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Glad you got it out okay. Yikes! Why couldn't that dr get it out?!

I got mine out this morning. My doctor really upset me by telling me that gaining 25 pounds in just a couple months didn't have a THING to do with the mirena it was because I was eating poorly : She said it is impossible to have side effects from mirena because the progestin dose is so small. WHATEVER. It's out! :
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WOW! You really had your dh do it and it was EASY. I am well shocked. I have a mirena and I have to say I always worry what if it come time to have the damn thing out and there is no one to do it (like apocalypse or some thing) Ok I realise its a bit fantastic but I am a what ifer. It never occered to me that it could be so easy to remove!
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okay its out what next

i had my iud removed in april of 2009 know what they really didn't tell me much like if the bleeding i'm having 2 days later is my period or from the removal and what id the milky white mucous that was on us after sex and how long will it be before i will ovulate and be able to get pregnant !! okay sorry so many questions now i haven't had a period for 5years so are my chances good fro baby#3 or not? i nevrer really tried with the other two kiddo's it was just like one day hay were did it!! : now if fill like walmart and dollar store, dollar tree and groc. store know me by name and are just as sick of me as i'm an of testing: so what can i do to help me along i keep telling my-self that i'm just testing to early but how early can you test i have read all kinds of stuff that say i should be able to get pregnant right away so am i just the un lucky ones please someone help me??
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I've had my IUD for 5yrs, it was due to come out in Sept. I made an appointment to get it removed. Last night my boyfriend an I decided to google and see what to expect. After reading several sights we came to the conclusion that if the strings were long and and could be reached the Dr. just pulls slowly. So after some giggling and my boyfriend begging "please, please I hate those strings I've been dieing to pull them for a year now" I finally gave in and told him he could, but if I felt any pain he had to stop. So after some more giggling an about 5min. of amazing fore play, he was cracking up and dangling it over my chest. I didn't feel anything but good! I still plan to keep my appointment, get my yearly, an have it all checked.


I have to agree the choice to remove it was easy. The decision to have a baby is another story. My boyfriend is 47 an has never had children. I have a daughter who is graduating next month an heading off to college, an a son who is 9. I'm 38 and have always said no babies after 40. So my boyfriend an I both are feeling the clock tick like its now or never, we have to make a decision soon. We have been dating for two years and have a wonderful relationship, but we both have two failed marriages under our belt and are scared to death to do the paper work again. He is my best friend and I know he would be a amazing father! I know it would be ideal to wait a good 5 yrs to completely heal from our past relationships, but frankly I don't have that long!  We are considering TTC and if things continue to be as wonderful as they are now, after a pregnancy and sleepless nights, do the paper work then. On the other hand, if we decide its not working, then go on being best friends, raise the little bundle of joy together, just from different houses like I have with my older children.


Again, so glad it is out and looking forward to my body doing what its suppose to naturally, without chemicals and side effects! However, I am very unsure what to do now. I have decided, after reading how soon some of you conceived, to go today buy some condoms, and take a few months an think about it. If any of you ladies have any insight or similar situations, I would love to here your thoughts. 



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I had no pain to cramping and no bleeding.  Next AF came on schedule... I am 4 days late this time around but no t pregnant (already POAS).  I took 600 ibprofen before the removal and it was so easy!

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Hi, I had the same experience with my doctor. I put on 10 pounds in 5months and had the worse lower back pain. I have never suffered from lower back pain before. I also had weird rashes on my neck and hands. She said none of this was from the IUD. Funny, it has all stopped now that I got it taken out. I started to spot 2 days after removal and spotted for 4 days. Then it stopped and now I am bleeding again. irked.gif I will be glad when my body gets back on track again.



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In spite of the endometrial suppression during use of LNG-IUD, there is no delay of return to fertility and in both groups 96% of the pregnancies occurred during the first year after removal of the device. Eighty-four % of the pregnancies in the Nova-T group and eighty-six % in the LNG-IUD group ended in live births. The results suggest that the endometrium recovers quickly, normal ovulations are established and the fertility seems to be unaffected after use of an LNG-IUD.



Although Mirena does not inhibit ovulation in most of women but the possible suppression of estrogen receptors may render the estrogen to be of no use, particularly that LNG is known to have much stronger antiestrogenic activity than the other progestagens (23). Wahab and Al-Azzawi (27) reported that Mirena induces a clinical situation similar to premature menopause in at least 50% of treated women. The prolonged estrogen deprivation will have a profound negative effect on a woman’s sex drive.



Your estrogen being in flux could be the reason why you haven't been bleeding. If you have no estrogen to proliferate your endometrium then you will not bleed when the endometrium is supposed to be sloughed off for a period.


I would give it at least 3 - 6 months for your estrogen to bounce back. Good luck!

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Well I was excited to find out how everyone had felt after having the IUD removed. I have had one in for just over a year now. Right now I am struggling with the decision of having another child. I was married for 15 years, had three boys my youngest is almost 14. But I have been in a committed relationship now for 3 years to a man I love so so much, he also has three kids, his youngest being 9. I always wanted more kids, one more actually. And when we first started dating my BF said it was something we would talk about someday. But lately every time I bring it up he says we are to old. I am older yes. I am 38 but I'm not OLD. So I am going to have a talk with him this weekend. I am going to see how he really feels about another child. But I am only going to give it 6 months. I am going to ask him to let me have it removed leave it out for 6 months, if it happens that I get pregnant great for me, if not then I will have it put back in and never mention it again. lol I hope this works. 

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. 



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Ok so I had mine removed on Tuesday I started spotting now I have what seems to be a full period... I had very lite periods before this and never really had any cramps I've been cramping all week-(end) and now I have little clots.  Sorry to be gross but I'm kind of worried I read a few where they said they felt nothing during the removal I felt like my Doc yanked a piece of me out.  Yeah it only took a few seconds but I feel everything that goes on in my body.... Is this Normal what I'm feeling now the  Pink Bleeding and mild cramps, clots it hasn't been a week since my removal,  Thinking about going back to to doctor to make sure he didn't harm me! 

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I say bring it up again if you really want it and he doesn't think about your relationship and what you both want!... both of you have to sacrifice... Or move on to the next your clock is ticking!!! 

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Thank you so much for asking this question. I'm in a similar situation (getting mine out this summer) and it's so great to see discussions like this! It hurt a lot when it went in, so I was concerned it would hurt going back out again. You ladies have made me feel way better!

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I am getting out taken out tomorrow. My husband and will be going over seas once he finishes up his current duty at offutt afb. That is partially why I am getting it out now instead of waiting till we are overseas.

Any other advice for someone getting an iud removed but not ready to get pregnant just yet..
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I had the merena in for two yrs. I had bad migranes, back pain, pain in my legd & feet to where i couldnt barely walk,bad acne & my hair fell out so much i have bald spots. I couldnt even function to take care of my children. I had all kinds of test from ekg to ct scans nothing came up. I realized it had to be my iud. I told my doctor & he said the iud doesnt do that. I insisted he remove it. When he did it was painless. It has been two weeks & all my symptoms are gone. The only thing is i had just got over my cycle the day before & the day.after i started it again & it had not stopped
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