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non-teflon nonstick cookware

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Has anyone heard of this? Ameriware Professional

I saw a demonstration at the PX today. It looks great. You can cook without oil or water and it doesn't stick. It's also non porous. According to the website, "Pro-Series PLUS Ti-2® is a 3-layer non-stick system internally reinforced with ceramic and titanium approved for use with metal utensils."

It's kind of pricey, but all I need is one pan to fry eggs in. Since dd is allergic to eggs, I don't want to use my cast iron. I bought a stainless steel skillet but the eggs stick pretty bad. We're currently using a very scratched teflon skillet now. I will spend the money to buy the small pan if someone can tell me it's safe. I really can't find much info about it online.

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Having seen the Ameriware cookware at a local store, I did a search and happened upon a "Cooking for Engineers" site that revealed the non-stick coating to be a product called "Eclipse" (made by Whitford), modified by the addition of titanium. Eclipse does contain PTFE, polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon is DuPont's brand of PTFE coating).

The modified Eclipse coating appears to be very durable. From what I've read, the concerns about PTFE relate to the use of coated pans when the integrity of the coating has been compromised (scratched or chipped) or superheated (a dry pot forgotten on a burner). That said, I tossed everything with a non-stick coating in my house because I'd rather err on the side of being safe and tend to be untrusting.

I've found that if I preheat a good, heavy-bottomed stainless steel or anodized aluminum pan, then apply some shortening (usually, olive oil) and allow it to heat through before adding food, I do O.K. And, as I'm sure you know from your own reference to owning a cast iron skillet, a well-seasoned one works well. Maybe getting a second cast iron skillet would be a good alternative, in a different size/shape to make clear which is for eggs and which is not.
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Thanks. I did send an email to the company asking about different chemicals. We'll see if they respond.

I hadn't thought of another cast iron skillet primarily because I always stick everything in mine when I cook. Although, I know my dad's skillet is great for frying eggs. Must have something to do with the 30+ years of seasoning. Maybe I'll get another one and seaon it a lot in the oven.
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Try cooking bacon in your cast iron skillet.
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The initial seasoning of a cast iron skillet is important, but you can buy one that is pre-seasoned. The care you give your skillet after each use matters too. There are many people who do nothing but wipe it clean after use. But, personally, after I remove any grease and scrub it with dry salt, I do use a small amount of soapy water if it doesn't seem clean enough. After drying, I applying a very light oil coating.
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Did ameriware ever respond to your email?
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I would not use that product.

I would go with the second cast iron skillet. They are cheap, too. Buy one that is already seasoned and continue the seasoning process.

Happy Cooking
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You've got to be kidding me. This is great cookware. Don't let the "sky is falling" crowd turn you off to it. You'll die of old age long before any kind of cookware does you in. Get the pan. They are wonderful and perform as advertised. Sheesh. The pendulum swings a little to the left in here huh?
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I don't know anything about that one but, here is another option. I posted about it here and didn't get any response but, it seems promising:
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If your desire is to get away from 'teflon' then ameriware isn't the answer, it's the same thing, but if your desire is to have a more durable 'teflon' then this probably will be, although there may be cheaper options for the ceramic titanium nonstick coated pans. If your concern is for yourself, I think as long as you are cautious and use the pans appropriately it won't make much difference, if your concern is for the environmental impact and others involved in production this isn't really a better choice either...

I'm curious also about those green pans...
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amcal- I too posted about the green pans and didn't get much feedback. I think I read the coating on those is aluminum and silicone, others things too but these two stood out.

singingjim- The fumes put out by teflon pans have killed pet birds. If it can kill a bird it is definitely effecting the air cuality in your home.
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