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When are you due? Are you full term yet? I can not remember!

Either way, I have dreampt TWO NIGHTS in a row that I woke up and found that you had given birth the day before. I don't think I have special dream powers or anything, so it likel means nothing but having had this dream now twice, I thought I should tell you! Perhaps you'll have a full moon baby
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Oh this is so cool that you have dreamt of me and babe! She's not here yet, but boy the practice labor is definately convincing and I feel there will be a strong pull from the moon too- so we'll see! I have been having dreams of bloody show that are so real, I think it's actually happening... My husband took a pic of me during the last big practice labor spell the other night and when I saw it I felt like it really captures how "between the worlds" I feel right now:


Thanks for dreamin/thinking of me :
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