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ISO body butter recipe

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has anyone here made body butter? I have some shea butter and mango butter I'd like to whip something quick and easy from- no time to make soap these days! If you have a recipe to share I'd appreciate it! Thanks! LLL
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Well you can make some body balm with 1 part butter, 1 part oil and 1 part beezwax and some essential oils if you wish. It works pretty well. You can probably make it thinner by using 2 parts (one of each butter) one part oil and one part beezwax.

Something resembling a thick lotion requires a bit more ingrediants and preservatives and is a bit more involved and complicated to make. If you like though I can link at you some tips for that.

I am pretty inexperienced at it though and have only made like three batches of lotion so I would rather post links that try to describe it myself.
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If you have good links I'd love to look at them!

Do you make the one you described the same way you'd make a salve? (ie: melt everything together and then pour)
What would happen if you whipped air into the mix- would it make it lighter and more spread-able? (mm- makes it sound like margarine.)
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ya..whipping air in is a common practice I believe. mmmm yum....it is kind of like margine. :LOL I use one of those little hand blenders.


e-wax is an emulifying wax so things don't seperate. germaden and phenohip are preservatives. You may not need it if you are just making very small amounts. But if you don't use it you might keep it in the fridge. stearic acid is vegetable derived and kind of waxy it is used for thickening.

There is lots of info on that board. I have made the first two listed. They are fantastic!

http://www.auntroma.com/new_page_5.htm list of what stuff is...

sorry for lack of capitals...nakking..
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Thanks, Abimommy! Now I'm totally inspired to make this happen.

Where (locally) could I buy stuff like the e-wax or stearic acid? Pharmacy? I have most of the various ingrediants already but Ive always relied on immaculate sterilization to keep stuff from spoiling...but with some of these more expensive oils and butters I probably shouldn't do that... maybe grapefruit seed extract?

Oh well- thanks for the linkss and the encouraging words!
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this isn't local... but they have good prices and cust. service. also check out the recipes page:


I don't put any preservatives in my lotions and balms, and I find that if I use very clean (preferrably sterile or just out of the dishwasher or rinsed w/ boiling water) bowls and containers and distilled water (in the lotion) I do not have mold problems or rancidity. this is more true for solids, b/c they often don't contain any water, and waxes and solid fats are stable at room temp.

I melt and pour, using a handheld mixer after melting to add water for lotion. have never tried whipping a "butter" but I bet it would be nice.

have fun!

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Um, there is a thread about natural preservatives on that bulliten board I posted the link to. It should be in the same forum.

www.brambleberry.com also has lotion making supplies, I don't know where you are...uumm..you can pm me your location if you want and I can try and find someone near you..a pharmacy won't have it.

If you just make small amounts and keep it in the fridge it should be fine. But I wouldn't sell it or give it to people without a preservative or making sure they know to refridgerate.

If you are making something without water it is much less likely to have bacteria problems, it is the water in lotions that can cause problems.
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