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Just made it into April!!!!

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Our baby girl arrived at 10:59pm April 30th! For a while we weren't sure if we would have an April or May baby, but we got in under the wire.

I am writing up the whole story to share, but the short version is this:

Baby girl was born on the 30th, and weighed 10lb 7oz, and she is 22 inches long, with a 15 inch head. Her birth was good, although there were a cople of very scary parts. She has a bunch of golden blonde hair, and is just beautiful overall. We are very happy to have her here with us.

We will be announcing her name in a day or two. Here are a few pictures.


This is this morning, wearing her first soaker, a gorgeous Mosaic Moon that was a gift. It will be very loved for the week it will probably fit!
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Awe!!! She is beautiful!!! Congrats!!
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Donna, I just saw this on the New Posts. Congratulations! She is beautiful, and enormous!
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I love her hair! So gorgeous!
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What a perfect way to end the month! Beautiful baby and mama!
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Congrats!!! She is beautiful.
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she is so beautiful and perfect! congratulations!
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Dang, way to go mama! She is just beautiful and her blonde hair is the cutest!! :
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Donna she is beautiful! She is double the size of Abby!!! LOL! I can not wait to meet her in a few weeks!
To think we our babies could have had the same b-day!!!
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Congratulations Donna! She is absolutely gorgeous!!! I can hardly wait to hear the whole story--I hope *you* are doing well...I don't like hearing 'scary' in your message there.

That soaker is wonderful
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She's beautiful! Congratulations!
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She is so pretty..and wow all that beautiful hair!! Congrats mama!
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I came on just to see if you had delivered...and you had your baby on my daughter's 8th birthday!

Congratulations! Her hair is just too cute! Can't wait to hear the full story! Rest up and enjoy your babymoon.
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Congratulations! She is beautiful. And wow! You do make big babies! Can't wait to read the whole story!
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wow, what a gorgeous baby!!!! I am so glad everything went well for you!! Congrats!!!!!!

( i hear ya about the soaker only fitting for a week- Jorie has already grown out of hers. We had to buy disposables until we get our order of bigger dipes-she is just too big. She is already in 3-6 mo clothing gotta love the big babies!!!)
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She's beautiful! Congrats!
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You are all woman, wildthing. What a big, beautiful babe! Congratulations to you and your family.
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Missed this some how! She is a beauty! I love the hair!
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