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Today I feel a lot of pain from my waist to the soles of my feet, the way I would when I would be getting AF. Also have a HUGE headache. But I also have a lot of boob pain, which I don't normally get when AF comes, so I am hoping this babe is sticky....and I had the 4:45 a.m. wake up for 2 hrs....so here's hoping these hormones are doing the right thing.....
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Popping in again from December.

I'm still more or less symptomless - tender nipples and the odd cramp.. that's it...
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I guess I'm in the "early risers" club too! I have been up from about 3-5 am for the past few mornings. Not that I am restless, just not sleeping. I am practicing meditation while in bed, so I am resting.

Still feeling OK. Some queeziness from time to time, and today I am starving. I guess I will eat while I can stomach it.
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Today I dont feel pregnant at all. Very little HB this am, didnt have that empty nauseous feeling when I woke up, and I really havent been that hungry. I keep getting nerous that something is wrong. I do feel bloated, but maybe I am just fat!
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It is so funny how many of us are in the "early risers" club.. yet I've never read about it as a symptom.

The last couple days have been a little better. 7 am yesterday and I slept in till 8 today! woohoo!

My bbs have taken sore to a whole nother level, and Im starting to get lotsa veins, especially near and on the nipples. No sickness yet, knock on wood.
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Originally Posted by Emese'sMom View Post
I hear you leafwood, I am in the same boat as you. I'M SO GLAD I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE!

I also gained 52 lbs with dd#1 and still have 15 lbs to lose from that PG...so I'm starting this one overweight (gulp!). I have never been overweight in my whole life, expect because of PG and postpartum. I remember feeling so tired and having my feet literally HURT because of the extra weight. Anybody else feel like that too? Am trying to exercise now and keep active (hahaha = EXHAUSTION) and watch my eating. Sigh! Good luck to us both!
I gained 60 pounds with my first child, and it was terrible. Do not want to do that again. I lost most of it after DS, but put about 10 to 15 pounds on when pregnant with child i misscarried. It has not gone away, so I'm a little upset.
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The Breasts are still pretty sore (when does that settle down anyway?), still having the occasional bout of extreme crankiness and I'm bloated but the nausea seems to be not so bad the past couple of days. Rather than feeling grateful about this I am of course worrying that it's a bad sign.
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Linea Negra!

I have a line on my lower tummy. How weird!

I didnt realize that could happen this early.
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WishingNHoping, your post inspired me to check, and I do have a shadow of a line on my belly (and I have a belly).

Really, I swear I'm in the first trimester. What the hell?
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So far I have the super-sore boobs, queasiness and heartburn, ravenous hunger in the morning, occasional headaches, and a general disinterest in food. I've also put on about 8 lbs. in water weight (I know it can't be from food b/c I can barely bring myself to choke meals down!).

Oh, and I've been having CRAZY dreams! Nightmares, baby-related dreams, ones about people I haven't seen in years...very weird.
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Right now I feel so sick! hot and cold and just ucky. No fever or anything just sick to my stomach really tired and UGH!!
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