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How SILLY do you around your child?

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I mean...
I get reeeally silly...
I babble, I dance, I sing crazily, I tumble around on the floor...JUST TO MAKE HER LAUGH!
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Totally silly!

Dh and I were silly before we had DS and now, we we're just going with that! Indeed, we are ourselves and more! We sing silly songs in the car, dance around like maniacs in front of our big living room window, pretty much well, often.

Behold the silliness!

P.S. As DS gets older, he has developed his own sense of silliness--bettering and one upping ours to the umpteenth degree. It's grand!
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We're exactly the same way!!! If something makes DD laugh, we do it over and over and over, getting sillier each time. It's wonderful!!!!
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Everything around here is silly. What fun would life be without the silliness??


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I just KNOW my Dh is going to be a silly fool for our baby! He'll be a silly fool to make ME laugh, so I'm darn sure he's going to do it for Orion as well
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i get sooooooo silly w/dd!!! i am basically just a walking goofball! i think having a child has brought out every silly part of my being!ild
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What a timely thread!
I just came in from twirling batons with my 9 yr old dd. She had an old Halloween costume on and I was wearing a one piece number that my dad used to wear in the 70s. We were twirling to NSync in the front yard for all the passers by.
Typical behavior at our house. I hope my kids grow up without a fear of being silly! (I think it is working!)
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I honestly think that part of me is still 6 years old
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Dh, DD, and I are all TOTAL goofballs. I have no sense of decorum whatsoever when I am with my own family.

I always wonder about families where there is no silliness...seems sad to me!
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Yep, total nut jobs here to!ild ag
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More sillies here! We were silly before we had dd, and we always knew that having children would make us even sillier. Isn't it fun?!
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