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My class is finally over for the semester, so I need to get my butt in gear!
I just cleaned out underneath my sink and gathered a bunch of shampoos/conditioners that I really don't like.. so I just listed those on freecycle and hopefully they will be gone soon.
We are also getting rid of the bookshelf we have. I think I'll keep it for the yard sale, though.
Speaking of which.. that's only a week and a half away. Ugh. So much to do! :
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Went through the food cupboard and got rid of 30 items that I won't be able to use before we move. I am going to donate them to the food bank. Also got rid of 8 pairs of too-small shoes. So 45/300!
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Someone from freecycle came this morning and picked up the bag of toiletries. The cupboard under my sink looks so empty! It's strange
I also decided to freecycle the shelves, so hopefully those will be picked up this afternoon.
My goal for this afternoon is to declutter 100 items. Most will either be freecycled or will go into the yard sale box.
Will update later
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This past week I have:

given 4 toys my grandkids are too old for & a rolling container to friend's baby

gave 2 $25 off cards from Coldwater Creek to friend whose not retired & needs a work wardrobe

cookie tin to woman who requested it on FreeCycle

6 small bags of clothes/household items to local thrift donation bin

stack of books to visiting daughter

skirt to other visiting daughter

miscellaneous magazines to free box at the library

picnic basket I intended to paint but didn't that sat outside till it was too damaged was tossed, ditto old shower curtain & book discovered to have missing pages in the middle, drat it

6 boxes books sold at Half Price Books--inventory that hadn't sold on ebay or Amazon

going to list on FreeCycle a backpack style purse
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Shelves were picked up by someone on freecycle.
Decluttering the laundry room/ master bedroom today- I'm almost afraid of what I may find

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May decluttering

I picked up another plastic grocery bag of unused toiletries to get rid of & threw away several out of date things in the bathroom, eye drops & stuff like that. Continuing to chip away at it.
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We did a rough cleaning of the garage today, and I did a couple kitchen cabinets yesterday. Out went:
25+ Rubbermaid containers & lids
10+ spare sippy cups
20+ flower pots
6 cans of various hazardous materials (paint, etc.)
1 winter decoration
1 bicycle (ok this is still here--hoping to sell it)
1 changing table (same--still here, hoping to sell)
1 broken laundry basket
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I did so well today! I decluttered while DD was napping. I donated:
27 gift bags, kept 8
30 pairs of socks and pantyhose
18 nail and hair items

Yesterday I got rid of some stuff on freecycle.
5 puzzles
1 suitcase casino
1 huge bag of new golf balls

There is some more stuff on freecycle that I am hoping to get rid of on Monday!

So my new total is:
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I had put bags of donations in the van. When we were out last night getting some movies, I had dh swing by Goodwill and we got them out.
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Today I tackled the top 2 shelves of our linen closet, which is where we keep medicine, cleaners, bath items, etc. I bought some small crates to organize it. I got rid of so much stuff!! I couldn't count it all, but at least 50 items (expired meds, bath & cleaning products we never use, sample size stuff we'll never use, random junk I have no idea why I haven't thrown away before!). My total now is up to 423, probably more that I didn't count. And I only set a goal of 200. Ha ha ha. Yay! I can't wait until my CD organizer comes so I can get rid of 200 jewel cases.
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Wow, everyone is on a roll! It's very inspiring. Backpack purse got asked for but the person hasn't shown up yet. I'll give her till tomorrow, then contact the next person on the list.
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Oooohhh, getting rid of hazardous materials (a PP got rid of some) is such a good idea! I never even thought of that and I have a bunch of cans of teeny bits of paint and some used motor oil. They have been sitting around because I have no idea what facility to take them to. I need to do some local research and figure out where these are supposed to go. Thanks for the idea!:
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Okay, we cut down 3 small trees today. Does that count? Also found some more flower pots to ditch, and 8 quarts of oil to give away. And I cleaned another shelf in the closet, so got rid of two huge balls of rags that had gotten stuck together in the wash. Instead of detangling them, I had just shoved them into the closet still attached to each other. I also got rid of a lot of dd's artwork today.

I did get a new 3-bag hamper today, though. So I guess I need to subtract one! But it's definitely going to make laundry more efficient.
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I actually sold a couple pairs of Robeez. I went through some of my old clothes that I was fooling myself about (sure, I'll fit into those...maybe) and got rid of about 3 pairs of jeans, 3 shirts and a skirt. Now, I need to get rid of the old paint and oil stuff!

Yay! Half-way there for me!
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3 bags, 1 big box, 1 big item for giveaway
3 bags of trash

I keep thinking I'm going to run out of stuff!!! Not yet.
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Originally Posted by ColoradoMama View Post

I keep thinking I'm going to run out of stuff!!! Not yet.
Me too; I cannot wait for that day! :
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finished two pairs of shorts - one for dd2 and one for me! So, those projects are now useful and no longer clutter!!!

Also, put a bunch more things in the giveaway pile - too tired to count.
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Originally Posted by lovemysunshine View Post
Me too; I cannot wait for that day! :
It is coming, right?
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I got DH to move the donate box out to the truck - and started a new one!

I have sorted through my junk box till it's half it's size and downsized it to a smaller rubbermade tote. In order to keep peace with my "might need that later" side I do permit to keep odds and ends that will fit in the box.

Other than that, I boxed up some nicer clothes to sell next fall in the consignment sale. I posted some swimware on the TP, which I will consign soon if no one here needs it. My closet looks "thinner" already and I am glad!
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Today I filled up a huge black garbage bag for goodwill just in toys from my Daughter's room! Unbelievable that she hasn't noticed anything missing yet. I guess that's a sign that things were getting out of hand, huh?

I am slowly but surely making my way through the whole house this week getting rid of anything I possibly can. I am so tired of the mess! I feel like I have totally lost control of my house!!

So, I guess my May goal is really about attacking clutter, then next month I want to work on routines for laundry and cleaning. I have hope

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