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Dingos - it's May - come tiptoe (or run, walk, or wog) through the tulips with us

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Come run, walk, jog, wog, waddle, cross-train or whatever with us - just be active as we enjoy the spring weather!

Newbies and old-timers alike are welcome

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"cross train"
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I was waiting for this new thread to join.

I am Aurora, I will be 31 tomorrow and I have 4 beautiful children(9, 7, 3, and my 9 month old nursling.) To say I am out of shape is an understatement.

I just started the Couch to 5K Program yesterday and it didn't kill me. I look forward to running with you all.
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Do we need a link to grnmtnmama's shop if we are gong to encourage crosstraining here?

Lots of walking going on for me - I am aiming for at least 30km by the end of the week.
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Welcome Aurora, you'll find lots of support here.

sorry ladies, with a bar of the rosewood soap reserved for Schatz there is only one left until the next batch is ready. you'll have to make what you have last as long as possible.

it's a gorgeous day outside. I will definitely be going for a walk on the rec path at lunch.
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On my wayward kids: Ds is a really fun person - very kind, generous, good natured, great person. However, he is completely lacking in ambition of any kind it seems. He's the least competitive person I've ever met and literally nothing seems to trigger in him a desire to excel - at anything. He's very bright, musically very talented, has a personality that naturally draws people to him, but just no drive. His stated goals in life make a 4 yr degree necessary - and he loves college actually, just can't seem to motivate to do well. He breezed through high school and below because he's bright enough to do well with minimal effort, but of course it's not like that in college. So far, the classes he's doing poorly in are almost entirely because of lack of effort - didn't turn in an assignment because he never got over to the library to get a paper to read, that kind of thing. I don't know how to convince him that he can't meet his goals if he can't do the things along the way necessary to get there! I really don't care if he goes to 4 yr college, 2 yr college, tech school, apprentices as a plumber - I just want him to have some way to get independent and content with his life. How do you encourage such a person to do that?
Dd is definitely trying out the "bad girl" role this year. Most of her friends are troubled, Goth-y preteens, who are also very bright but don't have a lot of support. She seems to be getting a lot of positive peer reinforcement to think that doing the homework is silly. The upper level science/math teacher in our junior high is a piece of work. She's the one who accused me of talking about her last year, and is just the most critical, naggy person. I've tried asking her to set up more of a check list system with my dd, with strict enforcement of due dates and such, without all the nagging and chasing her to eventually get things done, but that is not this teacher's style. It's sort of like with your toddlers - if you establish a pattern that you ask, beg, plead, nag, yell, get out of control before you expect them to do something, they wait until you're out of control to do it. This teacher operates at nearly out of control all the time and so dd doesn't respond any more to her tentative due dates and disorganized classroom. She actually really enjoys science, and loves to go to the science museum, loves to read about science - she just does terrible in this class. The thing is, if I take her out of the advanced class, she can't take college-track science in high school.

(And here's the bad parent guilt talking. I'm at least partly convinced that my kids would do better if I wasn't gone so much. I feel like my focus has been on my career for so much of their lives. I'd like to take a couple years off at this point and steer my middle two kids through middle school, but there just isn't anyway right now to do that. I can't imagine doing any other job but the one I do, but sometimes I think there has been just too much sacrifice to make it worth it.)

CheryAnn - I can't believe you looked so great right after finishing a marathon! You look radiant and lovely in every picture!

Aurora - welcome! Jump right in here. Lots of us started or restarted with couch to 5K and we love supporting folks getting going again!

Bec - I keep meaning to say I'm so impressed with how much progress you've made! You are a RUNNER!
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
"cross train"
Sorry, Wendy, but this came off verrry Beavis. :

Welcome, Aurora!!! We're chatty. Many of us put more mileage here than on the road. Congratulations on starting!

OK. I have a minute now to catch up. I did my necessary research on the mortgage situation. After making a one-time payment after closing on the "little house," I can a) Keep the current payment amount and reduce the loan period by 6 years; b) Switch to bimonthly and reduce the period by 10 years (can we say ); or c) Recalculate and have much more comfortable payments, for 30 years. Decisions, decisions. You can see how I lean. I think we should go that way, and then, should circumstances change later, we could always pay the fee and have our payments recalculated if (God forbid) we needed to reduce them. I'm the financial equivalent of a mattress-stuffer.

That said, my life is not without excitement. Sent the deposit for emu chicks today, and we'll be making a family trip to get them Memorial Day weekend. Might also go goat shopping that weekend. And did I mention the calves? We'll be adding a pair of Jersey steers as soon as they are weaned. It's all a little nuts, maybe, but honestly, I feel really good about being able to raise so much of our own food...and a little food for others, too. They won't all quite pay their keep this year, but it's less than we'd pay for comparable meats elsewhere, and the reduction of fossil fuel consumption related to these animals makes me feel good too.

RR: I have 4 mi easy on the schedule today. TM. Thursday calls for speedwork, and an easy 3 on Friday. Sunday is just 12. OMG small freak-out, the marathon is so close. And I still need shoes!

On pottying...when I was in the Peace Corps, I spent two years more or less away from Western seat toilets. Everything in most places was a squat toilet. When I got back here, it took quite a while for my body to get used to the new...position. I don't know for certain, but I suspect this comes into play when kids are learning to poo on the toilet. I'm really glad to have had that experience. I think it gave me that insight and empathy...which I might not have otherwise had.

Dh and I feel the same way about our family size--that it's just right. For us. Right now. We'll never snip...either of us...because life is just too unpredictable. For me, right now, to decide to have another child would mean suddenly coming into enough money for dh to be a SAHD and bring the baby to work for feedings. Not likely. In our religious community, we take a lot of "joking" pressure to have more kids, and our response is for dh to pretend he wants more kids, and I roll my eyes. It's apparently socially unacceptable for him to explain that, for us, more kids would mean not being able to help his family, or ever, ever again go to visit his homeland. I hate it, though, when people even jokingly suggest they know what's best for us.:

Better get my own tush moving. Have a great day, mamas!
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Originally Posted by doctorjen View Post
Bec - I keep meaning to say I'm so impressed with how much progress you've made! You are a RUNNER!

Gosh, Thanks!: I really needed to hear that today. I meant to run today. And I did, a little. 10 minutes, 14 seconds and around a mile's worth. But, I had Abby in the stroller, and her waking up and crying, and me having the need to go to the bathroom (nevermind that I had already been to the potty about 15 minutes previously, ah the joys of having had 3 kids in 5 years. Will my bladder ever recover?)I just didn't have anymore in me! Ah, maybe Thursday will be better. If DH gets home early enough, maybe I'll try again today.

I have a question for folks. What kind of socks do you recommend? I have a pair of thin poly/cotton socks that are comfortable enough (I am rather picky about my socks, and get blisters if they are not a very fine knit), except that they start getting really hot if I run for longer than 15-20 minutes. I feel like they will start to give me blisters. Any suggestions?
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The Race List

If you have something to add, just let me know. PM-ing is probably the best way to assure that I see it, but posting is OK too.

2babybees - Flirt with Dirt 10K - June 9
HBM, mamabeth - Peachtree Road Race 10K - July 4
bec - 5K - July 4
JayGee - Chicagoland Danskin Women's Triathlon - July 8
Schatz & cRebRun, feat. 1jooj as training partner - Fox Cities Half Marathon - September 23
Runningmommy, Balancin1 - Chicago Marathon - October 7

The Preggo Dingo List
sally_Z - June
Po6 - late July
Plady - Sept 20

Dingo Recipe Blog - send me a PM with your email address if you'd like to be added so that you can post.
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megs_bk I think you can buy stirrups for a kelty style pack separately.

drjen -- more to say on gifted kids later, but you've got several on your hands, sounds like. I am married to someone who may well be the most gifted person I've ever encountered but he still almost didn't graduate from college because he had 35 dollars in overdue library books and 10 dollars in parking tickets.

mamabeth -- we have a frame pack and frankly, I think the ergo is more comfy.

ok gotta write a lecture in an hour.

1. unearth jogger
2. use said jogger 2 times.
3. walk to all my new locations....hardware, post office, etc.
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Subbing...Still recovering from the trail 1/2. Hopefully tonight I can squeeze a few miles in. Tomorrow riding for sure. That at least doesn't hurt.
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Good afternoon, mamas!

RR: Ran 3 miles this morning in beautiful cool sunny weather. Faster than the last few runs have been, too. While I was running the song "Shed Your Skin" by (who else) the Indigo Girls popped into my head. I don't actually know if snakes shed their skin in the spring, but that's what I feel like I'm doing. I am LOVING spending so much more time outside now that the weather is properly warm. I actually feel like a different person - enough to wonder if I don't seriously have some form of SAD.

Non-RR, but exercise related: Went to the bike shop yesterday where my favorite employee helped me pick out some spiffy new cycling shoes. They are silver, same as my bike. I briefly practiced clipping in and out standing still in an inside doorway last night. The motions themselves are not bad, but the idea of being semi-permanently attached to the bike is going to be all at once thrilling and terrifying. Hoping to practice soon, but tonight and tomorrow night are going to have to be garden work nights.

Non RR: I don't think I've posted here that unfortunately I'm not going to get to meet up with the dingos in Indy this weekend. We are going to GA to visit my aunt instead, Sat-Mon. I am so sorry that I'll not get to cheer them on in the race, but I know they'll rock!

DH's grandfather went to the hospital in the middle of the night for chest pains. That's about all I know right now; hopefully I'll hear more soon. He's approaching 90 and he is a pretty tough guy - has remained fiercely independent, mowing his own lawn, etc.

Jen - I wish I knew what to tell you about your kiddos. For me, fear of my parents' reaction was a huge motivator and that was established at a very early point in my educational career. I don't think I would have dreamed of not doing my homework - well, that is, until we moved right before my junior year of HS and it was a huge culture shock for me - but I managed to get over that in a few months. Geo's independent study sounds good and I agree that your DD has the track record. What did your DD have to say about being kicked off the team? Did she take an "I don't care" attitude, or was she upset? Also, please don't beat yourself up about this. You are a concerned, caring, involved parent and you are doing a great job with your kids. Things happen. I have to remind myself with EK that there will be times when I'm disappointed with her, maybe even over something kinda big. Maybe that's weird, but I think it helps me have more realistic expectations. ETA: I just re-read this and it sounds like I am saying your expectations aren't realistic - that's definitely not what I was going for! I mean for me, who was raised by parents who seemed to make no allowance for the possibility that I might ever stray the tiniest bit from the path they had laid out for me - I have to watch my expectations and remind myself that my job is to help EK be who she is, not who I want her to be.

Bec - my fave socks are Belega. I get mine at Fleet Feet; not sure where else they are carried. But I love them! I am a little weird in that I do not like socks that go above my shoes, so I get an ankle-cut style (the X-athlete shown on their website). Switching to these from cotton socks was probably the best running-related purchase I've ever made.

Mandy, get to work on that soap! Seriously, I do want to place an order soon because the mosquitoes will be out before long. I'm assuming the leftover skeeter spray from last year has probably lost its punch?

OK, must work.
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on college slacking - I was like that until about halfway through my 2nd year that I finally got my act in gear. Let's put it this way...from that point on I got straight 4.0's...And I still only graduated with a 3.55..can you imagine what my gpa was *before* getting my act in gear?

I ran this morning with jgmommo - 40 minutes. I pushed the double halfway and she, bless her wonderful soul, pushed it the other half. I could never have gone as far if it weren't for her pushing the 2nd half.

Excellent work mama's on the races!!

Does anyone have some medium fuzzibunz they would like to trade for large? I got some large thinking they would work, but they're too big.
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Welcome, Aurora. And congratulations on starting up running!! I've heard lots of great things about the couch to 5k program.

grnmtnmama ~ I've looked at your website and have a few kinds of soap in mind that I'd like to order. Please let me know when you have more of *that* soap and I'll place an order!!

I ran on the TM this morning (which, I agree what some of you have said about TM being so boring!! Using the TM actually helps me with speed workouts, I can keep track of my speed, time, etc much easier on a TM). Anyway, I ran for 40 minutes while watching the news. I ran at a 9:30 pace while the news was on and a 10 min pace during commercials for 'rest'. It was a good and hard workout for me, which is a good thing as I'm going to a girls' night out at my favorite Mexican restaurant tonight!! Yummy queso and chips!!
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
"cross train"
heh, heh.... didn't take long for an astute dingo to pick up on that one Except, after jooj's post, all I hear in my head is "cross train, heh, heh, heh, heh" in a very Beavis voice. I guess that's payback for "chin up" huh, Wendy?

Originally Posted by Aurora View Post
I just started the Couch to 5K Program yesterday and it didn't kill me. I look forward to running with you all.
welcome, Aurora! Don't feel intimidated by inside jokes (like cross training), the fast pace of some mamas (2bb, kate~mom, jaygee, others?), or anything else about us. We're just so darn friendly and chatty that this thread is addicting! And very motivating for running. I'm running my first half-marathon this spring cus of this group. Stick around.

Originally Posted by doctorjen View Post
His stated goals in life make a 4 yr degree necessary - and he loves college actually, just can't seem to motivate to do well.
Does your ds see the connection between the schooling and the career or work? Can he spend a day with someone doing the kind of work he wants to do? Does he need time in a "real" job to see what life would be like if he doesn't go to school and excel? I'm thinking back to the summer after HS that I worked in a candy factory on an assembly line. It was mind-numbing to say the least. Two other girls from my school worked there also - the one who was not "college bound" prior to that experience quickly realized that she did not want to be a candy factory lifer like some of the women we saw working there.

Originally Posted by doctorjen View Post
Dd is definitely trying out the "bad girl" role this year. Most of her friends are troubled, Goth-y preteens, who are also very bright but don't have a lot of support. She seems to be getting a lot of positive peer reinforcement to think that doing the homework is silly.
Ahhh, peers can be wicked. If it's not the female friends discouraging girls from studying, then it's the perceived lack of attention from boys that will happen if a girl is "smart". So, not only does your poor dd have a teacher who's a nut, she's got her friends telling her it's not cool to do well in school. Wow, I have no advice - somehow this didn't happen to me but it did happen to a friend of mine in 8th grade. She was soooo smart - skipped a grade in school and then put another year ahead in math. She got hooked up with some "bad" kids and decided there was no point in doing algebra homework. Her dad was a VP at the high school and her mom an elementary teacher. I think she just didn't want to be the good girl for a while. Eventually someone got through to her and they worked out a deal where she could make up all the homework, and if she did, she'd get a passing grade. She's a pharmacologist now. Hang in there, Jen. Your kids know you care even with your job. It's obvious from your posts. Middle schools should be outlawed don't ya think?

I meant to also say that CherylAnn looked fab after the marathon - I look worse after running three miles! And, I'm eating a tasty dark chocolate candy bar right now that she sent me as my SS.

Mandy - the check is literally in the mail - don't let anyone else get my soap!
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mmmm, queso and chips....mmmm....

welcome aurora! c to 5K is the best! go you!

eksmom, glad you're getting to see your aunt. I'm assuming there's no sneaking off time again this trip? : not to make it all about me or anything.

ds and I did 3.5 miles this morning...I was sucking wind through it but oh well. I did meet a new running buddy at dd's school and we are going tomorrow! always exciting. Mommab and HBM, I'm on for Friday.

so in the great backpack dilemma, it seems that I totally HATE the framed ones. good to know, right? we tried on two at REI and it just felt bizarre, although I think ds liked them better. Oh well. I am fine with the stroller, it is just so bulky in some situations. Or I guess I could get crafty and make some sort of big kid hybrid MT.....hmmm....it's not the AP aspect, just that I love MT's and my kid won't be in one.

take care mamas, must go maintain sleepy dd. If anybody has any ideas on how to get a 4.5 year old to go back to sleep in the morning, please lmk. : she wakes up when ds gets up to nurse, about 5:45, and then drags all day bc she's so tired. we've tried laying with her, letting her in our bed, nothing has worked.
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Hi Aurora! My birthday is tomorrow too! Looking forward to e-running with you!

If I recall correctly, there are a lot of Taurus mamas here....

I did 3 miles last nite w/ DH and DD, and my goal for this week is to run 4x and make at least 12 miles...

DrJen - I just wanted to respond about your DS in college bc he sounds JUST like my sister, who is only a couple years older. She is wonderful and kind and brilliant but not focused and not able to hold together school, work, or money.... The only thing that has worked for her is when my parents just started letting natural outcomes happen - her GPA dropped = she lost a scholarship = she had to pay the difference etc... The other thing that seemed to help her was that she started meeting professionals in her field and talking more with her professors about what it would take for her actually to pursue her field and it was certainly eye opening for her to hear - you will only get into grad school if you raise your GPA immediately, etc....
ITA agree w/ everything Shatz said (and was going to suggest the same thing but she said it first )

But I think that it is all part of a natural cycle of self exploration, learning boundaries, and experiencing consequences, etc... that go along with being an adult

Kerc - congrats on finishing up the move and good luck finding the jogger!

Eks - will be thinking about you while you visit your aunt this weekend and also thinking about your DHs grandpa

Mommabelle - we need a trip report!
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Subbing. Waiting until I'm off my pity pot to post, and rebelling against running right now in response to pulling out of the half. Sigh. AF is on her way and I bet I'm in a better frame of mind when she's gone.
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: They finally posted our chip times from the race on Saturday and my official time was 27:15 which was faster than I'd thought, and I was 26/129 women and 77/239 overall...
: I just had to see some dancing fruit...
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Great times, Callie!!!!!

DrJen ~ my first year in college was abysmal too. I had a 1.93 GPA at the end of my first year and my parents said they'd stop paying tuition if I didn't get better grades. I worked my fanny off for the next 3 years and squeaked out a 3.04 by graduation. I needed that wakeup call from my Mom and Dad though, to get myself going.

I saw all the times from my race on Saturday and I came in 3rd out of a total of 31 women running the 10K. My pace was 8.52 which for me, is great! The 2nd place finisher was about a minute ahead of me. The first place finisher was a full 10 minutes ahead though !

I rode a fun 15 miles this morning with 3 friends on the hilly country backroads in the next town over. We saw 2 brand new foals at one of the farms we passed . I've been borrowing a road bike from a friend and she offered to sell it to me! So soon I'll be the proud owner of a Giant OCR1 women's frame bike, complete with aero bars (which I'm scared to use !) I love cycling, so I'm very excited to finally have a road bike to call my own. My next race is actually a bike race in June . Once the bike is mine officially, I need to get some cycling shoes.
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