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hi agrace! another new babe! What terrific news. nice update.

jstar, sorry about the tooshie. but it's almost over for you! woot!

Thanks for the support on the cranky kid. He was great when I picked him up and he seems to have recovered nicely. I waffle between thinking I have the best kid in the universe and wanting to look up "orphanage" in the phone book. huh.

Doing well today. today of the 23 weeks. I'm getting so excited for the baby to come, I'm completely ignoring my work. SOOoooooo pathetic.

Hi! Hi! Hi!
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Hi Heath--the party was totally fabulous. Hard work, yes, running my ass off, yes, but way super fun. We had a kiddie pool which all availed themselves of, then incredibly yummy food made by my wife's mother (my MIL? ), a great pinata with relatively healthful goodies, a painting activity (mural and a clay planter for each to take home), and a non-competitive gift-giving game.

Emmalola, you are too cute. (hi! hi! hi!)

Jstar, hi! hi! hi!
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Hi mamas!

Checkin in for May.
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Are we to assume then, from Beth's post above, that this is the only post she will grant us for the entire month of May?
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Originally Posted by KKmama View Post
Are we to assume then, from Beth's post above, that this is the only post she will grant us for the entire month of May?

Hey kk love your title...
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oops- I MEANT _subscribing_ for May

My excuse is I had a fussy babe in arms at the time. :P
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ahhh... a few minutes to update. today was a no-good-nap-day. for stefan. marek actually had a good nap, but woke up a grumpasaurus. food made it a little better. and then he had a crazy fit just before bill got home and was screeching and running around in circles and throwing himself on the floor and banging plastic toy bins on his head. so i made him put his shoes on and we went outside to wait for daddy and ride his little push bike and be loud outside of four walls.

so i asked about the perfect mother's day on the end of the april thread because a friend of mine has this traditions/crafting club and one of the things recommended was to write down the elements for your perfect mother's day and physically HAND THEM TO YOUR PARTNER to execute. then the onus is on them to deliver and the mama gets what she really wants instead of being disappointed in what the partner comes up with which often times is not what mama wants. i am planning on doing this and already wrote a first draft and then posted the rest for you all and i think i will just print out what i wrote on the thread and give it to bill. most of it is stuff he can get ready himself or plan for himself, with a few exceptions i am willing to help with.

okay, i really need to go to bed now. bill's parents fly in tomorrow morning and are here until monday afternoon, so i may just do fly by posting until then.


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hi everyone!

Welcome back, AGrace! We've been missing you! What lovely news you have. Congratulations!

Jstar - sounds like good news for your cervix. Love that free dilation.

My wedding involved a 10-minute ceremony, BBQ, beer, and contra dancing. It was lovely and low-key, and no princesses in sight. I don't like weddings where I go and all I think about is, "OMG, how much did this cost?!" It makes me uncomfortable.

Yay for all the 1-year-olds! I can't believe it, either.

So we have been prepping Lily for Operation W-at-age-3. It has been a long time of gradual, easy weaning. So yesterday I came home from school, and she runs up to me, gives me a big hug, and says, "No nursing. I'm 3!" And proceeds to cling to me for about an hour, happy, just clingy. (We have been nursing once a day, right when I get home from school or clinic). It was really sweet. I hope she continues to take it well, but if not, I am flexible. I am not going to deny the once a day if she still seems to need it sometimes.

I caught my first baby on Lily's birthday! It was cosmic. A nice, beautiful family and relatively low complications for my first one. It was really amazing for me.

Love to you all. Off to make buckwheat pancakes and coffee.

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i was a bigtime princess at my wedding : : i actually figured it was my one shot in life to realllllllllllllly be a princess so i went for it not to say i *acted* like a princess because i really had a low stress FUN day with no drama or anything.....i just dressed like a princess with my prince charming :


we keep laughing about doug's goatee now.

sarah that is so special that you caught your first babe on the anniversary of having your own babe!

*checking elsanne's bloggy for party pix!*

hi! hi! hi!
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Aaaaaaaw jstar great pic. must download/develop pics now so as not to disappoint.
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Okay, as paradoxical as this is, I do love wedding/commitment ceremony/whatever pictures of people (maybe because I don't have to go to the actual wedding? ) Jess, you were truly lovely on your day. I don't see that as princessy; I think you looked great.

Did I mention that I was supposed to be going on a women's retreat this weekend? Leaving tomorrow afternoon? Well, earlier this afternoon, someone called and told me that there is an unwritten rule that babies can't come on these things (despite the fact that I had *asked* if I could bring L and had never hidden the fact that she would be coming, once I was given the okay). I think they just expected me to say, "Well sure, okay! I'll just leave her behind!" I explained that I was still breastfeeding her, and that there was no possible way to leave her for 2 days, so I wouldn't be coming, either. The thing that sucks is that apparently, there were "anonymous" complaints. The whole thing was handled very badly, and I feel pretty sh!tty. : : :
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grrrr kk, just grrrrr..............

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Oh, KK, I've had "anonymous" complaints about bringing kids to pilates class, and it really bugged. Especially because my girls were ANGELS during said class, Sol sat and read her books and ate her food. I just remember feeling so...kind of...deceived by my fellow women, y'know?
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KK--was this a uu thang? all social graces anyone? but I guess in this case it goes both ways. Sorry you had such last minute change of plans.

els---it's been more than 7 hours and 20 minutes since you promised to upload pics and I don't see any! I want my MIL to come cook yummies for C's birthday...guess I just need to find a wife first! Amara sounds like a feisty one---yikes!

tc--out of doors works wonders here, when the toddler drama can't be contained.

jstar--great pic...I'll have to dig up one of mine...

not much new here....off to the zoo, zoo, zoo tomorrow if we can manage to get over the inevitable morning crankies.
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I was a TOTAL princess for my wedding, complete with the a flower wreath on my head, a fancy Jessica McClintoch (sp?) dress, and a meltdown. (me: Where are my blond bobby pins? I don't WANT to wear black bobby pins. I bought BLOND bobby pins ESPECIALLY for today and we HAVE to find THOSE. wedding coordinator: Beth, you are GOING to sit down and wear these black bobby pins. me, sheepishly: ok.)

It was a cheap wedding, though: under $3,000 for the wedding, reception, and honeymoon in the San Juans. (wedding: grandma's backyard. dress: goodwill, $100. reception: contradance hall. food: made my own. honeymoon: camping gear on bikes).

Ah, those were the days.

Some day I'll probably look back on this time when the kids are little and say, "ah, those were the days."
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Lisa! Sol! Lily! Jett?!?! L?!?! Weren't they just born? Well, not Lisa, but Wowzeee
Happy birthdays (belated I know)

AGrace -glad to see you are still around and I hope you check in once and a while.

We are still here. I have a personal problem of the yeasty variety, Julia won't poop and I am trying to work (OK procratinating working) on a website that I am not interested in doing or getting paid to do either. Right now I just want to put my head in the TV and knit and pay no attention to work I need to do.

We survived TV turnoff week with no problem at all but I spent less time on the puter since that just reminded the kids that they couldn't play pootergames. Naomi took charge of the whole thing and was really responsible about it. A bunch of kids at school were into it and there were some sponsored activities which made her feel special too. Not all the kids got to participate. Of course one activity that my family really got into is building marshmellow blowguns that they shoot in the backyard. They downloaded plans, bought the right stuff, measured and cut and built it all together (DH and the girls). I actually think it was kind of educational but Naomi does not get why she cannot take this to school. The mini marshmellows go pretty far too.

So I am going to go now.
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Beth, princesses don't wear flower garlands. (But I guess they *do* throw hissy fits about blonde bobby pins! ) I want pictures! Part of this is also that I know you all as moms. What were you like when you were all dewy eyed????

Yeah, it was a UU thang. The thing that suxors about it the most is that I asked--a couple of months ago when I signed up--if it was okay that I would be bringing L, and I was told that it was fine that she could come. I'm trying to take the high road (ie, not getting all pissy about it), but I have sent a (polite) email to the prez of the board asking the fellowship to come up with some policies/guidelines about babies and childrens... we've been growing tremendously in the last few years, and there's been a huge demographic shift (ie, from oldsters to people with kidsters), and I'm sure that not all of the oldsters are happy about the younguns (based on a few other uncomfortable experiences).

Which brings up a question I've been wondering about for the other UUers here (maybe I should take it to the spirituality bd... but then again, actually, I'll open it up to anyone attending any kind of spiritual whatnot): how accepting is your place of worship about babies, breastfeeding, extended breastfeeding, and attachment parenting? I've always kind of seen UUs as better than most but certainly not perfect by any stretch of the imagination (ie, there's a lot of room for improvement). Eg, while I think it's unlikely to happen, I wouldn't be surprised at all if someday, someone in my fellowship asked a nursing mother to cover up/nurse elsewhere, and by going to the prez and asking for some policies, I'm kind of hoping that we never get to *that* point.
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I'm going to two weddings in ONE weekend...the WEEKEND OF ROWAN'S BIRTHDAY! : : : Do I suck or do I suck???
(this is me not thinking I suck, really, because he gets to spend the whole weekend here with Gramma and Papa that weekend, and the weekend after is his enormous Blue's Clues birthday party where Mama is making him a pawprint-shaped cake and pawprint-and-puppy-shaped blue and magenta chocolate! So there! )
But yeah. I have one dress that I actually bought recently for one of the weddings, and one dress that I bought for a wedding LAST year that I didn't end up going to (the one in CA with my ex-boyfriend and the girl who was DEFINITELY a princess who HATES me. *sigh*) So I got my dresses)
I was NOT a princess, really, I don't think, on my wedding day. There was a bit of a hissy fit at one point, but only because no one seemed to know what the heck they were doing. It wasn't me! : : : Okay, so I think weddings might bring out the worst sometimes in some of us.

KK, that is sad about your women's retreat... We actually went to a party a few months ago (well, DH and Rowan went, I had to work and it was actually explicitly said to bring whoever, and the hostess KNEW we'd be bringing Rowan, but then once Dh and Rowan got there, he said after an hour or so she couldn't see them to the door fast enough. I dunno what to think about it, but we figure, if Rowan can't go and we really can't see why not, then WE don't go. Our society is SO anti-child. *sigh*

And I follow this by saying DUDE! This afternoon I am bringing Rowan to CT to spend a wonderful weekend with Gramma and Papa! We'd been talking about it since the beginning of April, and my MIL is SO excited to have him all to herself for a couple of days. I am bringing him this afternoon, and they are bringing him home on Sunday afternoon. I am sorta : about it all, he's getting SO grown up that he can go on sleepovers at Gramma's house already! And also really :
He has been asking "When are we going to see Gramma and Papa?" EVERY morning since Tuesday. He's excited. Yesterday at the park he was swinging with me and he hugged me and said "I love you sooooooo much...you're gonna pat tghe back at Gramma's?" And I said "No sweetie, Gramma's gonna pat the back this weekend because Mama and Daddy are going to be out" and he thought for a moment and said "Oh...okay! I see you later!" Aww!
And of course, my MIL keeps asking me "Is it the weekend yet??" I am surrounded by children.
I love my bebe. I will miss him but it will be a sweet missing, and I will be SO excited to have him back home Sunday. And DH and I have PLANS this weekend, man, including a concert tonight, a Cinco de Mayo party on Saturday and SLEEP, glorious SLEEP on Sunday! Yeah, good times. Oh, I guess some um...nookie might also occur!
(TMI maybe but hey; with the weaning off of "vitamins" came the roaring back of the LIBIDO, man. That is all I have to say!)

The nice weather definitely makes for a nice Renae, and lots of outside time for all of us. Rowan is still sleeping and I am about to make some coffee.

AGrace, welcome back honey! Congrats on new bebes and on the marital stuff. DH and I had to sit down and have a "talk" about how we wanted things to go recently ourselves. I feel for ya.

All of my May mamas!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

We can start up in the Childhood Years next month! : I wasn't ready this month and um, well, we won't ALL have three-year-olds till the end of the month anyway!

Love you mamas!
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that is one of my fave pics from our wedding because our friend shot it when we got to the top of the aisle and it was all over doug and i both had really clammy hands during the ceremony you can't really see it in the pic but i have a little beaded tiara thing on.....figuring what other day can you wear a tiara???? (----> very princess). our honeymoon was at a free cabin with no electricity on the south side of mt lassen. lots of hiking to boiling lakes and fumaroles.

LOL about the bobby pins. i could see with your hair beth why black just would NOT WORK (but i'm sure it did and you looked lovely)

that really sucks about the retreat. and well the 'anonymous' complaint thing is always icky feeling. i'm sure there are a real mix of people....some far more understanding than others. i am not really a member of any spiritual community but i do like the catholic church we went to on easter because it has SO many kids and babies. i don't have to feel like mine is the only loud squirmy one and no one seems to look down on them. a man behind us who i was SURE we were driving nuts even commented that isaac was doing very well and that it was a long time to sit still. as for breastfeeding/ap...i didn't see anyone nursing and i'm sure it is pretty conservative.

renae - it is exciting that rowan is big enough for sleepovers! i wish we had grandparents close by. and YAY for the libido what's a libido??? our latest attempts have been awkward and just uncomfortable so i think we're just done with that scene for a while ha. i'm just too huge!!!!

speaking of which i'll try to take some pics this morning and i finally downloaded some off the camera a couple of days ago. i am giganto! no maternity shirts can even keep a wrap on this belly lately. the pants ride down and the shirts ride up.

i'm really impressed with isaac's new class. his sweet teacher emailed me pics of his first 2 days. and they have much more of a structured cirriculum. they set up different stations and yesterday they had art, music and a water sensory table set up. and then she said they were going to do a cognitive math activity in the afternoon. it just sounds like a more structured stimulating program...which i think will be great for isaac i'm still balking at the cost of keeping him there a couple of days a week but feeling like it is probably worth the cost as it turns more from a daycare purely play situation to more of a preschool environment. granted i think it is all age-appropriate. they did do 'educational' stuff in his last class like color themes but it was very low key and now he's just getting older and ready for more complex activities. kinda cool

i got an evaluation from his last class. one part made me think of your blog entry about L and her love of stuffies, KK. the criteria was something like 'shows affection for dolls or teddy bears' and the comment was 'when he is in the mood, he loves his trucks!' so true, my very 'boy' boy.

i can't believe it is friday already : the weeks are flying by right now.

happy friday everybuggy!!!
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Well, if current trends continue, when T gets married, he will wear a tiara, a very swishy dress, and top it with a hot-pink feather boa.

We had a pretty low-key wedding... I insisted on a vegan reception and no alcohol (the 1st so that everyone who attended could eat everything, and the food was damned good, everyone had to admit, and the 2nd because there were people attending who shouldn't/couldn't drink, and we didn't want to have to babysit them). And we married ourselves--no officiant (you can do that in CO!). It was very earnest and moving. I posted a pic on my blog on Valentine's Day: http://superkk.wordpress.com/2007/02/14/ I made my dress myself...

I know I'm not alone, but I'm starting to get super excited about Jess' baby. Can't wait! Woo hoo! I'm also looking forward to hearing what Isaac thinks of his bro.

I went to a xeriscaping seminar last night, and now I'm all jazzed about working in the yard this weekend. (Trying to make lemonade, y'know?) I have a lot of plants to divide, plus I want to set up a couple of Square Foot Gardening type boxes. You should see my fingernails... : I've been in the yard so much lately, and I just can't wear gloves. So yeah, my nails are stubs, my fingertips are black, etc. And dudes--the worms are having a party at the bottom of one of my compost bins. Seriously--sooo many worms, so many little worm egg sacs.
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