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Originally Posted by Mama Faery View Post
Wish me luck mamas, and may your day be a little less trying than mine already has been!
Well, since I am up, we can at least hope I have the with-it-ness to have a less trying day. I so did not want to get up with the babe this morning. I have not yet growled at anyone, but I so wouldn't put it past me.

Originally Posted by heatherfeather View Post
E is a little hot rock when she sleeps!
That is so cute. I would want to sleep all squished up with her because I am an actual, not hot at all, rock when I sleep. Eleanor is more of a rolling in the surf rock when she sleeps - i.e. no fun to sleep with at all!

Originally Posted by heatherfeather View Post
On the way back we stopped by the new farm market that has glass bottled/hormone/icky stuff free milk from a local dairy.
I have been reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver about her family going local. My family is going loco with my love of all things farmer's market, but it's good to hear others doing the same (for chocolate milk no less!).

So, anyway, um, I have very little to say. I think I have PMS and it is pissing me off. Two things that have changed since I had Eleanor: 1.) I now get PMS, something I think I wrote college papers debunking as a minor issue that our culture blows out of proportion in its hatred of women. Um, so not minor now. And 2.) I love sweets now (and I don't mean EL's dh). I used to crave only salty foods, now I am annoyed that Alison precut the brownies in the pan into rediculously small pieces so that in order to eat the amount I deserve I will need to eat three pieces.
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Aw, Renae, I so totally have those days. Throwing Sol out the window is my version of "Free to Bad Home".
This age is really crazy sometimes!
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Originally Posted by A&L+1 View Post
I love sweets now (and I don't mean EL's dh). I used to crave only salty foods, now I am annoyed that Alison precut the brownies in the pan into rediculously small pieces so that in order to eat the amount I deserve I will need to eat three pieces.

EL's dh! and small brownies!!! :

Made me smile.
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I am annoyed that my senior member title keeps going away. I think I'm doing something wrong.
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Jess, I have a hard time with friends/relatives/etc. who have difficulty bf'ing. (That sounds funny... I guess I mean the ones who give up too easily--and yes, I realize how judgmental that sounds, and I hope I can be forgiven for that, because I don't mean to be a total weenie.)

I thought the comment about the meatballs was pretty funny, Heather. I think Z would go for the same present. :

I've been sucked into gardening, a.m. and p.m. I should be out there right now, but I'm nak with a sleepy baby.

I love the spanglish, too.

If I needed a drink first thing in the morning, I'd go for a margarita. I know champagne and bloody marys (not together) are the morning drinks, but hey. Free to bad home...

Eat. The. Brownies.
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brownies: costco has these amazingly good fudge brownie bites made by this local dessert company (i think they are local...) called Just Desserts and they are cheap (like $5.99 for 36 in a box) and they are just sitting on my counter and i keep eating like one every few hours. they are sooooooooo good. especially nuked in the microwave and with vanilla ice cream on top. i think i need to eat one now. but i won't. but later, definitely.

need shower.

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someone brought that costco brownie bite box to the whiskeytown campout i went to last summer. i admit i put a major dent in it myself : and i never had a super sweet tooth before isaac. but i do NOW. and actually today i resolved to not eat a bunch of sugar because every time i go for the craving right now i get heartburny and nauseous. bleh. so i started off that resolution by having frosted mini wheats for breakfast :

yep i am frustrated because here is someone who is not technically having any problems with breastfeeding....just giving up on it!! i saw it coming when she told me hey the pump doesn't hurt! this is someone who has a ton of tattoos and piercings too. so my thought is that pain tolerance is not really the issue. i was telling her the pain would go away and it would be SO EASY. (i also gently suggested she not give any bottles for a while and let him get used to the boob again. she said he's just frustrated with it...so i took that to mean she didn't want to do that). and i know she doesn't want to NIP at all and that is why she introduced the bottle to begin with. i was really uncomfortable NIP at first too and i did the same thing (pump and bottles) a few times in the beginning before i was more confident. so i DO understand that. but i think she doesn't want to nurse in front of anyone at all (not just public). so : i need to get over it. then part of me wants to hurry up and have this baby so i can whip my boob out and nurse and show her how normal it is....thinking this will increase her confidence that is probably not how that would work either but she is young (22) and hasn't been around other mamas at all and i feel this kind of 'duty' to do what i can to give her information and support. so i'm trying

i would have given isaac free to a bad home this morning. after accomodating his every need (which also included an egg) he had the 'getting dressed' freakout with kicking and pinching and attempted biting and i am sooooo sick of the battle to get clothes on. he's so big and hard to wrestle now. and the alternative method is one piece of clothing every 5 minutes and we just don't.have.time.for.that.crap. grrrrrr. so i got highly irritated and left him crying on the couch and went to brush my teeth. and he came to the bathroom door looking sullen and kicked the doorframe a couple of times and then said 'i sorry' and gave me a hug and a kiss. so then i decided i did not have to look up 'bad home' in the phonebook because he can melt me with those hugs and kisses.

as part of his 'adjustment' he's had a couple of tantrums at school this week. and the teacher told me she enjoys the challenge of helping kids work through those emotions and that she hasn't had a kiddo like this in her class for a while. great : but she IS great and she is the one who is leaving *waaaahhhhh* i went in to the office and offically isaac starts 2 days a week on june 1 (exciting!). and i talked to the director about isaac's adjustment and she pointed out it will probably take a couple of weeks and then the baby will come and it will be all discombobulated again! SO TRUE! he does have a lot going on right now.

every day the kids report that i STILL HAVE A BABY IN MY TUMMY!!!! they are so stinkin cute.
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Hey Jess, I am on call tomorrow and not again until the 31st. Just so you know. (Did we tell you guys that I am on call at the same hospital where Jess is delivering?)
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Originally Posted by mcsarahb View Post
Hey Jess, I am on call tomorrow and not again until the 31st. Just so you know. (Did we tell you guys that I am on call at the same hospital where Jess is delivering?)

Gaaaaaaaaah!!!! Oh, fingers crossed!!!
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Originally Posted by elsanne View Post
Gaaaaaaaaah!!!! Oh, fingers crossed!!!
It just means I could make a short visit at some point during the day I'm there. And if I'm there, I'm usually running around with my preceptor, so it would just be a quick visit. It would just be fun.

Soooooo busy, I am. I want to chat with ya'll about meaty topics but I am so behind. Ackity ack ack ack.

Anyone want to do my pharmacology project for me, on the proper algorithm for postpartum antihemorrhagics??

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yep it would be fun. well i think the 31st is a blue moon so it has been my joke about birthing once in a blue moon. so that could work. even though i don't want to be pregnant that long. i am resigning myself to the fact that i grow em long and big though both preggo moms at daycare have beat me now. i didn't know when the 2nd one was due but she only looked about 5 months along. the other mom i know a little better and she was induced last week. her son is isaac's favorite buddy and i talked to her husband last night and luckily he will still be going to school for another month. phew! i know isaac is going to miss him so much.

tomorrow would also be peachy for me i had one menstrually feeling cramp when i woke up this morning and that got my hopes up. but nary a twinge since then.

isaac told me i would have the baby 'tuesday'
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Originally Posted by A&L+1 View Post
2.) I love sweets now (and I don't mean EL's dh). I used to crave only salty foods, now I am annoyed that Alison precut the brownies in the pan into rediculously small pieces so that in order to eat the amount I deserve I will need to eat three pieces.

I'm sorry, but this made me laugh. The "not EL's DH" part! Aww. ANd I totally hear you about craving sweets. Sometimes I make the cookies too small and I'm like, "MAN! I need like 5 of these!" Hahaha

Okay, it's like 1am (I just got home from babysitting my friend's DS--they're awesomely active Socialists and they go to meetings every week and since this kid's Mama and I are really close and do swaps already, it made sense to babysit her kid once a week, for pay this time; also any more time with these super-rad people is always good with me!) so I should go to bed. DH takes an inhumanly long amount of time to get up and deal with Rowan, darn it. : (he just woke up briefly)

My day became less trying as it wore on; Rowan was pretty much cute and agreeable the rest of the day...until DH got hom and I had to leave. Tantrum! And he wanted Daddy to GO AWAY so I had to handle that before I left. Sigh. Ah well.

Sarah, that is SO COOL that you will be able to visit Jess if you're on call when she's there! Hee!
I'm jealous, but happy for you all! Portland mamas, i wanna be one!

Good night, mamajamas.
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Good morning, mamas in pajamas!

I forgot to tell youguys about my Fermentation Friends.
I've been seeing this woman who is a Holistic Health Counselor, and we are also friends, and doing swap for bellydance classes. Looove me the swap. She directed me to the Body Ecology Diet website one day because she had just gotten "into" it herself, and one the primary tenets of the BED is to eat fermented vegetables. Which sounds gross--but basically, you make sauerkraut, and eat it with all meals for happy digesting.
Here's my biggest digestive complaint: gas. : I eliminate perfectly well, don't get stomach upset, etc etc...blah blah I've been trying to stay away from sweets (yes, EL's dh) because he's not good for me and I tend to seek him in times of stress, oh, like, several times a day. Overall I have been successful for about a week with a cookie or two slipping in there. That, and being really sick n tired of these extra FIFTY count-them pounds I still carry from Amara's creation.
Back to fermentation: I have 3 jars sitting on my counter, fermenting away, a lovely mix of cabbage, carrot, onion, garlic, and ginger. Should be good on quesadillas!! I went to a friend's house the other night and all of us were "into" fermentation and he was making a fermented (non alcoholic) drink called Tepache and he also makes Kombucha, and I had brought over my veggies and bowl and shredding supplies (and two children and dog, so yes, not travelling light) and we fermented. I mentioned it sounded like we should all be drinking beer or something.
So we drank wine instead and ate ostrich curry.
And that, Sarahbee, is my meaty subject of the day.
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ostritch curry? wow! i've never had the like. and fermented something with every meal sounds a bit........interesting! probably great for you though.

still no labor signs. *sigh* that means i have to go to work today dangit

ok i have a small and incredibly vain complaint that i am getting stretchmarks on my belly NOW. only now. none with isaac.....and in the last week they're appearing above and below my belly button and ITCHING LIKE CRAZY so i'm like a belly scratcher. which is almost like an armpit scratcher.

at least it is FRIIIIIIDAY!!! yay
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oh, jess, sorry about the stretch marks. with marek, this is about when they appeared like mad and i was scratch, scratch, scratchin' for the last couple of weeks. MOISTURIZE!!!

fermented sounds to me. is tepache the pineapple stuff? or what is that pineapple stuff called? bill loves that stuff. there is a delish oaxacan place that serves it. potent but bill loves it. i can only take a little and i have to dilute it with water.

time for breakfast!

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WWOOOOOOW TC I am so impressed you know what Tepache is! Indeed it is that pineapple stuff. Can I tell you how to make it so you can surprise bill? It's easy!!

Buy pineapple. Organic preferred, because you're going to use the skin. Scour it before you cut it. Cut it up and prepare the pineapple like you would to eat it. Go ahead and do so. The skins, however, put them into a pitcher and fill with water. Put the top on and leave it alone on the counter for 2-3 days. Cover with a kitchen towel to keep fruit flies away.
After 2-3 days, strain liquid into another pitcher, and throw away skins. Toss in 2 cones of piloncillo (do you have a mexican import store nearby?), or about 1 cup of brown, brown sugar. Stir until they dissolve, and put it in the fridge. Yum! You have Tepache!
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els: did you really just ask me if we have a mexican import store nearby? dost thou forget i live next to hillsburrito? : no offense to any border foods present. will be making tepache soon, methinks...
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no, i didn't forget!!! I even know where one is in hillsburrito on TV Hwy, but I bet there's more!
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Oh, mommies. So tired these days and I'm not sure if I picked up one of the lentil's amazingly gross runny nose bugs or if it's just because I'm freaking pregnant. things were going to well there for awhile, too. Tired enough that I was going to go camping tonight but I just can't handle the whole packing/sleeping on the ground/unpacking/sleeping with the lentil thing. And it's supposed to rain. So instead I'm home. Oh, and there was that mysterious tea-colored discharge for the past 36 hours that was moderately concerning. I hate that this pregnancy is all about fretting over things my body likes to leave laying around.

Sometimes I need to stay away from sweets too. But he did make up for his little Mother's Day gaffe by buying me some new plants for the garden. On Tuesday. : He's no longer sleeping in the doghouse, at least.

Jstar, hang in there! I also didn't get stretch marks from the lentil until he was about a week from due. It was so frustrating! Sweets actually yelled at me because I'd stopped using my special stretch mark cream, figuring I was over the hump. As it turned out, the stretch marks coincided with the lentil dropping, so it was a good thing, in a way.

Cute moment in history: The lentil's school has a gymnastics teacher who comes in once a week. At the end of the year they have a little gymnastics show for all the parents. We went yesterday and it was so amazingly cute. picture 10 kids lined up to do summersaults and backwards rolls and other little body contortions. The lentil was so excited to see us there he kept jumping up to come hug me. My teeth hurt, it was so cute. At the end of the program, they gave them all little gold medals, and the lentil wore his all day long, and wanted to wear it to bed but we wouldn't let him. you know, strangulation hazard and all that. It was so great. Does everyone know that my son is the cutest boy at his school? I feel so bad for all those other parents.
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I could really use some tepache right about now....

just posted C's montage over yonder...
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