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Heads Up

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Literally. I've done and will continue to do what I can, but considering that as far as is known this baby has been keeping his head on an upward arc throughout the entire second half of this pregnancy I'm not all that optimistic.

Does anyone know any ideas other than the spinning-babies type advice? I'll even take crazy-sounding old wives' tales at this point!
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You mean like the baby is basically refusing to engage? Mine is laying with the head pressed firmly against the inside of my left hip bone, I can feel it if you push on the feet or bum. Apparently I did the same thing to my mom, and stayed like that until an hour before I was born, right through all of the first stage and even part of teh second stage of labour. Then I just decided that it was time to come out, tipped my head and out I came. I'm guessing that the same thing is going to happen here. Don't worry too much! Lots of hands and knees and lunges during labour should encourage that head to tilt back the other way.
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Do you mean the baby is presenting his face? I'm confused.
If it's just that the baby hasn't engaged yet and if you are due mid/late may you have plenty of time left.
How are your joints feeling? Loose? How loose? Have you been doing mega kegals? Maybe relax your pelvic floor some. . . Do you tend to hold your abdomen in? Relax your tummy and let it be a hammock. . .

Really though if you are just entering your window now you sooooo have time.
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if i were you, i'd have chiropractic care & accupuncture, to start. there's also a treatment called moxabustion. here's a link that i quickly looked up but didn't read the entire article...


best of luck!
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Sorry for not being more clear. No, by "heads up" I mean breech -- that bump at my ribs that my doctor though was a rear end has turned out to still be the head. It seems he's been staying on a bit of a pendulum swing ... very actively moving around, but never really getting turned any farther than traverse in either direction.
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Definitely look into a chiro and moxabustion!
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Ditto the chiro and moxi! As well as the very consious abdominal relaxation. . .talking to baby & visualizing. There is time. I know *statistically* most babies have fipped by now, but I know SOOOOOO many women (seriously at least a half a dozen in real life) who had babies flip *RIGHT* before they went into labor.
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i have also heard of going to a chiropractor who knows the webster technique. good luck and keep us posted!
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Ditto to that.... Dutchgal, if she pops her head in here, might be able to tell you a bit, she finally got her babe turned a week or so ago (yay!!) and I think it was moxibustion and chiropratic that did it for her.

Good luck!
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DS1 turned vertex from breech at 36 weeks when I used pseudo-moxibustion and 10 minutes of hands-and knees position per day. (By pseudo-moxibustion, I mean that DH pinched the outside of my smallest toes very hard for 5 minutes a day - no burning stuff used). DS flipped on a day I was more active than usual about 1.5 weeks after starting this regimen, which was recommended by a fairly conservative OB I used back then. If you add chiro to that, you would really have a good chance I think.
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Lurking from the June board ... due June 15.

My babe went head down late last week. He was so active the night prior and the entire day ... so that evening, I went butt up and head down (while been pile-driven by the 16 month old) and little one rotate around.

So amongst all the other suggestions, get the baby really active (juice maybe?) and go butt up yourself and see what happens. It was unbelievable - just got lose and rolled around.

After my bouts of research, at least 50% of babes at 36 weeks will go vertex from breech. [I am obviously much earlier.]

Good luck.
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some other things i have read are to use a flashlight on your lower belly to guide the baby down (or play music there) and also to place something really cold at the head (like a frozen bag of veggies) to try to get it to move. one other thing - go to a swimming pool and dive down repeatedly to the floor - something about the gravity pulling the baby towards your butt. i can't vouch for any of these, but good luck anyway!
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I did the butt-up/head-down (Mine!) and cat-cow yoga poses, along with putting a small speaker at the bottom of my uterus and he turned sometime in-between weeks 32 and 36. I fully planned on trying the chiro and accupuncture techniques if he hadn't turned by my OB appt yesterday. But he's head down now! But "pretty far up there" so I guess he hasn't engaged...
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