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Originally Posted by babymakesthree View Post

Ummm...anyway, I was saying yeah that to the quote that she made where I had already said what my business is...but it didn't show up...so once again:

I run my own business but I am a writer, producer, manager, personal appearances manager, and publicist, primarily in the horror genre....oh, and I still like being the boss. =)
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Stacey - we were birthing on the 27th too!

So, DD just turned 5 months last week! She is changing everyday. She sits without support and I've seen her roll a couple times but she hardly does it. SHe enjoys tummy time and seems much more typical in her physical development than DS was - he was a late bloomer physically.

High Chairs: I have a booster seat with a tray that attaches to a kitchen chair. I'm gonna start out using that to see if the tray is big enough and if it's not I'm gonna buy the cheapest piece of plastic I can find! DD is watching us eat a lot but last week I gave her a piece of food to hold and it never went anywhere near her mouth. So, we aren't ready yet.

MOre kids: THis is it for us, hence my lack of desire to spend money on things like high chairs!

Sleep: earthgirl. Our sleep is sporatic these days and I agree with someone else who said it's probably teeth. It seems they'll never pop through. DD has one lower one and has been teething forever!

Baby weight/clothes: I'm down to 10 pounds below prepregnancy and I'd like to lose another 15. I'm highly motivated by teh fact that I'll never be pg again. I'm one of those who is able to lose weight easily while breastfeeding. : I've been buying myself some easy cheap summer clothes that don't look too momish or too teenybopperish - not easy to find! I'm trying to fill out my wardrobe with good choices and then maintain my weightloss. The nice weather helps with exercise that's for sure!

Carriers: We are still loving the MOBY, I wear DD forward facing. She gets excited when I'm putting it on.

Work: I mostly stay home but I do work 15-18 hours a week cleaning our church. I take both kids with me and it is quite a struggle some days and other days works great. I wear DD most of the time and the whole situation is very flexible. For us it's the difference between being tight financially and buying mostly whatever we want/need. It's worth it and it gets us out of the house.
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So, CAUCmama - what business do you have? Just kidding!

Re: Peg Perego Pliko 3 - we've got one, too - what colour is yours? Ours is red ("rubino"). We *LOVE* it - perhaps if DD didn't love it as much as we do, she'd be in a carrier/sling more...

Has anyone noticed that I'm going easy on the fonts, colours and sizes?
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Our PPP3 (could I just call it a "P^3"?) is also red.

But we like the flamboyant text! Makes the thread so much more interesting.

And it's a helpful benchmark when I'm scrolling down to figure out which is the first post I haven't read
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Originally Posted by Dov'sMom View Post
But we like the flamboyant text! Makes the thread so much more interesting.

And it's a helpful benchmark when I'm scrolling down to figure out which is the first post I haven't read
That's what I use it for, too, my own personal bookmark!
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Hi mamas!

Libby is 18 lbs...we weighed her the other day by checking my weight and then adding Libby Good news, I only have 10lbs left to lose. I've been running and working out for most of the past 2 months while my DH gets his one-on-one baby time. I bought some new clothes last month and am feeling pretty good.

Work: not doing much yet. I've had a couple of freelance WAH gigs come my way, but each are only a few hundred dollars so that's not making me think 'home business.' I probably will have to go back to my job when my mat leave is over and I'm dreading it.

Libby is almost sitting up - she's got the position but doesn't balance consistently. She's starting to get interested in solids so we'll probably start around 6-6.5 months. We're still using the Maya Wrap but my back is starting to feel it. I'm going to be switching to the hip carry when she starts sitting a little better and of thad doesn't help, it's time for a back carrier. I'm also looking into a secondhand jogging stroller but only for jogging and maybe walks with my mom - she can't sling Libby for long.

Jess A - I love your photo collages. You're a good graphic designer!
twogreencars - That high chair is gorgeous. I'm so jealous - we're inheriting one from our ILs (they have an 8yo) and I'm sure it's going to be a plastic monstrosity that will wreck the vibe of our apartment. Oh well, it's free.

ETA: More babies? Yes, definitely!!
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Finally found the May thread. Wow, miss a day or two and you're pages behind!

Ok, MJ isn't crawling yet, but she is creeping... in reverse. It's really funny to watch. She wiggles her way backwards and can actually cover some distance. Only she can't see where she's going so she runs into things quite a bit.

As for the weight thing, I've still got a good 10 lbs to get rid of. I was a VERY active person before MJ came along so being out of shape is really hard for me. Now I'm back in a routine and when DH gets home from work I leave to go my kickboxing gym. She doesn't go to bed until after 8 so I have plenty of time to go out and come back before bed time. It's been heavenly. I'm hoping to shed these last few pounds soon because I really can't stomach (ha ha) the though of getting pG again withoutt being in shape first.

and today Morgan rolled tummy to back for the first time. She's been going back to tummy for a few weeks now, but this was the first time the other way around.
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Things aren't great at the moment unfortunately, though Talia is as much of a little darling as ever..... but sleep is an issue, and I am getting more and more cranky by the day, and feeling less and less up to anything... the house is a wreck. Add to that two dds with pinkeye, and a dh who is gone most of the time with his new job that he is on-call for 24/7. ug. And add me to the list of mamas who want to lose weight!! I was thinking the other day that if I just cut off the section from my bottom ribs to my knees I'd be alright. Haha.... I am trying to get some swimming in, but somehow it just feels like I am just making my arms stronger.... I need some new pants also, but want to lose weight before investing..... earthgirl, my dd does the same thing, grabbing my face and sucking! She'll chow on my chin too, and it hurts!!! Anyway, I hope things look up a little soon, at least in the sleep department.... oh, and I think I've mentioned this in previous threads, but I am currently on year seven of my BA. lovely. I will update soon about how much I have left to go once I talk to someone at the uni where I go..... I am crossing my fingers for dec. After that.... we will see.... dh would love it if I could bring a little extra $ in, but I won't put dd2 in daycare AT LEAST until she's two, so we'll see what that could be..... and when dd2 is old enough for school, I hope to pursue an MFA in writing!
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Originally Posted by Dov'sMom View Post
Our PPP3 (could I just call it a "P^3"?) is also red.
You have been studying too much (!)

DH and I are both professors, which means we have very flexible hours, our offices are next to each other, but... our typical work hours run more towards the 60 hours a week side. We've been taking DD to work (we have very understanding fellow faculty and students!) a couple days a week, but I'm not sure how well that will work once she gets a bit more mobile. And I've been sluffing since I put my tenure package in (ha!) but at some point I need to work more than 2-4 hours a day . Hence the day care (and family's far, far away). We could afford a nanny/au pair for part time, but DD had such fun watching her cousins when I went to visit, and is such a people person, that I think she might enjoy something with more people. Unfortunately, the best day care around doesn't do partial days. Grumble. Although they are a 5 minute bicycle ride from work.... Decisions, decisions.

We've been switching to the stroller for walking to work - she's not quite ready to be backpack-carried and is getting too heavy (and hot!) for a front carry for that long a walk. Maybe I'll get brave soon and try the Mei Tai the other way around....
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Jess A - I love your photo collages. You're a good graphic designer!
Thank you, but I can't take credit for them totally. I use a template from a digital designer, add my photos and text, and I'm done. Back when DS nursed for ever at a time, I could do a page in a nursing session. Now I'm behind, and I'm not sure when I'm going to get caught up!
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Just wanted to jump in and introduce myself. I'm Jessy and my JemaBear was born on 11/7/06. I have a 4 year old as well and just rediscovered MDC recently.
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: Jema Bear:

You're our first new babe in May!
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We're now at 101 Babies!

Missing Date: November 8......c'mon you're out there somewhere

Will May be the month when a November 8th babe joins us???? Stayed tuned - only the November 8th mama knows ...
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Hey, for all of you mamas who want to lose a few extra pounds, I stumbled across this blog-wide weight loss challenge. Check it out.

Anyone else's dc getting into pinching? MJ has this charming habit of pinching my nipples when she is on the changing table.
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Yes! DD pinches me so hard it almost makes me cry...usually my face or arms. She also claws me and likes to get ahold of my bottom lip and pull on it...hurts a ton but she's just so thrilled when she does it.
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Hey, I forgot to say Jess, that those photos are BEAUTIFUL! I'm so jealous! I'm only on baby #2 and I still haven't quite gotten around to printing a single photo for his baby book!:

emilyrose: Going without sleep is killer. I recall from dd#1 that right about now through their first birthday it gets rough. They aren't new babies anymore, so a mama tends to take on a little more other responsibility but they sure are still new babies in the nighttime department! It makes it difficult.

Dov's mom: hey, my mom lives with us!! I am glad to hear that another mama out there is letting a grandma do a lot of the work! Sometimes I feel a little guilty, but heck, everyone seems to love it, including my dh. He is talking about adding on to our house to make a more private bedroom for my mom.

nina: plastic monster

Beth: we have a plastic booster also and it is by far one of the best $20 things we own. I keep it in the closet for extra kid guests, but Cecilia still loves it also. Greg sits in her Kinderzeat!

PP strollers: mine is some crazy Hawaiian print in grey; but I got it for $200! It's an '06 closeout. I feel very groovy using it. Today I pushed two toddlers; my dd and her friend. It was easy. It's a really well balanced stroller.

Enough! I have to get back to dumping stuff on craigslist. I already have a whole trailer full of things for the garage sale I'll be doing in June- and the college students haven't even left yet! Dh always dumpster dives after them and then I sell the stuff at a garage sale. Yes, actually Greg was raised by old German farmers who remember the depression!:
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Wow I feel like we're a month behind, DS is only just 5 months so we're not thinking about solids just yet.

I was hoping to break out the highchair soon as I think DS would like to be up at the table with us, he loves watching people and is not too keen on being in is bouncy chair unless big sister is playing on the floor nearby. However we are trying to sell the house so need to keep as clutter free as possible. I;m not sure how DD will take to DS sitting in "her" chair, we did put it away a few months agao but even so. She had a bit of a melt down last week when I put him in "her" buggy. Till now we've been using the double one.

Sleep wise I'm feeling OK, DS wakes every couple of hours in the night but we do seem to have a bit of a routine going and he and DD are both usually in bed by 8pm. I feel very lucky that DH ususally gets up with them so I can have an extra half hour of so to myself.
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Thanks, everyone, for your sympathies regarding our sleep issues. Yesterday was another tear filled day, but she's already 35 minutes into her first nap today!

Shopping: Hate doing it, always have. I guess I'm going to have to, though. My pre-pregnancy clothes are too small and maternity clothes are too big. It's just like it was when I was about 6 months along.

Weight: Well, I needed to lose about 20 pounds before Simi came along, so I have no idea how much I need to lose now. We got rid of our scale. I didn't want to have one in the house now that I have a daughter. I can be a little nutty about getting on the scale and didn't want Simi picking up that habit.

Highchair: we got the Keekaroo chair, but aren't using it. No solids yet.

Stroller: A Combi, that I'm proud to say is still in the box! Babywearing is working well for us.

Oh, she's awake now. Back later!
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Anyone else's dc getting into pinching?
Yes! He insists on pinching and rolling the skin next to my nipple when he nurses

Adam only woke up twice last night! He nursed to sleep at about 9:30pm and I woke up in a daze with big, throbbing boobies at around 2am. He went back to sleep immediately after nursing and didn't wake up again until 6am. Then he ate fell asleep and we "slept in" until 8am! I know it was probably just a fluke but I feel more rested than I have in months!
In other news, sil brought the new babay over yesterday. I am secretly so jealous of how quickly she is recovering. I couldn't even sit on my bottom 2 days after birth, forget about getting into a car and going to visit the in-laws! I guess she didn't tear at all or have any stitches. I know I should be happy for her but it makes me feel like a weirdo for how long I was "out of service" after my son's birth.
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Originally Posted by stacyann21 View Post
I know I should be happy for her but it makes me feel like a weirdo for how long I was "out of service" after my son's birth.
If it makes you feel any better - I'm still kind of out of service!
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