great! Let us know how much you feel better when you get home!

Hope everybody has a great day today!
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Christina, well, go now, GIO! Have a GREAT day!

Grace, I sent happy thoughts to you yesterday, and good vibes, now you have to come tell us how your appointment was!

Yep, my DH was very much wanting the hospital, the ob/gyn and all that. But then, he went with me when I had the u/s and the appointment about the miscarriage, and he met my MW and realized how nice they are. Caring. And, not afraid to order u/s or bloodwork etc., and this reassured him a lot. He did however ask if going through the m/c alone, at home, in pain, made me rethink my eventual goal of possibly having a homebirth. I think it surprised him when I said no .

And, by popular demand....


http://www.flickr.com/photos/19675535@N00/492513958/ (this morning)

http://www.flickr.com/photos/19675535@N00/492513928/ (this one is kind of dark....but the sunset is pretty).

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Oh, so loving the llama! Totally cute. For some reason I thought he would be all cream. Did I get that idea from the movies or something? Thank you so much for sharing! You will have to update the photos to show off the summer do
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It's all taken care of, ladies. This morning. My DH is so easy. :

The llama is gorgeous! Great sunset pic.

So, will you spin his/her fleece into yarn? Is it called fleece? Do you separate out the brown from the white? I know nothing about this, but I am enjoying reading about it.

Michelle, I think it's great that your DH is evolving about the MW/possible homebirth.

And Emily, It's great that you are able to find some 'middle ground' by getting the birth you want in the place he wants. And that you'll be able to birth in the water in the hospital. From what I've learned, it's hard to find hospitals that will allow it.

Jencat, is your apt tomorrow? Good luck with it. I'll be thinking of you.
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Well if there's anything that will bring me out of lurk mode it's llama pics! Can't wait to see him (her?) with a summer cut.

Christina have fun!

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Wow, I should really catch up better!



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Morning Ladies!!

Great llama pics, Michelle!! What's up with the evil glint in his (her?) eye in the last pic?

YOu've got to love the Easy Ones, Christina..... :

How was the ultrasound Grace? Has anyone heard anything?

for everyone!

I'm still on 6DPO. FF decided I O'd on CD15 rather than CD14. Urmph. I STILL think I O'd on CD18, but we shall see. I love the overlay function - I can really see a pattern in my cycles.
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Thanks everyone for asking! The appt. was good...good, strong heartbeat. LOUD! Dang! DH is going to tell his coworkers tomorrow. First time I'd met the doc...I like her. She didn't seem overly concerned with my age (36) but just let me know what testing was available. I hadn't done the early u/s they sent me an order for (didn't see the point, wasn't feeling worried, so didn't want to bother the baby)...she didn't give me a hard time about it. I think I can work with her. I turned down the CVS test (too risky...1/100 risk of m/c) but DH wants to do an amnio down the road. Bleah. I might agree though, he's been supportive of all my wierd requests so far. Still, bleah. Mixed feelings about that. She did ok me to go back to yoga tho, so I'm really happy about that.

Good luck to all this cycle!

Michelle, thx for the llama pics! Gorgeous!
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Michelle, those are the nicest llama pics I've seen in a long time. Now I want to get a llama.

cking, yay peak day!

It's looking like we definitely tried too early this cycle. My temp dropped way low right after positive OPK, just like always, so we went ahead and did our version of the BD. But I didn't O until days later. I'm trying to be positive and look forward to the next cycle while secretly hoping for a miracle this time around.
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Thanks for the llama pics Michelle! It looks like a beautiful place.

This weekend we have tons to do, because my in-laws (including brother-in-law & girlfriend) are staying with us next weekend. I have to have this place CLEAN. Having two dogs who shed constantly does not make this easier. The weather this weekend is supposed to be beautiful here in Philly, so it will be nice to open all the windows and air this place out!

Have a wonderful Friday!
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Originally Posted by earthymama2b View Post
Yay for baby being where baby belongs, and heartbeats, and normalgirlishness!!!!!!! How could they tell which side you ovulated from?
Apparently in our amazing bodies the ovary that produced the egg will continue to produce progesterone for the developing pregnancy until the placenta takes over around week 10. So I guess that makes that ovary look different than the other one.

Michelle, I loved the llama pictures. And finally the fiber in your username makes sense to me now, aha! Oh, and in the first picture it looks like your llama is smiling showing teeth.

Jentina, hang in there. :

Oh, you guys will find this amusing...so my gyn's office called me and the receptionist asks me if the u/s place called me. And I said well no they didn't call me but the technician told me her findings as she went along. And she said oh ok so then you know that they found a pregnancy? And I said well yeah, I knew I was pregnant. And she says ok I couldn't tell by the notes if you already knew that or not. : I was so confused that I couldn't even manage to say that we weren't checking for a pregnancy we were checking to make sure the pregnancy was where it belonged. So I don't know if something got lost in the translation between the gyn's notes and the person who called or if my gyn just wasn't considering me as pregnant. : Either way I'm definitely done with that doc and will have to find a new gyn when I am back to seeing a gyn. And they are thankfully done with me for the time being because they asked which ob I was seeing. I told them I hadn't decided yet.

I know I'm missing stuff but even with reading every day I just can't keep up when it comes time to post. I'm so pooped. So here is some : and Let it fall where it should.
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Thanks for the llama-love! He is cute, we're so happy we have him. Currently he's in my garden plot area eating all the weeds so that when I plant in the next week or so it should be easy to weed!

Kripa Yeah, time for a new one...seems a little weird that. Yay for everything being good though!

Aimee Good luck getting everything done this weekend! Hope you get some down time to relax a bit!

Jentina Well, spermies can live for a whole 5 days, so it could happen! *fingers crossed*

Grace I'm SO SO SO glad everything was good! YAY! Happy happy.

Kiya Don't you hate it when FF can't make a solid O date? This happened to me last time I had a "normal" chart too! Just keep bd-ing is my motto!

SarahJen Well then! I might have to put up more llama pics! And...what about lambs, soon we'll have cute little lamb pics to take you out of lurk mode too!

Christina Um, yeah, my dh is soooooo easy that way too!

Emily Not sure about the cream llamas, he's a "tuxedo" llama....I know there are ones that are all cream but I have no idea about which colors are more common, etc.!

Updates from me...

Well, I went to the mw office this AM for my check up. According to her, based on what happened with my body, I should have passed everything, and it sounds like my body is working correctly, naturally. (insert sigh of relief!). I had bloodwork done, and they're checking my hormone levels. She said if the HCG is 60 or less, I'm good to go, just take a HPT in a week and then another week etc., if they're above 60, or especially into the 100s, then she wants repeat HCG checks. So, hope for low levels!

Good news is we can GIO again! Yay! It's been a while.....

She recommended preventing until I get a period again. Since my body hasn't technically reset itself yet. So, not really sure how I feel about this, but we'll see....I guess I'll know if I O or not from charting anyways.

She said I can TTC safely after I have a period, no issues, so at this point, I think this is what we'll do.

I LOVE my mw office. It really is great...in many ways. Even if I have to drive out of the way to get there, it is sooooooooo worth it, and today really confirmed that for me.

Weekend plans! Orchard fence building, roto-tilling the garden plot, planting....house cleaning? (nah...), maybe some fun stuff...mountain biking?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Edited to add: Just got the call from my midwife. Levels are good! I should be good to go, aka, get my period within the next month and all that! Whew. This is a huge relief. My body works, I guess!
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Happy Friday!!!

Just a quick hello and update before I go to meet our friend's new baby! (I got the tiniest little onsies for him, so cute!)

I'm pretty happy with my ob/gyn after today's visit. He looked intently at my charts and determined I'm ovulating and my LP is good. (We all knew that!) He said 70% of the time an egg meets a sperm, it does not result in pregnancy. And that on average it takes a couple 6 months to conceive so we are still in the norm and young even tho I'm 35!

He gave us lab "prescriptions" for an SA for DH and a blood test on CD3 for me. He also said if we want we can do an "x-ray" where they shoot dye into my reproductive system and take an x-ray. Said lots of times this "cleans things out" and people get PG after the test. So, we decided to do the SA now, I'll get the blood test on CD3 (if I'm not PG first!) Then after we get those results we'll decide if we want to do the x-ray.

Found out my ins covers office visits in full (except co-pay). Everything else is covered 50%. Except "artificial" techniques which don't involve intercourse - those are not covered at all. WTF!? So IVF is not covered. Not sure about IUI - or the difference for that matter.

But anyway, I better go... plus we've got lots of BD'ing to do this weekend!

Personals tomorrow... Hugs to all!
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Hello everybody,

Just here to give you an update on how I'm doing. I'm feeling great! Better than great. At ease. The chiro work is really agreeing with me. The first weekend was really hard because of all the emotional baggage I had stored, but now I feel so much more relaxed.

Also, I'm ovulating!! If you've been stalking my chart, I've been taking an OPK every day since CD8 and last night I had one that was almost positive, but not quite and told DH to be ready today because I would be testing positive on the OPK and be ready to GIO until after I ovulate. So he's totally on board with it. I'm just happy to see something turn positive at this point. I do like the Answer OPKs a lot because you can totally tell whether it's positive or not. There is no guessing and the colors don't streak like with the Clearblue Easy. Anyways, we're going to have a very nice weekend and then I'll be back at the chiro and doing my guided relaxation CD every day during the tww so that I can stay focused on being relaxed and neutral about things.

Kripa: Happy to see that things are moving along with you. In just 4 more weeks, you'll be out of your first trimester! Dang time flies!!!

Michelle: It's great that all systems are go with you! I hope that AF comes this month so that you can get back to having your spirit baby. Oh yeah, and your llama is so cute! Those were great pics.

Sarah: Your chart is starting to look very interesting. I'm saying this in the most neutral way I can think of at this time. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.:

Jencat: I'm so happy to hear that things are moving right along with you. It's a bummer that your insurance won't cover "artificial" techniques, but there will be peace of mind with the SA, the blood test and the x-ray which from what you said will clear a few things out so that's always good!

Kiya: I see you're in the tww. FF is so weird sometimes. Are you using Advanced or the special edition one? I found that the research method was more trouble than it was worth. Also, go with your gut and your OPKs, those seem to be dead on. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! :

Christina: Have fun this weekend. I guess we'll be both doing the same thing. :

Alright, I believe that is all on this end. I'll go back into lurk mode. I'll update you after my first week of the tww is over. Have a great weekend ladies!
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Originally Posted by kJad29 View Post
Also, I'm ovulating!! If you've been stalking my chart, I've been taking an OPK every day since CD8 and last night I had one that was almost positive, but not quite and told DH to be ready today because I would be testing positive on the OPK and be ready to GIO until after I ovulate. So he's totally on board with it.
Yay for positive OPK!!! Have fun, go This may be a bit presumptious of me, so feel free to ignore to tell me to shut up or whatever, but I just want to remind you that you should DTD AFTER the OPK too (not just the day of). Ideally the next 3-4 days, until you get actual confirmation from FF that you O'd. The OPKs tell you that you are gearing up to release the egg, but it doesn't always mean you will release it in the next 12-24 hours. If DH is "easy" and willing, it can't hurt to cover your bases, you know? Have a wonderful weekend
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SarahJen! Where did your chart go? I can't stalk your chart if you dont have a link to it. I tried to PM you about this, but I am at my in laws, and I cant get the PM stuff to work on there dial up connection
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Kemi +OPK, enjoy your weekend! I hope your 2ww goes smoothly, quickly and stress free, I'll be looking forward to your update next week.

Jen good to hear your appointment went well. I did the same blood tests just before I started clomid, dh got a pass on the SA since we did conceive in the fall. I have a requisition for the HSG (fancy x-ray) and I'm just deciding whether we'll do it this coming cycle or next. I don't know why but for some reason I'm really reluctant to do that test. Normally I'm not fearful of medical testing but I think it's because when I was a teenager I had a really bad reaction to some dye, or maybe it was the catheter, they used in that area when I had kidney stones. :

Michelle lamb pics, yes please! I'm glad your test results came back with good numbers, I hope you have a quick recovery and on to good things next month. I was advised to prevent the first month after too, we didn't really try that hard to prevent but my body didn't try that hard to ovulate either so it didn't matter.

So I went to see my obgyn last week because I'm trying to decide whether or not to put myself through another round of clomid if this cycle is a bust. The side effects were really bad last month and I'm just not positive if I want to put myself through that again. I asked him what my other options are given that my test results (day 3 bloodwork last time I was there) showed possible PCOS and he said if I'm diagnosed with that then usually they prescribe clomid. Great. So other than that I'd be looking at injections, great. My options are either do another month of clomid or not and go for the HSG and try to get a diagnosis one way or the other for PCOS. I asked him if we can see if the clomid is really even working so he did a progesterone test (day 21 usually but it worked out well anyway because it was a week after I ovulated). He said it should be at least 16 to know I'm ovulating well on clomid.

This is getting long, sorry! So I called back yesterday to get my results and they had to call me back with them and left a message because I wasn't there, the number is 63. I had to listen to the message a few times to make sure I was hearing it right. 63. Of course I've searched the entire internet and I could find that it really means is that I had a good strong ovulation, it's not an indicator at all of whether or not I could be pregnant, but it's good.

The side effects this month haven't been nearly as bad, in fact this time I don't really feel anything. No nausea/vomiting like last time, just some mild cramping but I had that last time too so I'm assuming it's the clomid. I think we'll do one more round of this and if it doesn't work then we'll take the summer to enjoy ourselves and get back to interventions in the fall. Timing bd this summer won't be easy with DH's work and with me travelling so I guess we'll just keep our fingers crossed about this cycle and next.

Hi to everyone I missed, I'm sorry this update was so long and about myself! And hi Matey! I hope you're doing well, I added the chart link back

happy Saturday!
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Morning everyone.

I'm sooo behind on my personals! Sounds like everyone is doing pretty darn good tho.

Christina - looks like you're probably having some fun over in "zone 6b" bd'ing your heart out!?

Kiya - how are you doing in the middle of your neutral 2ww?

Michelle - glad to hear your cycle is getting back to normal and you'll be ttc again soon. Aren't our bodies pretty cool? Thanks for the llama photos - she is so darling! I love her tuxedo. Both my cats are "wearing" tuxedos too! Is she a good pet? How much do llamas communicate and share with humans? Yes on the lamb photos!

Originally Posted by jentina
it's looking like we definitely tried too early this cycle. My temp dropped way low right after positive OPK, just like always, so we went ahead and did our version of the BD. But I didn't O until days later. I'm trying to be positive and look forward to the next cycle while secretly hoping for a miracle this time around.
Jentina - I know what you mean. This is the hard part... waiting and wondering and secretly hoping while not trying to expect anything because you don't want to be disappointed! Fun stuff! Well, ff doesn't always know what it's talking about... there is always hope! We're all pulling for you! :

Judy - did you take a HPT yesterday? It was very early! Don't worry about those results... You may yet have a birthday present this month!

Kemi - conrats on the + OPK! Your timing looks great!! (As usual!) Glad to hear you are feeling wonderful and getting good results from your chiro.

Amiee - I know exactly what you mean about the pet hair in the house! We have two cats and two dogs... it's furry! Today we're having new people over for dinner so we have to clean clean clean all day! On Friday I warned the man who's coming to dinner that our house is kinda furry and he said, "as long as there's no hair in the food." And I had to stop and look thoughtful for a moment and didn't know what to say b/c that's sometimes a possibility!! He laughed but I sure hope we can avoid that! As a pet person, it's hard to have non-pet people over for dinner (or to stay the night!) Oh well... what can you do? Have fun with your guests!

Grace - glad everything looks wonderful! I heard my friend's baby's heartbeat once when I went with her to an appt - I was almost in tears it was so cool! Saw the little guy in the flesh yesterday. Darling!!!! What is the CVS test? (Glad you get to go back to yoga and that you like your dr!)

Kripa - sorry your ob/gyn's office is so kooky.

Sarah - Yeah, I'm not excited about the HSG. I mentioned it to my friend yesterday who told me she had one many years ago. The dr told me it was "uncomfortable" and my friend confirmed that strongly! Sounds like "uncomfortable" is the nice way of saying it! But, it's all for a cause if we do decide to do it, right? I like feeling like I have choices, though. I can do or not do any of these treatments and tests depending on how much intervention (and uncomfortable-ness) I desire. Sounds like you have a great plan for the next few months. :

Hi Emily, Dee, Karen, Xenon and anyone I may have missed!

Ok, so this is already a long post but I've been wondering about something... what exactly is the difference between an ob/gyn and a mid-wife? And what are the pros and cons? I think I partly understand this but was curious to hear why you all have chosen one or the other...

Off to wake DH to clean! He'll be THRILLED! I better get some coffee into him...

Have a great Saturday everyone!
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Hola, ladies! Happy weekend I hope it finds us all fruitful and lusty

Sarah, that's great news about your progesterone level (63 what, exactly? I hate it that doctors/labs are so cavalier about units.) Equally great news that the Clomid is not tormenting you so much this month. I am, of course, reluctant to mention this, but I do need to say that your chart is deeply beautiful.

Kemi, you must be doing so well -- even your message seems serene and peaceful! Here's to further relaxation through GIO this weekend

Jen, it sounds like the appointment went really well! How nice to have a doctor scrutinize your charts, and agree with our interpretation The course of action sounds really good... I've read some unpleasant accounts of HSGs, but I've also read that some women don't have a problem with them. If it comes to that, just concentrate on the increased odds of conception afterwards!

So did DH get up and clean? You can certainly reward him well for it this fertile weekend

Michelle, love love LOVE your llama! And you know what? I never thought I would have been able to discern, but he DOES look like he needs a haircut. (I really hope he wasn't shorn already for that photo )

Also, big yay that your body is back on track. It's really inspirational the way you've trusted your body through this all...

Kripa, boo for being so exhausted. Are you sick, too, or just tired? And I totally agree that it's time to ditch that doctor. Upwards and onwards with operational tubes and a pregnancy that's been confirmed over and over

Aimee, I can totally relate on the pet hair, too. Springtime is high shedding season for our cats -- there's a fine dusting all over everything in the apartment now, and when we open the windows the cross-breezes liberate cat-hair tumbleweeds from under furniture Actually, that probably makes it sound worse than it is, but believe me, I am aware of every one of those tumbleweeds!

Jentina, : I'm hoping right along with you!

Kiya, : you too! How is your wait going?

Christina, double yay for two peak days! Have a great weekend of GIO

As for me, I've been in a bit of a weird headspace all week... I don't really feel very different yet, so it all seems a bit unreal. I'm also trying to walk the (fine!) lines between caution and paranoia (what do I cut out? What do I continue doing?) and between excitement and fear. It's all a bit overwhelming!

Also, we're getting ready to go out for DH's job interview this week. Also a bit overwhelming :
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