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Hello, I'm Danielle, 33 years old. This is my second pregnancy - I have 27 month old girl named Mabel and two gorgeous black labs! I think I'm due around Jan 22! I can't wait! I'm a high school teacher - who wishes dearly that she could stay at home!
Good luck everyone!
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I got a positive yesterday at 10dpo.

(I live in the Happy Valley too!)
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Hi, I'm Jessica. I just got my BFP yesterday evening!!!! I'm so excited. We've been ttc for 9 months now.....and my EDD is Jan.26 '08 (hubby's b-day!). I'm 25, and this is pregnancy #4 for me, DD#1 will be almost 7 when baby comes, DD#2 will have just turned 6 (yup, they are only 10.5 months apart and born in the same year!)....And DD#3, my angel, will be watching over us.
I'm looking forward to talking to everyone over the next 9 months....... I still can't believe I'm joining a DDC, this is soooo exciting!!!
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Danielle, Jessica and LynnE73,

Yay for more BFPs!!!!!
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im here! i finally tested yesterday after being 10 days late..
im 26 years old and "momma" to a 4 year old boy and 18 month old girl.
my EDD is january 6th or thereabouts
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So I guess I really am here! Tested this morning and had a light line, but I guess it's a line! This was our first month offically being able to try- I've got PCOS and haven't ovulated in years, this was our first month on Clomid and it worked!!! What a wonky day, it's so crazy to want something for so long and then to suddenly have it be true. What a fun 30th b-day present for hubby. I'm 28 and this will be our first. I'm thrilled beyond belief to be here with you ladies, my EDD would be end of January ish.
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I'm 7 weeks PG with #3. Due 1/4/08.

This one is about 2-3 YEARS earlier than we planned, but I guess I'd rather have a baby on God's calendar than my own. I'm finally settling into the idea of being pregnant.

I'm WOHM now, but in January, it looks like I'll become SAHM. My job just won't make since anymore with 3 children under 4.

Alex was a hospital birth because of complications, but it was 100% natural. Cor was a homebirth, and assuming all is well, #3 will be a home birth as well. I love my midwife!!!

We will most likely co-sleep for my own sanity (the girls are in their own rooms/beds now). We CD and BF. Cori self-weaned at 13 months and I took that opportunity to wean Alex. I'm looking forward to breatfeeding only one baby! It is very likely that this is our last, and Todd will get the snip-snip soon after baby is born.

Nice to meet you!
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Officially due 1/7/08 but mine are always late, so I think I'm gonna fib a little on the LMP date so I don't have to sweat pressure about a C at 37-38 weeks.

This is our fourth pregnancy; DS 7/03, DD 4/05, our born 9/06 at just 15wks gest. I've decided that worrying won't do me any good, but I'm trying extra hard to be grateful for the icky morning sickness this time and not take my pregnancy for granted.

I'm resigned to a scheduled C, as much as I HATE them, b/c we've moved and are 2 hours from the nearest acceptable hospital (which also means 2 hrs from fast food, too! ). With 2 prior C's I'm just not game for the risks being so far away
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I'm here.... baby #4! All girls so far.... I wonder if my husband owns any boy spermies
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as of today it is official! im excited and super freaked out at the same time. im a 23 year old grad student (public administration) and mother to a gorgeous 2 year old son. i have suddenly become extremely paranoid and i'm hoping for an uneventful next 9 months.
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Welcome and congrats to all of ya! :
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I'm Carrie, we were not trying to conceive but sometimes these little surprises come anyways We already have two wonderful kids one born peacefully at home & one born at a bad hospital experience. I've already contacted my homebirth midwife and we are hoping for another homebirth
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I just found out today @ 9dpo.. I got bored and peed on a stick.. wasn't expecting to see faint lines.. this is #4 for me and #2 for DH. My first I gave up for adoption and we still keep in contact. I am due Jan 30th.. but hoping this one makes an appearance Jan 24.. that was my gma's bday and if it is a girl we are naming her after her. if it is a boy then it would be after my gpa. They both passed within the last year and 1/2 but I know they are watching over me.
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Yay! There are so many of us here! Welcome! Congratulations!
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Hey Beautiful Mamas! I'm here, too! Ds 1 is 2 years old (and I strongly believe I'm having another ds). Looking forward to getting to know you all and excited to share this journey with you!
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I'm here too, due around the 26th. I am totally paying attention to the due date since DD was born on hers!
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I just turned 24. This is my fourth pregnancy, will be third child (m/c first). It was an oops, pulling out works as long as you then don't do reentry! Dh is : right now, I've "known" I was pg for awhile now but didn't get a bfp until today, six days after af should have come at the latest (lesson learned, cheap dollar tests do not work for me). I'm somewhat happy about this pg, it will be my last and I refuse to be sad about it. Dh on the other hand is deep in denial, he thinks the tests are wrong (bought a two pack, took both). But I know my body and I know that they aren't wrong, I am pg. He'll come around once the baby is born and he grows to love it.

I'd hoped for an oops in the past few months but not really, you know? Kind of like a fun thought but something that wasn't at all practical and something I was trying to avoid. He'll likely get a vasectomy after this.

But I am happy to finally be completing my family! I'd always felt like someone was missing and I'm hoping this will alleviate that for me And I'm sure I'll warm to the idea of it happening before planned too
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Originally Posted by muttix2 View Post
I'd hoped for an oops in the past few months but not really, you know? Kind of like a fun thought but something that wasn't at all practical and something I was trying to avoid.
I am totally with you here. I have been thinking about wanting to get pregnant again for several months, and also thinking about how it wasn't practical. I super excited, but i think that we are going to keep this one a secret for as long as possible because it does seem so impractical.
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