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Dingos - it's May - come tiptoe (or run, walk, or wog) through the tulips with us - Page 77

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wendy - check out these links:
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plady! oh my! that must have really sucked...this stuff is miserable, just on my hands and arms!

geo- hope you figure that one out soon.

patti - welcome home! glad you had a nice time

grnmtn: the fast food words wouldn't mean anything around here because we don't have any Pizza Huts, McDonalds or any of those.
aahhh vermont.

hey - does anyone know if it is time to start stalking sally_z??
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Thanks for the links, Amara. I fit a smattering of the symptoms, but honestly, none that intensely. I do have to get stress levels under control.
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Originally Posted by HomeBirthMommy View Post
We're just back from the doctor. Lydia has excema (sp?) and possibly psoriasis (again sp?). She's supposed to cut out wheat for two weeks. Anyone wheat free and want to help me out? Recipes? Dh's bday is coming up and she's going to want cake!
What about an ice cream cake?

Originally Posted by schatz View Post
So what are you going to give your dd for breakfast? I hate to think of eliminating wheat considering my dd eats PB on whole wheat almost every day for breakfast : But, she doesn't consume much dairy so I doubt it's that.
We cut wheat out for dd for a few weeks and I fed her oatmeal for breakfast and gluten free pancakes (different grain flours), yogurt...

Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
Also saw a fisher on the septic mound this morning. A little freaked for my chickens. I wonder whether he'd be the type to go on a killing spree, or if he'd just grab one and run. Either way, I am not happy, and I am hoping the peafowl have some intimidation in them.

Day 3 of Good Food Choices. I feel really good.
What's a fisher? And nice work on good food choices.

Originally Posted by poppywise View Post
hey - does anyone know if it is time to start stalking sally_z??

Wooo Hooo to me...I did W2d1 and it felt awesome. I think I've discovered something...I have the capability of doing much more, but when I do I lose all motivation. I think I have to build up to it a little slower. Technically I should still be on week one. But, I've decided to just do three workouts in a row and if I feel able move on to the next week.
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Originally Posted by babybugmama View Post
What's a fisher?
I totally wondered the same thing.

Whew. Feels like a long day today. I used the excuse of suddenly just *having* to do laundry to get out of the house (and to ping the contractor when I called to say "I won't be at home today... can't do laundry here [hint, hint], and it's got to get done."). So Neves and I went to my parents and I did laundry, she played (found the drawer with food coloring in it and now has some lovely blue stains here & there), she yelled at me for trying to have her take a nap (the audacity, I know), then we took my Mom a latte at her school before we drove home.

Master's Swim tonight! I always feel like I'm writing about something Church-y when I write that, because in high school I was part of a choir at church called "Master's Touch." Anyway, hopefully I won't pis$$ off Norma (the older lady) at swimming tonight. Or, if I do, I won't care. It is so freakishly crowded, though, that I am a bit tempted to just join the Y for the summer to be able to swim mid-day. Why, oh WHY WHY WHY can't Spokane have a decent Aquatics center? With, like, a 50-meter pool with more than 4 lanes??? I hope before Nevie is too much older that one is built. I want my girl to swim.

Am so rambling and I am crap for personals today. Although I can include that the fast-food restaurant song is used at the beginning of "Super-Size Me" to illustrate how ingrained all those chains are into our culture. I can't remember what it was used in contrast to -- I think asking kids the names of presidents or states or something.
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A fisher's like a big, heavy weasel.

I saw "Supersize Me," but can't for the life of me remember that song. Glad, too.
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I took it easy today but I am still super tired. I bought a new homeopathic remedy that is supposed to help with insomnia to see if I can stay asleep all night. I was taking an herbal remedy that helped a lot but now I can't find it anywhere. I was hoping that taking it for a good stretch would break my "habit" of poor sleep but alas, no. I hope this stuff works.

The kids and I went down to the beach to play after supper - it was foggy but beautiful. The girls wore their bathing suits but it is still too cold for swimming - they had to discover that for themselves ds and I had a wonderful conversation while they were playing on the rocks - I love this age with him, growing up so much and really becoming his own person and still such a little boy in lots of ways too.

dh is away again - the next few days will be busy ones for me and then I go away for a few days of lots of learning and no cooking or cleaning. I LIKE that combination!
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That is interesting - as I sit here, online, typing at MDC, it says I am not actually here online.

I wonder where I am?????
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Shanti - looks like you're here to my eyes...

Wendy - i was having trouble breathing too, during my last anxiety attack (which lasted a really long time). my treatment from that last homeopath appt seems to be kicking in and although circumstances haven't changed much, i'm not as freaked out and am breathing okay and not getting eczema all over the place. this is the first AF cycle in a few months that i haven't plumbed the depths of depression and rage. i feel normal.
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Originally Posted by Shantimama View Post
That is interesting - as I sit here, online, typing at MDC, it says I am not actually here online.

I wonder where I am?????
Truly, that is the profound philosophical question of life.

Swimming was way less crowded tonight. Norma was there and refused to make eye contact or engage me in conversation. Say it with me, y'awl: "She can bite me, 'cause I had fun!"

Dan is upstairs putting the finishing touches on "Nevie Go To Sleep". I am going to stay down here and have a glass of wine. It will probably knock my a$$ out.
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Actually running to report here, just 1.5 miles (it was one of those time when any run is better than no run ) around the neighborhood real quick w/ DD in the stroller....

.... and I got my rec center pass today - it is only $50 for faculty and staff for the semester and I'm going to check out the treadmills tomorrow... this is kind of embarrassing, but I haven't been on a treadmill in, oh, over 5 years. I hope I don't fall off or break anything

Wendy - did you run?? hope this whole breathing thing clears up SOON!

WTG everyone on your runs, bikes, and swims today!!

Poppy - hope the poison ivy clears up soon!
and Plady - I am wincing just thinking about your encounter - yikes!
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wawoof ~ Thank you!! I got the package today. I didn't know it was going to be the whole kit. That rocks. I paypaled you.
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Thread Starter 
it's June 1 ..... I seem to be first on-line this morning but I started the new thread last month .... anyone? ..... anyone?

Thought about running this morning but ds had other ideas so I didn't get up early enough - I wasn't super motivated to go anyway. Tomorrow should be better.

My cousin had her baby yesterday. From the brief report I got third-hand, it sounds like it went well and fast. I suspect they broke her water - she was 5 cm, a little crampy and her BP had been slightly up for a few days (she was full pre-e with her dd). I'm hoping her new little ds is latching on well - her dd did not and that combined with the effects of mag sulfate and a day of bottles prior to discharge for too much weight loss led to my cousin pumping for seven months before she gave up - her dd never did nurse. This is baby #1 of the 5 babies I know irl who are due this summer.

Oo, oo, oo, I knew what a fisher was - do I get an A? Maybe it's a WI thing?

Woo hoo CherylAnn on - Hey and I just noticed that JenLove is over 1000 too - did we miss that somehow?

Geo - I hope you can find some answers for your breathing troubles - at least the docs didn't write you a bunch of useless scripts and pat you on the head.

And I forgot to welcome Patty back the other day - sounds like your trip was fab! I'm as green as the Irish hills with envy! Can we see pics?
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White Rabbits Before Breakfast y'all

So do any of you say that for good luck on the first day of the month? I always have but I don't think I've ever met anyone else who does, don't know where my mom came up with it.

Eks - I would be really annoyed if dd came home from school singing that song. It's one thing to learn it at camp where you go to learn obnoxious stuff but school? I'd totally be fussing. Using music to teach things (like the names of states, presidents, countries etc, is great. Using it to embed into kids brains names of places that they don't need but will mysteriously be attracted to ever after is sick. :

Geo - I hope you can figure out the breathing thing. I vote for anxiety too. The door business could have been the final straw.

Okay, I'm going to make way for someone who is actually running to start the June thread!
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Kristin's Officially Announced Goal for the Month of June:

run the Midnight Sun Race she missed last year due to an unscheduled trip to see sister in Detroit. 5km I believe.

editing to add:
My new nanny/sitter freaking ROCKS! As in totally, without a doubt is a good fit for my family. Too bad she's returning to school at UW Madison in the fall (Schatz, ND -- I'd pass along her name/number in a heartbeat).
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