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nothing to stalk today i'm considering trying out the breast pump to see if it makes anything happen. i soooo want to have this baby while my mom is here!!

i have patches of itchy rash on my shin, my cheek and around my lips. just little patches with raised bumps. what the freak? i'm not usually an itchy rash type of person (not highly allergic to anything). so i guess it is pregnancy related (?). dEFINITELY ANNOYING.

so far the birthday festivities have been great. naptime was only for grownups and involved poop in the panties though. grrr. we also had poop in the panties yesterday. so much for my theory he wouldn't figure out it was possible to poop in underwear he's only wearing a diaper at night though now so i think we've got the pee thang down

i think it will be an early bedtime because he's currently leaning against me yawning

re: the stalking. i will call TC if for any reason i can't get to a computer unless of course it is 3am
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Go Go little jstar baby! Woooo!
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Whut? Don't get us excited like that, emmalola.
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back from DC. twas fun. KK--I'm thinking if DC was manageable w/ 2, then surely Yellowstone w/ 3 would be a heckuva lot more fun. More green, less metro. take me with you! :
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Originally Posted by heatherfeather View Post
back from DC. twas fun.

DC was manageable w/ 2,


That is all.
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Doh, I have been busy busy busy, and now I have to finish my chores. We went o a partywith a bounce house today and the kids weren in there for 5 hours! I was surprised they did not fall asleep in the car.
I am pluggin along on the artist way thing and now I have to now read for a week. So, I will of course still read to the kids, but I won't be here reading along.
So happy birthday to all the kiddos of may (they are so big now *sniff*) and the early June ones too. Julia should have been an early June baby but she knew may was where it was at. So we have pressies and all and I am so excited.
I am not sure how I am going to freecycle my dresser if I can't read anything...
Well, I will solve that problem later.

See you in a week, and good luck Jstar! I hope the new thread has new baby news by then (that gives you a couple of days to recover before you give us the whole story).
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Originally Posted by elsanne View Post
Whut? Don't get us excited like that, emmalola.
I'm just sayin'. No insider information here, just hopeful.

The lentil's birthday party is in a few hours and sweets and I are sitting at our computers being total geeks. Like there isn't a ton of work to be done in prep. doh. I can't wait! Pinata, crafty thing, family and kids and fun. and cake. did I mention cake? The lentil wanted strawberry cake so I was able to find a strawberry cake recipe yesterday on the internet. Tasted it and it's good, if a little weird and strawberryish. We're all set to go, we just need guests and excitement here now. Yay!
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have a fun party lentil!!!!!!

i shed a few tears after i dropped my mom off that i didn't birth while she was here. but we had fun i'm really feeling end-of-the-weekish. and now thinking a june bday would be fun for variety's sake

do any of you watch the everyday italian show on food network? her name escape's me but sounds like giardia. i have no idea how she stays so thin cooking such insanely rich and delicious looking food. mmmmmmm
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I have to get this down now before the moment is lost!
Rowan and I are officially....weaned.
*sniff* : *sniff*

Friday night before bed was the last time, he sucked on my nipple for like a minute, and popped off and went to DH to get his back patted.
Saturday was his birthday, and we sat on the couch and the conversation went something like this:
Me: "So, Rowan, let's talk."
DH: *snort*
Rowan: "Okay Mama" *climbs into lap*
Me: "You're three today!"
Rowan: "Yeah, I'm three!" *holds three fingers up*
Me: "So I think it might be time for you to say goodbye to the nursing, don't you?"
Rowan: *nods* "Okay"
Me: "Do you want to say goodbye to the boobie?"
Rowan: *pats my clothed right breast, gives it a little kiss* "Bye-bye boobie"
Me: :

We sat on the couch for a little while longer and then he hopped off and we went out to breakfast for his birthday. Later that afternoon the IL's came by, and we went to a wedding, got home WICKED late, then went to ANOTHER wedding on Sunday, and when we got home Rowan was already asleep, both nights. So this evening was the first time we were all home together. After the special movie he got to watch (we want to start a twice-monthly Movie Night with him...tonight it was Blue's Big Musical. But it was fun! Popcorn and ice cream. Good times) we went to brush teeth, and he asked me to carry him upstairs. I told him I'd carry him and put him into bed and then Daddy was going to pat him. When we got up there he said "No, nurse first!" And DH and I looked at each other.
(we had agreed that if he looked like he was going to REALLY get upset, of course I would nurse him)
I held onto him, asked him if he wanted to come with me to get some water, while telling him "Remember? You said goodbye to the boobie on your birthday, if you need to you can give it another kiss goodbye" and he said "No, nurse, nurse!" But it was just his whiny-voice, no tears at all, so I said, "Okay, sweetness, you have a choice" (we were standing in the hall, all three of us, four with the cat. )
"You can let me lie you down for bedtime, or I can pass you to Daddy right now and he can put you to bed" He looked at us, and said "No, YOU put me down!"
So I took him into the room, gave him a kiss, told him how very much I loved him, and laid him down in his crib. He asked DH for water.
That was it.

And you know, I was just thinking today about how he was born, and how I would have done so many things differently during his birth, but it was what it was and I have mostly accepted it, but then this huge milestone just happened...and it couldn't have gone more sweetly, or perfectly.
I remember the last time we nursed. I wasn't sure it was going to be "The End", but it worked out well.
We talked about it, he understood, he said goodbye, we cuddled.
Tonight, he asked a bit, I explained what we had talked about, he accepted it (I know every time I'm home for at least a week more he will ask, but we'll handle it) and he went to bed sweetly and calmly.

I am tearing up again, but just in gratitude. Our nursing relationship is over. I nursed him for three years. THREE years. I am so so happy.
I had to share.

Good night, sweet mamas.
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i reported the above post as possible spam, given the member has only posted 4 times... hmmm... this kind of stuff makes me feel really protective.

we had a really nice weekend and i will try to write more but later. m is wanting to play toys and s needs a dipe and bill went off to play hockey.

ta for now!

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aww, that's really sweet, Renae. We ended in similar fashion last month.

tie-erred. The only bad thing about the hotel room was the proximity to a 1yo who likes to talk in her sleep all the night long! still catching up on zzzz's.

Both girls have their well-checks in the morning and then probably some outside time to play on the new half-put together swingset/climbing thing. Just have to finish the end w/ the actual swings.

how 'bout that spam! I reported it too, TC....we mmf are on the ball!
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I am so not used to anybody barging in on our party! 'Scuse me, but it just felt a little bit, um, intrusive. Now, if you're working on your doctorate, tha's cool, but a little intro or "excuse me while I barge into your thread" would be nice...
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i wasn't thinkin bout it as spam, but i was thinking that some of the assumptions of the study were interesting.

i guess kids develop normally if they grow up with bio parents (of the opposite gender, by definition), who aren't too young. hmmmmmmmmmm

i'm ruled out of the study by 2 other factors, and frankly there aren't many of us who fit all of the qualifications. we must have some pretty abnormal 3 yr olds.

jstar came to my rescue last night- i had to take a trip to the ER w/W and i'd loaned out my car. it turned out to be nothing, thankfully. poor jstar hauled her pregnant self away from dinner with her mom on their last night together- bless you, jess!

L had banged W on the head really hard with the remote and when i called advice to ask what the signs of a concussion were in an infant, the nurse sent me to the e.r. the advice nurse had the gall to lecture me about "keeping on top" of sibling rivalry, and how dangerous L's behavior was. Duh- why do you think I called? at the time i felt like crap but now i feel pissed. How does she know L's motivations? She's not a child development expert and she doesn't know sh$% about our family. L is about 3 to 6 months behind most of the other May babes in cognitive development, and I honestly think he has no clue that W would be hurt. He just knew that mom and dad didn't want him to hit the babe, so he thought he'd get a reaction out of us. Well, he did get a reaction, all right. He was put in another room while we checked on W, getting the opposite of the attention I think he was hoping for. Thankfully, the people at the ER treated us with respect, and sent us home without having to pay for a visit cause they could tell W was fine.

Happy ending to the drama.

L threw up for the third night in a row this evening. He and W have a bad cold, but of course in L these things always turn into a major health event. Blech. I'm so glad dh has time off saved up- I need help this week!
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Hey Ferny just sending a your way. Effin' medical model, man. Interventionists. Nice when you want them, but PITA otherwise.

Sol has a UTI! Treating with herbs today. Anybody BTDT?
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yay spam gone!

fern: Must. Call. You. Today.

poor Sol... no experience with kids utis.

been keeping a surprise from bill: we are going to get marek's hair cut today. just a trim, not a chopping off or anything. but it needs to be done as he continually pushes it out of his eyes. i asked for a warm and fuzzy person this time and we are going early so he can play with the toys. it's a kids haircut place with fun car and plane and motorcycle chairs to sit it and videos to watch and toys to play with.

stefan is really movin' now. sees something across the room and goes for it. really likes the paper recycling bags in the kitchen. have to re-child-proof everything.

breakfast & whimpering babe call...

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elsanne-sorry about Sol's UTI. G had one of those when he was 6 mo. old, but I didn't treat it homeopathically (that was actually the whole incident that got me back on track with the natural methods, for the most part.) Anyway, I don't have any advice for you as G never got another one. I do have a for ya, for what it's worth!

FF: the ER run sounds crazy. I'm glad W was fine, but sorry you had to listen to all that before you knew.

heather: glad you had a fun trip, sorry for the lack of sleep.

renae: I'm glad you had a peaceful weaning. It's amazing how when it's the right time, it's just not really a big deal. It's just right.

I'm so glad to finally be able to sit and write something to you all! It's been a crazy few days. We found out Wednesday that dh's mom decided to come for a visit on Saturday and leave Monday (yesterday). Quick in and out, but it still required the same preparation for company as a longer visit...and we'd just had my mom here! But, we're glad she got to come for the time she could. We also had G's birthday party yesterday. It was a combo b-day party/Memorial Day BBQ and we only had 5 kids total (including G). Not too bad. The parents were here, too, so that helped. And, MIL got G a little frog pool for the backyard which was a big party hit (for all except for G who didn't want to get in it.) Luckily, G warmed up after the swimming and participated in the Stick the Tail on the Donkey and Pinata, and of course, he loved the birthday cake part (it was an ice cream cake from the grocery store). Mostly, he just liked joining the pack of kids and running around the backyard (the kids were all older; 6, 5, 4, 3). The older girls really liked to look after him. He had a good time and was really warmed up by 8, when everyone went home.

In the midst of this, I caught whatever dh came home from his retreat with: sore throat, slight cough, come and go fever. G got some of it, too. In fact, he spent most of Saturday afternoon on the couch and didn't even want his mac 'n' cheese for dinner. He was pretty pathetic, so grandma didn't get to see him at his best. He didn't really sleep at all on Friday night, so dh and I didn't either. And, I was feeling better yesterday, but after being on my feet most of the day, my legs ached so badly that I didn't sleep well last night either. G is mostly better; I just gotta get some more sleep and I think I'll recover. Whew! It's been a busy few days. No more company for 2 weeks, so we have some time to recover.

I did a daring thing today: I put G in training pants and told him these are a step up to the Cars and Elmo underwear we bought him. I told him to tell me if he needed to pee or poop. I'd also ask him and he's say no, so I just said "let's go take a potty break." He peed in his little potty. Then he just came to me and said his tummy hurt, which he's been saying lately before he needs to poop. He decided he wanted a diaper back on so he could poop. I asked him to tell me when he goes so the nice dry training pants can go on him. So, it's a start. He has consistently used the potty at night before bed for a while, but it seemed like he just might need a little nudge to progress. We'll see.

Lots of laundry today and we have some strawberries to pick from our little garden! Just a low key day to recover from our crazy weekend.

Oh yeah, and we don't have a b-day present for G yet. I think I want to get him some Lincoln Logs, but Wal-Mart is my only option since I've waited so long, and I despise Wal-Mart.
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ff - i'm so glad they didn't charge you and i was glad to help. that lady was : to lecture you on the phone....as if a mama to a baby and 3 yo doesn't know that W has grown so much since my shower! i hope both the kiddos get over their colds quickly

i hope sol gets over the uti too. i have no experience with them in kids but i know they make me : because they are so painful.

that's a sweet weaning renae

sounds like G had a great party! it will be hot enough to get our kiddy pool out today and tomorrow. i'll probably have to sit my big self in it too

my MIL arrives tomorrow. i'm not so excited about that. especially since we don't even have a baby to need help with yet. and since my due date is tomorrow it could be another week or 2. she's been trying to fly up for over 3 weeks now though so we can't ask her to delay her trip or i'm sure she'll freak. isaac will be excited though. getting catered to by grandmas is always fun :

my goal for the day is to stop at target after my ob appt to buy some boxes to sort toys and disappear them to the basement. we're drowing in messy intermixed tools and little people. i want to buy a cheapie door at home depot and set it on some short shelves to make isaac a kid-height craft table/large play area in the basement. then i can store boxes of toys underneath it.....and he can play while i sew! so many plans...so little time (and $$).
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Els---you're not going to get the natural advice thang from me, but I'm only biased because of E's kidney reflux. We've always done the abx because her uti's have a greater risk of kidney damage w/ her anatomy. The only thing I've heard is high doses of the cranberry pills plus lots of liquids. Hope she's feeling better before long.

Jacquie--hope the crud passes! The small bbq party sounds fun! Potty stuff sounds promising!

FF-- *hugs*

Jstar--hope you make it to Target. Getting the toys organized/rotating really helped around here. The door/desk things sounds fun! Somehow I can picture Isaac swinging a hammer and getting in on the helping.

Girls well checks went, um, well this morning. C is 38+" and 36lbs and E is 32" and 23+lbs...

Picked the first strawberries from our patch this morning! I know we'll all be fighting over them for snack later.
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Hey, Katie had her well check today too! 35 lbs and 39 inches. Getting so big! She was soooo cooperative with the doc, too. She totally had him smitten. : I was so proud. : I had a physical at the same time, too, and Sarah was sooooooooooooo scared because I had to get a little bloodwork (no not to test for pg, thank-you-very-much ) I asked her if she'd like to wait out in the hallway whilethe nurse took my blood, so the nurse set her up in the office across the hall and she waited until I came out. She asked alot of questions, and was quite concerned that the skin wouldn't grow back on my arm. She's a squeamish girl, I tell ya. Katie stood right next to me the whole time and watched with interest.

Fiddle, so sorry you got the lecture. : Honestly, do some people think before they talk?

Heather, can you PM me your email address? I swear I'm gonna send you a link to my snapfish acct. Glad you enjoyed DC. What did you get to do there? i've never been to dc before and would really like to go someday.

jstar, sorry you kept that baby in so your Mom couldn't be there for the birth. Have you discussed names with us yet? Or are you keeping it secret?

mamameg-you still reading along?

Lisa, how's the SAHM gig going? I enjoyed your friends' blog. They look like a great couple! I know their move will be tough for you.

Better get going, just wanted to say hello! I've fallen back into the reading and not posting mode, so I'm trying to remedy that.
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Originally Posted by heatherfeather View Post
Jstar--hope you make it to Target. Getting the toys organized/rotating really helped around here. The door/desk things sounds fun! Somehow I can picture Isaac swinging a hammer and getting in on the helping.
: uhh i was building our strawberry bed a few weeks ago with my little helper. and he wanted to swing the hammer...so sure i let him. looked the other way for TWO secs and he managed to hammer his thumb. HARD. blood and tears... the whole 9 yards. so i got the bad mommy award for that one and he now is going to hold off on hammering for a couple more years but the lesson really 'hit' home for my 'learn by doing' kid. he is not a 'learn by listening to mama' kid. he had to touch the oven rack before he believed me on the 'hot' thing.

can't wait until we have strawberries too! and we have a good crop of raspberries going.

go growing girls
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