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I am checking in - we just found out a few days ago.

We are totally shocked and it is still sinking in - we weren't trying but were planning to start trying in a few months - just didn't want to have a due date so close to the holidays - oops

I have a 22 month old ds. I also had a blighted ovum before him so am quite nervous and cautious as well. We aren't telling anyone until the second trimester.

We breastfeed (in fact, I am a bit nervous about how all this will affect ds), cosleep (again, nervous about how this will affect ds), cloth diaper, no circ, delay vax, umm, I think that is about it.

Congrats to all and am really looking forward to getting to know everyone and sharing this experience with you.
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Hi all! I think I'm aiming for Jan - my cycles were irregular, so by LMP I'm nearly seven weeks but by yesterday's blood test I'm barely 4 weeks. I started feeling pregnant just last week.
I'm 29, this is my first pregnancy, and I'm the first of my close friends and nearby family to embark on this journey. This next year is going to be so very exciting! I have an enthusiastic and loving support group of husband, parents, brother and his fiancee, which helps - but I need tips and stories from other currently pregnant women!

I'm signing up for hypnobirthing classes and very keen to breastfeed. I hope to use an Arms Reach-type attachment to try co-sleeping. I am totally excited to babywear (I started practicing with scarves and a bag of sugar ). I am also hoping to learn more about elimination communication - I met a mother of a 7 month old who made it seem very reasonable. The baby wore diapers in public, but didn't seem to soil them very often. I won't circumcise if I have a boy. In fact, I'm exploring refusing to participate in circumcision of babies - I am also a second-year medical student. I'll be rotating through obstetrics in October, which should be a laugh and a half. It'll be a very busy pregnancy. I am blessed to be able to strategically choose a nice long maternity leave - I'm planning for 6 months. After that, my husband will be the primary parent for a few years (I'm envious) (but I love med school - sigh).

So far, I have enormous, tender boobs and occasional ambivalence about food (normally I'm a huge chowhound). I am so excited about being pregnant! Thank you all for being out there and eager to share!
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Hi, all and congratulations!

I'm Karen, 32, due with #1 (first pregnancy) on New Year's Eve. I figured I had better introduce myself here and in the December DDC as I have no clue if I'll go early or late. I've been married for six years, have two kitty-babies, and am thrilled to be expecting this baby! We've been waiting for many years for DH to finish grad school so that we could start a family. I am just hoping and praying this baby stays with us.

Health and happiness to you all!
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Originally Posted by ceay05 View Post
We circ

Please read this: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...splay.php?f=44

As much as you can.
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Wobit, I think we will really get along great here. I too am 29, on my first pregnancy and interested in each and every concept of parenting that you are, right down to EC.

Not that I don't think I'll get along with all of you ladies! It was just funny reading Wobit's post, it was as though I wrote it (well most of it, haha).
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Hello ladies.

I'm Emily, I'm 24 and preggo again... 4th time. Like most of you I had an early miscarriage. I lost my first at 9 weeks... um I think it's been three years now, and I've got two busy baby girls. Kathryn will be two the end of this month, and Danielle will be one the end of this month. I LOVE my kids close together. #1 and #2 are 12 months and one day apart. #2 and #3 will be about 19 months apart. I'm a SAHM and DH is currently working part time and finishing his undergrad. He'll finally be done in mid-June and we're planning on moving in with my parents in Oregon the last week of June.

We do all those natural parenting things: We cloth-diaper, don't vax, won't circ, babywear, breastfeed, co-sleep, gentle discipline, etc. I'm actually a bit nervous about the breastfeeding right now. I got pregnant with #2 before I became crunchy and had been scheduling feedings with #1. This caused major supply issues and major weight loss by DD#1. So we had to switch to formula when DD#1 was 5 months. This time around we're doing feeding-on-demand and DD#2 shows no signs of giving it up, even if I don't have any milk. Thankfully she's old enough that we can just supplement with solid foods... and thankfully she LOVES to eat.

We had both girls in the hospital but both drug-free. We did HypnoBirthing with #1 and HypnoBabies with #2. I prefered the HypnoBabies and will be using that again with #3. We'd been leaning towards a homebirth for this little one, but it looks like we'll be living with my parents when the baby comes and I'm not sure how my body will react laboring at my mothers house. So, we'll be debating the next eight months between a homebirth and a birth center birth... but I won't go back to a hospital.

If you haven't noticed by now, I love to talk and type... I look forward to spending the next eight months going through this journey with you ladies.


PS. I calculated my "Guess date" as January 2, 2008, but I'm pretty convinced that with my luck I'll have a Christmas baby. #2 decided to come 2 1/2 weeks early... the night before my sister's wedding, and I didn't get to go to the wedding.
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Hi everyone!
My name is Rachel....I live in Leipzig, Germany but I'm from Austin, Texas.
I just found out a few days ago. I have a 26 month old daughter, Bella Nixe.
I am also looking forward to hearing about everyone's experiences in the months to come.
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Got my this morning. Twice actually. : Looks like it's probably a mid Jan baby. I wasn't charting because it was my first month off bc and I thought I'd have a bit of 'wind up' time to really get into all the ttc stuff. I've 'felt pregnant' since around the 25th or so... nausea, sore breasts and now the raging crankiness is starting.

My husband and I have two girls already who are thrilled about having a new brother or sister (they want a sister) and a fluffy cat named Kiki who doesn't seem to care one way or the other.

I'm looking forward to participating!
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I'm Jen, age 30. I am hoping to have my second child but this will actually be my 8th pregnancy.
I have a daughter who will turn 4 this summer and she is the light of our lives.
After 3 years of fertility treatment, multiple miscarriages, etc. I am hoping to stick around here.
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Well, I am terrified, but I'm here!!

I'm Tashauna. I'm 23. DH Will and I have been married for 18mos and now expecting baby #1!!!! I've never been pregnant before, so I'm very nervous! But, excited too!

Due 1/11/08, but I just have this feeling I'll go early! I really can't explaing why b/c I was 4 weeks late and DH's first child was 3 days late....but, I just think I'll go around New Years!!

I am excited to get to know everyone here!

We will bf, cd, babywear, cosleep....I would LOVE to homebirth, but DH won't go for it, so i guess I have to compromise on that one!
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Hello.. I'm Alex, 29.. this is our first pregnancy. We just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary and have been together for 6 years. The Guess date is 1/6/08.

Although I know that every child is different, so my plans aren't set in stone, I would like to:

Have Natural Childbirth with the use of Hypnobabies (would also love a Leboyer bath)
Skip Ultrasounds and the AFP and Triple Screen
BF (Extended weaning)
Cloth Diaper
Delayed Selective Vax
No Circ
Co-sleep with a sidecar
Baby wear (I love the moby wrap)
Practice Attachment Parenting and Gentle Discipline

Congrats to all of us! Here's to a happy and healthy 266 days (give or take a few)
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Hi everyone!!

We are expecting baby # 7! EDD is January 12th 2008! Excited to be here and praying for a sweet healthy baby! :-)
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Well, I'll jump in! Just took a test on Saturday night, and sure enough it was positive!

I'll be 30 when this one is born (probably---the due date is about 1.5 weeks after my own birthday), and already have a 25-month-old son at home.

I was hoping to have them a little closer to three years apart, but mostly because of season. I just LOVED having my son in March, when everything was in bloom, the days were getting much longer, and we could get outside a lot. This one will be early January, so much darker outside. Should be a bit different!

This was planned, but I think I forgot to check the calendar---turns out we thought we really had another month before things would really happen, but turns out I ovulated the day after we threw caution to the wind. Oops!

Dh is SUPER excited, and I'm still letting it sink in. I haven't told anyone else IRL yet (unless of course Gretchen or Lydia is reading this----surprise!)
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KingsDaughter76 -- wow! BB#7!!!! How do you do it?
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Hi everyone! Mind if I join? I just took my test about an hour ago and was stunned to see a so quickly!

I'm Allison, I'm 28 and this is our 3rd baby. DH and I have been married for 6 years and have two little boys ages 4 yrs and 23 months. DH also has a 14-year-old daughter from his first marriage. I just managed to talk him into #3 a couple of weeks ago, and we weren't planning on TTC "officially" this month, but our anniversary date-night happened and well, here we are!

My first two boys were hospital, epidural births. I'm planning my first HB (and also first non-medicated birth - this will be a big step for me!) This will definitely, absolutely be our last baby and I am hoping for pink this time!

This is my first DDC experience on MDC! I was part of SheKnows when pregnant with DS#2, and we later sectioned off to a private board and still keep in touch daily. I'm hoping to meet some great new friends here!
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Hi Ladies I'm Sarah Lynne. I'm a 20 yo SAHW to Michael and SAHM to Austin (1yo) I'm 5 wks along with baby #2 and though DH and I are having some ups and downs, I know we can get through it. We're both very excited for the new baby to be
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We got our + yesterday while camping!
After 10 months of trying, we thought it'd never happen. Now it's so surreal. I remember not believing it last time, either.

Our due date is sometime mid january - I will calculate it once I get home - have the date of my LMP written down there!

I don't know how much I'll be able to keep up on individuals' stories, but expect to spend some significant time on this board!

See you around.

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Finally get to join a birth club! I'm Dani, mom to CJ who was born in Nov. 2004. I was very uneducated on "worse case scenario" when I had him and wound up with a c-section. I'm trying to find a provider who will allow a VBAC but it's next to impossible in my state (Rhode Island) unless you are willing to go to the "baby mill" in Providence. I have a close friend who is an acupuncturist who's specialty is fertility, but unfortunately she is moving across the country just before my due date.

I found out the hard way that breastfeeding, delay-vaxing, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, no circ'ng, babywearing are the way to go. I fell into all of them by accident. Unfortunately I didn't know a thing about circ'ng until it was too late. But I don't plan on making that mistake again. At any rate, this 2nd child has had his/her way paved for them and I plan on going through this next pregnancy with my eyes wide open.

Looking forward to meeting with everyone...

oh and I'm not sure my exact due date. I'm thinking maybe the 2nd week of Jan.
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Hi I'm 28, married with 2 LO's. I am now preggers for #3 due 1/17/08!! This was our second cycle of trying. I have a history of two natural deliveries (in hospital) for each of my 10 lb babies and plan to do the same with this one. I BF until my babies self wean, plan to CD, delay vax, cosleep and babywear. I'm a nurse so I don't necessarily "fit the bill" LOL.
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guess i'm the old mommy here. i'm 35. pg with baby #3. baby #1 (on earth) took over 10 years of i/f tx and many heartbreaking losses (4 pg - 2 singletons, 2 sets of twins). apparently whatever was broken is good and fixed now, lol. . . . we weren't trying - just thinking about trying in a few months AFTER we had a bigger car and had the backyard fenced in, etc. . ..

days like today i gotta admit, i think i'm way too old for this!

oh yeah, we're semi crunchy. my boys were circ'd (after much discussion we felt this was best decision at the time as all male members in my family have cancers in penis/prostate/testicles/etc and there is a slight decreased risk of those cancers with circ'ing.) we haven't decided what we'll do this time around.

first son is fully vax'd. second son has first of a few of the vax's and then i stopped - but i only 'started' him at 9 months of age. the ped is not thrilled with me, but she's adapting, although she's really insisting we get the tetanus vaccine - because my second son has had many serious injuries and stitches already - he's a very exuberant child who adores climbing and jumping. that pretty much explains it all. . . .sigh. . ..

also i've had 2 c/s's. we're doing homebirth this time around. it's safest for us. i'm buying a tub soon. this tub: http://www.yourwaterbirth.com/labassine.shtml

oh and my second labor was 43 HARD hours, then 2 hours of dedicated pushing. in all that time i had nothing but a few ice chips. i was worn out. they (hosp) wouldn't allow me to have anything else. i should have said 'screw it all' and drank some juice anyway. i was just out of oomph. . . .

the 'old' lady on this board. . ..
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