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MAY Decluttering Challenge (gearing up for summer!)

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Welcome to the MAY decluttering challenge!!
If you participated in last month's challenge, feel free to share your accomplishments & what you'd like to do differently this month, if anything.
Post your goal- whether it is number of items gone, number of bags, rooms, whatever works for you

Are there items that haven't been used in a long time, are just taking up too much space, or have been outgrown? Time to get those outta there!
Be sure to post your progress as you work towards your goal- it's inspiring to see how far you've come in your effort towards a more simplified home!
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I'm in! We are having a garage sale in a few weeks so I'm hoping to have a huge amount of things gone. Last month I just made my goal of 500. I hit 501 last night. I'm going to shoot for 1000 for May.

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I'm in.

Last month my goal was to take 10 bags to Goodwill, and I ended up with 16 plus some loose stuff.

This month I want to get the back porch totally decluttered. That's where all my gardening stuff is, so it's got a lot of junk.
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I'm doing pretty well with the decluttering, although I've never participated in the challenge here.

My goals for May are the following:

1. go through fabric: sell some, donate most, make the rest into family cloth/rags

2. list all saleable summer clothing I've had sitting around; separate the rest into seasons to get it OUT in the next 6 months or so

3. get rid of junk holder aka the crib and glider/ottoman

4. finish decluttering and organizing guest room closet
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Mememe! I WILL get this box of maternity clothes out of my house this month!

- I will get these books donated to the GW book store this month!

- I will do something with these old broken computers (3) this month!

- I will go through the boxes in the hallway upstairs this month!
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My Goal is in the Kitchen and Livingroom. I now have new furniture which means new decor...but its so busy/messy/crowded in here that I need to get it decluttered and straight and beautiful, which in turn I believe will make me keep it up!

My Goal: To Declutter and Organize and create a BEAUTIFUL space of my Kitchen and Livingroom. I will take before pictures and post them into an edit later!!!
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We are moving back into our house at the end of the month after a long remodeling project. I got rid of a ton of stuff at the house where we are living last month, but I would love to get rid of an additional 300 items this month- less to move! So, my goal is 300 items. I should be off to a good start tomorrow, when I am going to donate several bags of items to my kids' preschool for a rummage sale.
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May is off to a good start for me. I don't have a ton of things, because i am always cycling things out of my home. If it doesn't have a home(place) and we dont have a need for it, out it goes. Well i my biggest problem and always has been is my dds clothing. Being that my dds are close in age, and one has been in the same size clothing for a long time, i accumulate alot of clothing. They didn't have a ton of nice clothes, but more a ton of play clothes. I am tired of having them ransack their drawers trying to find something so..I got rid of about 75% of their clothing. I kept 4 pair of pjs, 4 shirt and 4 shorts each..in playclothes. So their drawers are now organized and pretty empty. Their nice clothes i keep hung together as outfits in their closets..but i keep them on the high bar because they like to change clothes otherwise. Their leotards(they have way too many) for gymnastics were folded on a shelf in their closet..now they are all hung with matching scrunchies in their closet. Their shoes are all in a door shoe bag that they call cubbies. Their winter clothes that will fit next year are nicely tucked away in two long storage containers under their bed.

They also had so many little blankets that they have accumulated. I allowed them to keep a heavy winter and a lightweight summer blanket each.

I got about 3 bags full and it was donated to the military families free-store.

On the way to the free-store the girls spotted some items that they liked. For example my 5 year old said hey i like that jacket. I said you don't need 5 jackets, you need 1. Some other kids may NEED a jacket and here you have 5. She said yea its nice to share, maybe some girl will get it and really like it like i do.
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i got my recycle magazines together and took them out to the car

i tossed afew things in my good will box.

not a big start but a start none the less.

my goal for this month is to finish going through the big tote of small toys (almost 2/3 finished last month)

go through all my "project cloth"

keep on in the office area.

replace the box table in the computer room ( i've been saying that for months now)

do something about the trash area in the kitchen.

throw away the 2 yucky pillows/ behind dh's back if necessary
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I'll sign up for May!

Let's see. Where do I start?

> Declutter downstairs bookshelf;
> Declutter & reorganize/decorate mantle and top of tv cabinet;
> DH to re-organize and re-shelve his CDs;
> Purge toys;
> Purge/re-organize kids' clothes.

Numerically, I'm sure this will be at least 250 items. Since this is my first challenge, I'll set the bar low and say 200.

Can I count all the clothes in the way-back of the car? I purged them last week but still haven't taken them to Goodwill. (Joke! -- Well, the including them part, not the donating part... : )
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I'm in.

My neighbor has started an on-line auction business (she does the e-bay for you for a commision). I'm going to get rid of some stuff. I'll see if DH will let go of anything:
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I'd like to join. We're doing a small renovation project this spring, so I'd like to clean out some things. My goals for May are:
1) to stop dragging my feet and take control of the CD collection
2) to get rid of : let's say 200 things
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I did several challenges at the end of the year, but then gave it up for pregnancy and childbirth. Sadly, despite my 2006 tally being somewhere around 2000 - it looks like I haven't done much. (Dh is a serious packrat/hoarder.) So... onward and upward! My goal is 500.
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I am in! My goal is to finish unpacking, and then sort out the stuff for the yard sale. I have a bunch of Gift bags to give to the owner of the natural parenting shop near hear, she recycles then as shopping bags

I'm going to shot for 300 items by the end of the month.

I'm estimating 20 bags, and they are already in the car (I'm going there Tuesday, so I'm waiting to drop them off)

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I'm on for a garage sale the first weekend in june. so....
I'll continue to go through my house as I unpack and set things up. I'm shooting for 3 van-loads full of stuff for the garage sale + random freecycle items that I think won't sell.
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I took a bag of infant sized prefolds to a friend who is having a baby!
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bye bye to the old beast of a computer that we've had sitting around for 4 years.

shhhh. Don't tell.
I threw out one of my hubby's holey t shirts. As in undershirts, not as in shirts he'll wear.
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i'm in for the....
:storeroom under our carport : (it's bad)

:bedroom closet dh has trashed it

:linen closet (was grouped by color until dh trashed it last week)

:declutter my hard drive
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I'm in for 250! My main goals are to tackle the following:

-Continue to tackle the paper monster that I've been working on from the Office Challenge.

-The hall closet needs to be majorly decluttered.

-We're trying to get rid of our old entertainment center that we've been storing in our bedroom for the last two years...it's become a major crap collector. So, I need to not only get rid of the entertainment center, but I also need to weed out the junk on top of it.

Here we go!
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Originally Posted by my2girlz View Post
I'm in! We are having a garage sale in a few weeks so I'm hoping to have a huge amount of things gone. Last month I just made my goal of 500. I hit 501 last night. I'm going to shoot for 1000 for May.

I cleaned out my girls' closet today. 41 items trashed!

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