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Hello Ladies,
Here we are in May already! Hopefully we will have lots of success stories this month.

I am down to nursing 2 times per day (down from 5). I am wondering how long it will take to see some sort of effect from this (if there is going to be any, that is). I'm praying that I will finally O this month. That, in itself, will be a success for me.

Good luck to all of you!
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Hi Mamas! I haven't been here in a while, but thought I'd join back in if you'll have me! According to my chart I'm 6dpo, but my temps are all over the place. I can't believe I"ve been ttc for over 6 months now...my little guy is now 19.5 months old - was 12 months when I joined!

mama nym
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Welcome back mama nym.

Ahhh I have been all day my : died last night. I'm not sure from what She was prego and all I think it was either complications from labor or someone must have poisend her.

2 more days till I go to the OB
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I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty.
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Originally Posted by zulupetalz View Post
I'm praying that I will finally O this month. That, in itself, will be a success for me.
I am right there with you Zulu!

Linzie. Happy Birthday to your little one. Great day to have a bday, Cinco de Mayo!

mama nym. I am still here and still : for a bfp too. Let's hope May is a busy month around here.

Christina I am so sorry about your kitty. I was devastated when I lost my cat and I still have not gotten over it. I miss her so much so I know how you are feeling and I am soooo sorry. Our animals are such a big part of the family. I sure hope she wasn't poisened. Who would do such athing? :
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Hey gals...I haven't had time to read all the other posts yet, but that will come...tomorrow. I'm currently 9-12 DPO (don't know exactly when I O'd....all I know is that I'm DANG excited that it was 51 days sooner than the previous cycle!!! Hoping my body keeps that up!). I'm thinking this cycle was a no-go (just judging on how I feel, my instincts, and my BFN today (had to take an HPT to convince myself to stop wondering, at least for a few more days : It worked!). So, I'm planning on giving vitex a shot next cycle. I haven't looked at the bottle yet (have the drops), but I will...but for now, how much should I plan on taking? And I start on CD 1, right? Do I take it every day of the cycle? (no stopping after O'ing or anything like that?)
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i take 30 drops of vitex 2x per day. i don't think you need to wait until cycle day 1, just until you are sure of bfn. it takes a while to build up in your system so you just keep taking it. my nd said it will not harm if you become pg while taking it. i have read both that it is recommended and contraindicated during pg so
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about the vitex -- what about in capsule form? Is this as good and how much of that is recommended? Anyone have a clue?
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I have heard that the capsule form isn't absorbed as easily but I am not quite sure what dosage you would need to take. I have been taking a "fertility blend" that includes Vitex as it's main herb. I take about 40 drops 2 x/day but in previous cycles I was only taking it once a day. It comes in a tincture form.

surromommy2be Sorry about your kitty. It is so sad to lose a beloved pet.

Af is on her way out the door. Dh is already asking when he is going to "get some" :
One more week until my visit with my midwife for a check-up! I am just hoping I don't burst into tears when I see her. She makes me feel so comfortable that she usually sees my raw emotions so she must think I am a basket case! It's amazing how some people have that talent!
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can I join your thread?

My name is Micah and my dd is 20 months old and still nursing. I started BCP after she was born and stopped taking them when she was 12 mo. We weren't trying or preventing. Now that she is older I want to ttc, but themonth I decide to start charting, my cycle goes completely wacky! I was fairly regular after stopping BCP, but this month I started spotting mid-cycle and it doesn't seem to be ending. This cycle is going nowhere and it's been over 40 days (normal cycle around 32 days). So I'm sitting here opening my new bottles of vitex, b6, and b complex hoping that will help out. I'm sure if this cycle would just end, I'd be back to a normal cycle. I think dd nursed a lot these last few weeks and before she was born I had a short lp (10 days) anyway. So I assume my progesterone is on the low side. Sorry for this long intro, I'm just happy to find people in the same boat. I don't think any of my friends would understand nursing and ttc!
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This is me in your thread:

: :

Delurking to say hi. I am not sure where I stand and I am a total charting idiot, but I hope to learn something by subbing. Oh, my nursling is 10.75 months old.
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PLease add me to the list under "waiting to be ready" since I have to wait till my cycle comes back in June to start TTC again. For now I am going to lurk and update ocxasionally and hopr May goes quickly.
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Thanks everyone for your kind words and
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Nursing Mamas TTC is May

Hi! Can I be moved to waiting to O please? Unfortunately AF showed yesterday on my ds' 2nd birthday. : ( It didn't help we went to Gymboree yesterday and every single mama was either pregnant or with a newborn.

Jessica mama to Cristian (6) and Jaden 5/2/05
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I had a 20 day cycle with a 6 day lp. I have no idea what is going on with me - I went from 40-50 day cycles to a 27 day cycle with a 3 day lp to a 20 day cycle with a 6 day lp. AAARRGH!

surromommy2be -

Welcome Micah!!!

~mama nym~
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Welcome everyone!

Surromommy- so sorry to hear about your kitty!!

Jessica- sorry AF showed!! :

Thanks for the vitex tips!! Now, I have to bug you all with more questions...being 9-13 DPO (don't know my exact O date) and really wishing I was pg reminded me that I wanted to ask your opinions on something.

I had 2 miscarriages in the year and a half that we were TTC DD. The 2nd one I was on progesterone cream, but still miscarried early on in the pregnancy. When I got my BFP with DD (very early, thank goodness), I started back up on progesterone cream (4-6x the regular dosage each day, since the cream isn't very concentrated) immediately. I also had my OB call in some bloodwork so I could get my levels tested. My progesterone was awesome- 26 the first time and 28 the second. If the cream had anything to do with it, it would have only made a minor difference. I'm assuming my body just produces good amounts of progesterone since I have long, strong LP's regularly, anyway.

So...continuing on...despite my numbers being high and good, I still (being safe, rather than sorry) asked for a progesterone supplement. I was put on 25mg 2x/day from about 6-13 weeks. I'll never know how much difference the supplements really made with me already having had good levels.

Anyway, lately I've really been thinking what I'll do this next time around. I'm already a compulsive POAS'er but part of me wants to make SURE I test starting as early as possible so I can stay on top of things in case I do get pregnant and need to go on a supplement. However, the other part of me just wants to wait it out. I do NOT want to jump in and start with the OB at 6 weeks again (seeing my baby that early on was WONDERFUL this time, and for m/c reasons I WOULD like to, but for tons of other reasons- us moving, being one of them- I'd just rather wait until the 2nd tri if possible).

So I guess not knowing if the progesterone is something I need is what is leaving me wondering. I'd feel SO much more comfortable just taking a supplement from the start the next time around...I do NOT want to lose another baby if there's anything I CAN do about it. But just asking for the b/w and the rx would leave me kinda tied to my doctor (not in complicated ways, but just more than I'm hoping for the next time around). I could ask FIL to do it for me (call in the b/w or do it himself and prescribe the prog.), but he's always so busy that I hate to do that.

I just don't know...there's so many thoughts and emotions involved with what I should do the next time around. What would you do?? Especially throwing nursing into the mix...
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well ladies, i'm sad to say it, but i think i'm goint to have to be moved to waiting to be ready. i have a big trip planned in july with some of my girlfriends, and i think it would kinda suck to be pg for it. timing is just no good, so even though it really bums me out, we're just going to have to wait. i guess it's for the best anyways, since i feel like my hormones are all wacky, and from what i've read vitex takes about 3 cycles to really take effect. so for now, i'll be lurking and checking back every now and then. i wish you all lots of luck and plenty of baby dust all around!!!
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Would you like to be added to the list? Good luck to you. I hope that the supplements are effective for you and your stay here is short.

Belgiansheepdog stick around a while! It is good to know you lurkers are out there! Would you like to be added to the list?

Pazerific I hope you have a great trip. Maybe you'll come back destressed and rested and get a bfp right away!

Christina Good luck at your dr appt tomorrow. I hope it goes well.

Jessica Happy Birthday to your ds! Sorry AF showed. Didn't she know she was not invited to the bd party? The nerve! Sorry if I messed your kids birthdates up on the list. I deleted instead of copying. Check it out and correct me if it is wrong.
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1babysmom: It sounds to me like your progesterone is fine and you don't need the supplements. Your miscarriages were probably caused by something else, such as a chromosomal abnormality. I remember when I was newly pregnant my doctor was happy that my progesterone was 11 and said I didn't need a supplement (it should be above 10).

Just my opinion and of course you must do what will give you peace of mind.
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