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just got back from our afternoon at the coast, which was preceded by my requested belgian waffles and fresh strawberries and fresh coffee for breakfast. didn't get the yummy lunch from the gourmet deli, but that's only because i realized we would have had to pick it up yesterday and that didn't figure into our plan for yesterday. so i was happy with a seafood lunch from a delish place at the coast (marek had his first clam chowder and DEVOURED it). a good day, even if it was peppered by assorted calls from car dealers wanting bill to buy their car right now ("well, i'm at the coast for mother's day today..." and lots of his questions to me about when he should go get the car and how he should get it, etc. now i have to go help put together our new pirate ship kite, which is way cool.

sorry about your disappointing day, elola. maybe next sunday can be your replacement mother's day with explicit instructions to sweets about how the day should go? i hesitated about giving bill a list of my "demands" but honestly, i feel much better about the day as i would have been grumpy imagining it and then not even getting to experience anything i imagined.

and more love to my mmf...

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I had done some prodding last week (when I realized I was WAY more upset about the lack of plans for Mother's Day than I thought I would be, and started to cry. So DH spent the week doing some awesomeness for me.
He and Rowan went out to get me cards, and a new Rush CD that came out last week (I am SUCH a dork, but I love me some Rush! ) And when Rowan came home from the shopping trip he came into the house yelling "MAMA! We got you a SURPRISE! A CD!!!" DH was like "Dude! It's NOT Mother's Day yet!!" And DH...get this...MADE ME bath salts (with food coloring and MY essential oils, but hey, it was rad nonetheless. YES, I say rad. Because I AM rad. ) and a sweet, sweeeet book with pictures about all I do for Rowan, and it would have made me cry if Rowan hadn't been all whiny and demanding RIGHT at that moment, so I was busy trying to deal with that along with looking at the book. Haha. I also got, the biggest gift (pricewise), a gift certificate for the local tattoo parlor and an appointment on Wednesday for the start of a tattoo I've been wanting for oh, like 12 years now! I will post a pic of it on the YG. How awesome is that!
Oh, and they made me breakfast before church that morning. It was kinda funny to go downstairs and see DH running around like a madman, trying to keep things from burning, house filled with smoke, Rowan whining for him to "dance Daddy, put music on, more Blue, more something to eat!!!"
And DH looks at me for a moment, and I say "So, how does it feel to be ME??" And he just said "You're f'in AWESOME."
That's right, who's your mama, baby?!

He also left me to do what I liked all afternoon, after church (where I read that thing I wrote and had sent to you all on the YG...did you all get it? Not sure if I did the attachment right) Anyway, I got through it without crying, but the hymn they chose to sing RIGHT afterwards DID make me cry. Hahaha. :, at least!
Rowan also stayed upstairs with us the whole service, it had been a long time since he had been at church and did NOT want to stay in child care. He was surprisingly quiet throughout, so it was a pleasure to have him there with us, and he was there when I read my reflection, so yay!
I had to do naptime too, while DH napped for an hour or so, but when Rowan came back downstairs after his "rest", DH took him outside and *I* napped, and then went for a long walk and didn't have to deal with dinner. I ordered from my favorite pizza place after Rowan was in bed.

All in all, a great mother's day, though not really that eventful and that was fine. I watched some of a movie I had rented too, but never got to finish it. Haha.

I love hearing about all you did! It's funny how these days turn out. And to be honest, i have NO IDEA what I will do about Father's Day, but I feel inclined, to do, well...something.
Luckily, being my husband, DH would be psyched if I gave up the nookie on that day or something. ANYway! *giggle*
Have a great Monday, mamas!
What amuses me is that it's RIGHT BACK to the grind today. Mother's Day, what's that?? Laundry needs to be done, children need to be fed and entertained and the dishes are overflowing! Oh yeah, and the cat has no food. Yup. Rock the heck on.

Love you all!
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My cuticles are torn, and my fingernails are black, so I guess the weekend went the way I wanted it to. I wish I could have done *more*, but was real life (aka nursing, meals, etc) squeezed in, and a long walk with a friend Sat. a.m., and the MAU parade Sunday. There will *never* be enough time for gardening for me. And I have to say: homemade kid cards are *the* best. I will be sad when/if they ever start buying cards.

Renae, I am very impressed with your dh. You are *both* rad.

Heather, I reg'ed at Xanga (as EatNBoogers--my 2 more appropriate user names are apparently taken). Will you put me on your friends list? Pretty please?
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kk--you're on...you should be able to see the blog now if you visit....you booger eater you.

today is going to be busy and I should go shower before we get C from school...

anyone want some squash/zucchini plants? our raised bed is full so it looks like we'll have to get another bed ready or something. one of our local human service orgs. has a food pantry and takes fresh produce as well...we're going to have two tons of squash before long!
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So much I want to respond to but especially this: RUSH??? Are you serious, Renae? Do you know how much I need a copy of this new rush cd? omgomgomg!!! And agree with kk, you said, RAD!! Shows your age, methinks, in a cool way. 'Cause it shows mine too and I have to remain cool otherwise I will spontaneously *poof* into frumpmama.
So glad you had a rad mother's day.

Emmalola: agree with Heath, strip the dipes. Wash on hot, two times if need be. Didja get your worms? I think Mother's day is one of those holidays that is destined to be a disappointment most times, because you still have to be the mommy, regardless.

Sarah, rock on you bad student self!

KK I like how your thing says, Hippie Happy Mother's Day! hmmm...sensing new senior title now...

heather love the "just want to chat"! Here's Sol:

"Yo ver a book with mami!" (repeat, ad nauseum)
When we finally get said book and settle down (always at the moment I want to be making coffee, or something else somewhere else), she says, "Tu blah blah" , meaning you read or talk out loud (for a while there we got away with just looking at the pictures). I always roll my eyes when I hear "Tu blah blah" because she's very demanding.

jacqueline how coooool about the doula opportunity! I bet it is very beautiful where you live.

I just returned from Mexico City (the largest city in the world!) where I alternately stressed/had great fun. I ended up having to drive between hotel/venue for the bdance course I gave and day 2 got totally lost, arriving an HOUR LATE for class which really chaps my hide. 30 women sitting around, waiting for the instructor. NOT GOOD. Normally I am chauffeured but the hostess didn't have a car and had an equally stressful time hauling her 1 yo son around all over the place with her, I cannot imagine. Life in Mexico City is awful, and not at all beautiful. Very hectic and stressy. I of course am more stressed because I am driving at top speeds on poor highways with poor signage trying to find someplace I'm unfamiliar with. Gah.
But the course itself was a total success, sold lots of Belly bling, and spread the Tribal Love!!! wahooooooooooooooooo So I can now pay rent.

Much love to all my maymamas.
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well i didn't get my baby wishes but it was an a-ok day. we went out to breakfast and went on a walk around the hood with mr. bigwheel. and then doug went to play golf because today is his bday and i told him GO. i could forsee nap opportunities. so i put isaac down for a nap and crashed out hard on the couch. he never slept but stayed upstairs for 2 hours playing (knowing he was supposed to be sleeping). lil sneaker. doug bbq'd and i did some knitting.

i think stalking can begin but is still in the 'not bl00dy likely' stage scuse my language. i'll be 38w tomorrow and isaac was 41w5d. although technically i think this one was conceived ~5 days before the assumed conception date. i think i had a really short cycle that month.

we are going to have a mellow day today. i'm taking isaac to doug's office with me and i think to get him a haircut. and laundry and dishes and all the stuff i didn't want to do yesterday he's watching peter pan right now so i need to call qwest and get this computer configured to use our own dsl instead of the neighbor's

i'll have to try the vaseline.

i'm soooooooo excited it is going to be georgous and warm out today. yippee!
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Hey all,
Until Mother's Day doesn't fall on a Sunday and/or my dh has a different profession, Mother's Day itself will not go exactly how I want it! Forget breakfast in bed...our Sundays are nuts. BUT...dh did buy me a nice skirt/blouse/bracelet from a market in NYC last week and it's really cute. Can't wear it until after the babe comes, but I really like it. With dh getting ready to be gone again, he was crazy busy with that sort of thing. He did buy a card and had Gabriel "sign" it. We had a nice mother's day brunch at church. Then it was off to the Vail airport to pick up my mom and dh drove to Denver to fly out this morning! I took my mom to quilt show at a local hotel and she liked that.

I told dh I just want a day to do whatever when he returns. Go see a movie; get my toes painted; a massage; I'm not sure. Just me time. We'll see.

I'm working tonight and G is with grandma. I hope it goes okay. It should; between him seeing her two weeks ago and now, he's become very familiar with her. Tomorrow morning, we're going to Grand Junction (the big city) to get 3-year pics taken at Sears at an actual MALL! And, we'll do a little more shopping while we're there. We got his hair cut today and he actually did quite well. Now we just hope he'll be friendly with the photographer; last year's pics were a bugger; he didn't want to smile for the photographer. And, he's gotten better, but he still has this scowl he gives to strangers that try to engage him in conversation until he warms up. Just call him Mr. Friendly.

elsanne-mexico city sounds crazy. I've heard that about driving there. Glad your bellydancin' went so well, though!

diapers-they've been through a cold soak/prewash and two hot washes today (one with vinegar added, no soap). I'll see how they are when I get home tonight. I *think* it was more his weird poops causing the rashy than the dipes, but it couldn't hurt to do this. I don't have Vaseline (used to be addicted to Vaseline lip therapy, but quit...now maybe I better buy a jar!)

Sounds like many of you had good mom's days and I'm glad you did! EL, sorry yours didn't work out. I, of course, think all of you are some of the BEST moms I know!

Better get back to work.
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I had a pretty good day as well. We went out to breakfast and went to an exhibit of flower arrangements that they were having nearby. Then I too mucked around in the garden while DH burned steak and we drank cheap wine.
Mostly I just tried to find gratitude and blessing in being a mother instead of looking for appreciation and validation (thanks Lisa - your input!). That made my whole week pretty good.
Of course this week is teacher appreciation week and I wonder why she deserves a whole week while I get just a day! : And I am doing it 24/7! Who appreciates me at 3 AM I want to know.
So EL maybe you should trade up for a whole week of goodness.

I too use an occasional bit of bleach with the dipes to make them not so smelly though I have recently been using sposies. Actually recently we have been using underpants (with sparkly tinkerbell on them dontcha know). I am now going to bed on time.

I have been trying to do the Artist way thing but getting up earlier is not easy for me.
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Nug what you wrote about gratitude/blessing vs. validation/appreciation really resonated with me. It's the whole "how to be happy" thing, instead of expectations! Gah. More personal development lessons.
Also The Artist's Way is such a neato concept!!! How cool that you are endeavouring it.

I woke up grumpy today and am trying to clear through the fog with strong coffee as I write this. Not enough sleep for 3 days running now, and very needy babe. But--yesterday I had great amounts of breaks so I guess I am making up for that now.
I am seeking out a position at our local Waldorf school--kind of nervous about this--
The salary I am on is bound to be cut off here pretty soon as there really is not much more promoting I could do for Tierra Adentro, the retreat center. Then I will work on commission, similarly to the other houses I am managing. The commission is not much money, certainly not to sustain my current lifestyle.
The school salary would be measly, measly, measly, and that is my biggest problem with it. Probably half of what I make now, with more work involved, and less freedom. ! Going to have to think about this. Benefit: scholarships for my girls! Teaching, which I love!

So, just thinking about it, and I went out and met the teacher selection committee yesterday, they requested my docs and will schedule an interview/give-them-a-class time. They will also Waldorf-inate me via a summer training session, which I'd have to leave Amara for I think. Need to ponder the whole thing much more. I like this working-from-home biz most of the time.
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Few thoughts:
Jacquie, I remember when that mall was built. We used to drive over an hour each way to hang out/shop there. (

Heart attack moment: we were getting ready to ride to school, and Z was nowhere to be found. We go to the front door to run out and look for him (he's been obsessed with dh leaving for work lately), and a neighbor lady is walking him up the drive. Major :. We used to have a door knob cover on the front door knob, but moved it to the pantry knob. It's back on the front door. Somehow, I visualize myself stopping by a hardware store today and picking up more. (Z said he was going to walk to Daddy's office. A mile and a half away. Along a stretch of busy street.)

Dh and I stay up really late chatting, which was nice, but dude, I am so worthless today. I need more caffeine.

One last cheerful thought: L has been into randomly tweaking my nipple (through my shirt, bra, etc). Like when I pick her up. Or in the store. Or whenever. It's driving me bananas. (And not the happy : , either.)
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Originally Posted by KKmama View Post
L has been into randomly tweaking my nipple (through my shirt, bra, etc). Like when I pick her up. Or in the store. Or whenever. It's driving me bananas. (And not the happy : , either.)
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Oh, KK, that sucks. But your happy/not happy banana made me laugh.

Thanks for the input about M's Day. Sweets apologized, told me he'd make it up to me, and has been pretty nice. We had a good evening yesterday, and he even helped me fold the laundry last night. The thing is that I am so much the housekeeper and stay at home mom that he forgets that my life is also about writing a dissertation and keeping my eyes on the prize. He's also got a lot invested in me finishing because that's when we get health insurance and a much bigger salary, but he forgets that I won't just finish without some support. So I wanted a little Hallmark-guided appreciation that day and I just didn't get it. When I asked him about it he tried to make it my fault, and that just pissed me off. But he seems to be trying, and I guess that's all I can expect.

Speaking of trying to keep my eyes on the prize, I need to get some work done! aak! it's already 9:30!
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Wooooo! threadkilla! WOooooooOOooOOoOOooo
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hi ya'lls

hangin in here. i tweaked some groin muscle this morning trying to heft myself up off the floor. owie.

i'm fretting over my friend that had her babe a couple of weeks ago. she introduced the bottle really early and babe's showing bottle preference now this really bums me out because i think she'll just go with it. and on the one hand i was actually surprised she tried breastfeeding so i guess i should be happy and not worry about it. but i was so happy and optimistic that she did breastfeed! i'm worried about her being too isolated too but that's a whole 'nother can o worms. and i'm not really close enough to her to say something or offer suggestions without feeling rude or something. but i'll just do what i can i guess. isaac asked to hold her baby and he did a GREAT job and it was sooo sweet i can't wait until he gets to hold his own brother

nipple tweaking is no fun :
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no, no, EL, let me be the threadkilla!

Tomorrow is stay and play day at C's school, so I get to go for the last half hour before pick-up. Babysitter is coming to stay with E and them I'm heading to Ikea to get C's bday present. I should just go to the cafe store and get her a bag of swedish meatballs....that would make her truly happy!

Okay....back to work on C's onetruemedia montage thingy. Still can't figure out how to get a different song, but it's on the blog if you want to be nosy. I showed her it so far and she was mesmerized and kept saying "that's me" which was funny/cute since that is the whole point!
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That is very cute about C saying, "that's me"!

Sol is being adorable these days. We went to the pool "Yo uno nale pool" = translation "I want to go to the big pool". Yes, she has mega-strange Spanglish going on and I understand almost every word. "Tu looking mas stick?" = "Are you looking for more sticks?" (sticks in the pool, from the pine tree)
We spent some good quality time together today, enough so that I was able to escape and get some work done, normally she freaks if I leave her (after being okay with it for many months).

Gotta do some more biz. *muah*

jstar I can't believe how close we all are to meeting (virtually) your babe!!! aaaaaah!
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first morning post award goes to.... me???? 3 hours behind the east coast and eating breakfast at almost 9am?

must be the imminent summer pulling us all away from the computer time...

tea's ready.

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2nd morning post to me????

isaac is having the transition adjustment to his new class 2 weeks after moving over there i think it was all exciting at first and now the reality is setting in. older kids and bigger group dynamics. last night was full of meltdowns and this morning was a big meltdown at drop-off. he hasn't done that in over a year it was all compounded by our upstairs being really too warm last night. i put him in bed at 8 but he was still awake and playing in his bed at 10pm. i was too tired to go to the basement and resurrect the fans and all that so we stripped down nearly nekkid and he slept in my bed. i'm having horrible insomnia myself and it took tylenol, calms forte and a cool washcloth to get past my headache and get to sleep : then i woke him at 7 because he has pictures today and i wanted him to shower with me. but he was so tired every step of the way was a battle and we didn't get to school until 9:15. what a morning. phew. i'm exhausted.

sol's spanglish is cute
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Claudia---I guess that makes you West Coast Goddess of the morning! :

Jstar---I'm not looking forward to school in the fall for that same reason. Right now she has just 10 kids w/ two teachers and 2 of the kids have aides. Next year it's up to 18 kids---yowzas! Things will settle down in time. Sorry about the heat/no sleep! We made sure to get the girls fans/AC in first. E is a little hot rock when she sleeps!

Today's stay and play was fun. We did a craft and I got to meet her best bud at school M. Looks like she will also be in C's class next year so I know she will love that. On the way back we stopped by the new farm market that has glass bottled/hormone/icky stuff free milk from a local dairy. Their chocolate milk is out of this world. Didn't wind up going to Ikea as a bean/cheese/guacamole burrito from Baja Fresh was calling my name. must. obey.

Girlies are sleeping and we head off to music therapy in a little bit. It's supposed to be pouring down buckets here before long, but it's supposed to get rid of the humidity so I'll take it. I'm anxiously watching the 10-day forecast to see how weather will be for the DC/Pandas/Birthday trip for C....we won't be going if it's raining so everything crossed!
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I feel kinda bad about coming here to b*tch and moan, but then again, who but my May Mamas would understand?
Understand the whining that began as soon as he opened his eyes, the demands for Sesame Street, pancakes, eggs (thank the gods we had one egg left! I wouldn't have wanted to have a tantrum THAT early in the morning!) the refusal to eat anything BUT the pancakes and egg, including nearly throwing the smoothie I made him back at me : and freaking out totally when I turned OFF the gosh-darn television so he would LOOK AT ME for a moment and answer my question about what he DID want to drink (the answer was "NO DRINK! NO DRINK!!!!" while writhing on the ground, possed by the devil...good times.)
And screw straight-edge...how early is too early for a glass of wine? It's almost 9am!

I am sorry to say that I threw up my hands with a frustrated growl and stalked out of the room, and promptly bumped my arm on the edge of the doorway like an idiot (wasn't looking where I was going in my frustration), which only made me want to cry. Hahaha.

I'm better now, looking back on my silly growl. But damn, mamas, I am about to toss the kid out in the street. "Free to Bad Home" is what we used to say about Julio when he drove us crazy.

I'll get over it. Let me just finish this cup of coffee. Sucks that today would be a grey rainy gross day. And I got my tattoo started last night (YAY! I will post pics in the YG) and so I have to remain practically shirtless all day so we really shouldn't go out anywhere anyway. Oh well.

Wish me luck mamas, and may your day be a little less trying than mine already has been!
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