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Help! ds ate cat poop

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OK, I swear I am not negligent. I swear it. I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom, ds was five feet away from me, and I saw that the cat had just exited the litterbox (which is turned away so ds can't get into it, in a nook in the hallway) but the cat somehow managed to get poop on the floor. I dove for ds, but it was too late: I fished a little cat poop out of his mouth. I don't know how much he ate, but he must have swallowed some of it.

:Puke :Puke :Puke

What should I do? What should I look for? I'm calling my ped tomorrow. Our cats are indoor only and have been from birth, do I need to worry about worms?

I am so nauseated I can't stand it. DS doesn't seem to be showing any ill effects, but I'm really worried about worms or other parasites.

Does anyone have any advice or reassurance for me?

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I know you are upset so I won't tell you that you'll laugh about it in 10 years! I'm pretty sure your lil one will be okay -- I'd call the dr. tomorrow as well, though.

It'll be okay!!!
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I'm sure he'll be fine!

Don't make me tell you about the time my then 11 month old dd was eating out of the toilet when her older sister forgot to flush, put the lid down, and shut the door. I must say, it made me want to hurl, but she had no ill effects at all.

Yuck, yuck, yuck!

If he starts vomiting or gets diarrhea, I would possibly call the doc, but otherwise I am sure he'll be fine.
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Well, toxoplasmosis comes from "old" cat poop, not the fresh stuff. (old being more than 24-hours from the cat) It sounds fresher than that!
I wouldn't worry about tapeworms. A rampent tapeworm infection is really obvious. Your cat's wouldn't have been recently infected (assuming they have no fleas), so any old infection would have been so noticed by now.
I'd think the only ill effect would be that his momma only kisses the top of his head for a while.
(do call the doc, though, just for good measure)
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My stepmom used to work in a pediatric office, and they would occasionally get these calls (does it help to know he's not the only one)

Usually the doctor/nurse would ask if the cat was healthy, and then just tell them to watch for signs of illness (diarreah, vomiting, ect.). And say "I would guess everything is going to be fine".
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Ick! My niece ate dog poop once and lived. It was a big dog too...

Just think of all those antibodies from the BM getting a real workout. I imagine nature put them in there for this express purpose so you can feel some relief cause he is BF. Guess you can add this to his list of solid foods tried.
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Yes, I can now laugh about my son eating one of those tootsie rolls 2 years ago. Still squeamish about the bug he bit in half, though.

They do grow up.
He is now the official yucky poopie spotter in the yard so we can scoop.

I'm sure he's just fine. If you're extremely freaked, you could bring in a stool sample (cat ) to the vet to check for parasites.

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Thanks for all the replies! We called both the ped and the vet : neither of whom thought there was much to worry about, and that the chance that he picked something up from our (indoor only) cat was pretty small. Our ped is going to call some parasitologists next week to talk to them and see what they think. We may also try to get a couple of stool samples from our cat (o joy) and take those to the vet to be cultured.

OTOH, a close friend of mine is a vet and she was quite a bit more concerned....I haven't had a chance to talk to her directly yet so I don't know what she might advise. I'm reluctant to put ds on a course of anti-worm medication, since I've heard those can be pretty harsh, unless we know there's a good reason to do it. Given that he's only 10 months old and still mostly breastfed, I'm not sure I could get enough garlic or almond into him to make any difference.

The gross-out factor is definitely high, but it's become a lot more humorous in the last 24 hours. Definitely a story to tell his first romantic interest!
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