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Elk, FunnyG, and Booja's Mom .... good luck to you all this cycle ! I will be following along and cheering you on. Shots and meds and clomid, oh my. You are doing the work and it will bear fruit for you all soon :

Crystal thanks for keeping the thread yet again, I would be fine with having it re-arranged... I think we are ready for a fresh look anyways. How are you coping these days ? Still taking vitex ? I am back on it now that clomid has come and gone I feel like I have been doing this forever.

Hi to everyone not mentioned above..... how are you all doing these days ? Things have been so quiet lately. My excuse is that I am horribly busy and a tad depressed over the no-baby thing. What's yours ?
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I'm just waiting to O here. I'm taking soy isoflavones again. If it doesn't work, I think this'll be the last month for it.

I have an appointment with a GYN on Monday since my PCP feels I need to have a GYN in the area. He supposedly has some experience with infertility so I'll see what he has to say. He does IUI and is much closer than an RE so if we decide an IUI is the next step at least we won't have to drive an hour.

I just want some direction. I'm sick of being told I'm "normal"! If I were truly normal, I'd be pregnant or be carrying a baby right now.

(Like Oceanmommy I'm a bit depressed over not having a baby but also a bit angry over it.)
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alright you guys.. small glitch here.. I lost my internet... but.. I'm gonna be going and fixing the list anyway as soon as I can stay at my dads house enough or get to the library... I'm sorry

ocean... I'm "coping"... still taking vitex.. 1200 mgs a day... I want to O.. but I dont know if I will... temp went down a bit today but I have no idea if it actually meant anything

anyway I need to go... I will be back in a few days I imagine.
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cycle #25 bites the dust

this sucks
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Ocean I am so sorry - Sending you lots and lots of hugs
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Hi ladies. I haven't posted in a while, well, barely ever, really..... you all were moving too fast to keep up. Anyway, after an ER visit with a ruptured cyst, I found out that same day that I was preggers, which was funny because I took 2 HPT's the day before. So my BFP was on May 02, EDD January 9th with first cycle of Clomid 100mg's days 5-9 after 3 years of trying, but really 26 months with DH's 7month deployment. So, thanks for letting me joing you, and I wish all of you the best luck ever. Hopefully, you all will get your BFP's soon.
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Wow, congratulations to you both or all three should I say.....
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Booja's mom, thanks for the hugs. Did you dive into your box of meds yet ?

How is everyone ?

Congrats to H4SBBD, it's good to hear that it is still possible at cycle # 26.
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Hi Ocean - You are most welcome! Anytime...

The boxes of meds were fun.. NOT... I am having crazy side effects. I am definately not myself. But I am staying focused on that baby at the end of it. KWIM.

Congrats Hoping4sumBBD !!! Happy & Healthy 9 Months

How is everyone else doing? Any good news, bad news, news at all

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the spring weather.
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H4SBBD--Congratulations! That's just the kind of story I like to hear (as I endure my 23rd 2ww)!

Booja's mom--Lots of good thoughts for you while you work through your box. It sounds really tough but will be worth it. And I am enjoying the weather!

Not much news here. 7dpo and I go get my progesterone test today. I've felt very little (nothing) from my first round of Clomid, so it will be interesting to see if it had any effect on my levels. This whole project is so incredibly interesting! (with sarcasm...)
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Huge congratulations, Hoping4sumBBdust! I know it has been a long journey for you (and you must have had extra stresses, with dh's deployment) so I'm thrilled for you! Hope everything goes smoothly all the way to a special birthday.

Ocean - I'm sorry af showed up. :

Funnygrace - Hope the 7 day prog #s are good and I hope your 14 dpo hcg #s are great! Wouldn't that be terrific?

Booja's mom - Hope you're doing well. I know what you mean about staying focused on the end result. I'll be thinking of you!

Today was my IUI. :
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Hi Ladies,

Hoping4BBD: Congrat.!!! H & H 9 months.

And Congrats!!! to all BFP.

I just pop in to say hello. Things are as it be here.

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Late to the party, but never quite gone (yet)

Congrats SarahJen & H4SBBD. Awesome news. (am I missing someone else?)

Booja’s mom: Sorry to hear that your mil is a pain too. I don’t have to punch mine, just feed her strawberries occasionally – she’s allergic and she gets the idea. LOL. Kidding. I would never do it on purpose, though I might fantasize about it. How’s the yoga, acupuncture and massage going? I hope they are keeping you calm and feeling well, despite your boxes of meds. I remember the mood swings (heck, still have them) – wishing you peace.

Tenk: Myspace is an ok thing, as long as you are smart with it. I trust you won’t be giving your home address, phone # or pin #’s out to strangers, so you’d probably be ok if you decided to join us on the dark side, er, I mean myspace. (and while all of these things seem perposterous, I once met a guy who gave out his AOL password in a chat room. Are you surprised that they shut down his account w/ in 24 hours because of the spam???? LOL.)

As for me - life is still hectic. Still dealing with the occassional tick. Gah!!!! I went for my cd21 progesterone test this morning. This will determine if I get to add progesterone cream to my regime - and I don't get to rub it in anywhere externally. *ahem* Of course, I'm hoping that it will come back with a surprise bfp. Possible, right?? LOL. Ok, wishful thinking. I've decided that rather than continue to neglect the puppies and dh (and the laundry & dishes & vacuuming, etc.), I'm going to go part-time at work in early July. Dh can make up the difference w/ some OT, and I plan not to have to have him do it for too long. (every girl's gotta have a plan, right?). Eventually we're going to : (had a dream two nights ago about it, btw). AND I read an article today about how there are 9k kids in the AZ foster system and only 3k homes for them!! Crazy. So, we've agreed to look at becomming a foster home. Who knows if we'll decide to do it and it won't have any affect on our ttc - but it can't hurt to look into it, right? Preliminary info says that it's free to become a foster home, and we'd have to go through an extensive training/screening program - but like I said, we've agreed to at least look into it. There's an info meeting locally at the end of the month and if our schedules permit, we'll go.
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P.S. Do stories like this just depress you? I know I should be happy for this lady, but egads. She's 60 with twins and I'm 29 with way too many years of ttc under my belt. :
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Hey ladies! :... hope everyone is doing well... I will not be able to fix that list as planned because I will not be getting my internet back anytime soon (.. I hope that whoever takes the thread next will be able to I guess...

I wish you all well.. congrats on the bfp!! (anyone know how sarah is btw??)

I love you all.. and miss you terribly... my chart isnt showing O BUT!!! at least my temps are consistent... and that alone makes me happy

ok.. bye!!!!

ETA... did the list.. and moved Hoping4sumBBdust to bfps
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Congrats to Hoping4sumbbdust! :

fierrbugg - Yeah I saw that story too. The article mentioned she has three children: one in early 30's, another in late 20's, the other one 6. I assume the 6 y/o was also the result of ART but I wonder why. That's an awfully large gap.
I'm using prog cream and I don't think you're missing much on the external application - it doesn't absorb well.

I'm 6 DPO today and woke up with an O-like pain this morning towards my left side. I'm hopeful that perhaps it was implantation related.
The GYN I saw said that he agrees that IUI is the next logical step. So we're going to do that next month so maybe now that I have a plan in place, my body will decide to just go ahead and get pg on its own.
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Tiara how did the progesterone test go ?

Wow this thread has been quiet... May is just about over, will anyone volunteer to take the June thread on ?

I have been really busy, working as much as I can. We have kept trying with the TTC but it's cycle #26 and I am wanting to take things in our own hands more... and that means $$$ and that means I have to work as much as I can. Money either for fertility stuff and/or a bigger house so we could someday be considered for adoption. They won't give you a kid without his/her own bedroom (but if you have your own baby you can cosleep for a year or two...) and we don't have any extra bedrooms in our tiny house.

so thats where I am at. Hows everyone else ? Clara how is your box of meds and the whole cycle going ?
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Hi Ocean - This board has been very quiet.

Thanks for asking about my meds.... Well they are on going and never ending. I am hoping to start stims on Saturday and hoping my mood will pep up because of the increased estrogen. (I have been a real witch)

As for your money issues I completly understand. It was cheaper for us to do IVF then adopt. Since we are not US residents we would have to do foreign adoption and then deal with us immigration and our decision was that paying debt was easier then dealling with bureaucracy. We will however consider adoption again but we will have to be back home.. (SAD) If IVF does not work I am going to have to wait a long long time before we can adopt.

Fierrbugg - Strawberries hey??? I am still doing acupunture and massage but I have been so tired that I have not been able to do yoga : the drugs are brutal on my system. BTW Personal question (so you can answer or not) Does your DH ever stand up to your MIL? If so any effective how to tips?

Allisonrose how are you doing? Crystal are you online?

Anyone else???? Hope you are all doing great!


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allisonrose: I did the cream topicaly briefly a very long time ago - don't remember much about it - but then more recently I had an RE have me do it the way my current dr. wants me to. I just remember getting awfully bored with the whole process. You had to plan whether you were going to bd before bed or not, because after you stick that stuff in - the spontinaety and fun just dies. But she was only talking about me doing it for like 5 days in the cycle. The RE had me doing it the entire cycle.

Oceanmommy: That's a great question. I'm going to call the office today and see if I can get some info. And yeah isn't it funny how no one really questions your parenting skills when you just have your own kids? I mean I guess it's a good thing, because we don't want to purposely put kids in homes where they will be sleeping on floors - but why isn't co-sleeping accepted as a viable option for adoptees? I would think they'd be pushing for that - because doesn't it help w/ the bonding process between parent and child?

Booja's mom: sorry to hear that the drugs are kicking your butt. I hope you start to feel better soon!!
I don't mind answering your question if you don't mind reading the long answer: My hubby does stand up to her. Before I came along she'd put him in this place of her savior (oh and she talked to him in a baby voice which she doesn't anymore, Thank God!!). She always expected him to be there for her to save her from whatever situation she puts herself in. It's actually very messed up. The real trick was that we moved halfway across the valley from her and she hates to drive the freeways. so it takes over an hour on surfaces streets and you're driving through some interesting neighborhoods while you do it. He has always put me first, and since she likes to put him in situations where he has to choose, it works out well for me. : Of course up until recently I always got blamed for putting him into those situations. Except with this most recent ER visit (btw, after having major surgery last year and being told she could never smoke again, she started smoking again about a month ago and shock of all shocks landed herself back in the hospital within 3 weeks). : And ER visits and my mil are a whole other story. At any rate, it caused this whole fight w/ dh where he claimed I didn't have any sympathy for his mother when she almost died last year (yeah I really didn't - she created the situation herself - smoke since the age of 13 and well that's what you get). And I finally just let him have it - that she's been mean and nasty to me from day one (especially after the first miscarriage, she doesn't know about this more recent one) - but in that subversive way that we women can be - where men don't get the double meanings- and then she's overly-vocally supportive of me in public. makes me want to yak. So now that he understands where all of this hostility is REALLY coming from - the agreement is that I don't have to deal w/ her and he's so mad at her for smoking again (and basically signing her death warrant) - he hasn't talked to her in over a month and yeah, that means he didn't even call her for mother's day and I could care less!! We also agreed that she can't be alone w/ our kids (heck she can't even be alone w/ our dogs) due to the smoking and other moral issues I have with her - and that's that. Booja, If your mil is really awful - I'm on a yahoo support group that you might like to join. PM for the info if you're interested.

That's about all that I have to say, everyone. Still waiting for test results, etc. I wasn't very good at taking my meds this cycle. I'm feeling kind of blah this morning. I have an awful tummy ache - but I'm hungry. Explain that. LOL. Makes a girl think she might be looking at a bfp in a couple of days and a in a couple of months. Dh and I have the day off together. Yay!! I o'd around cd17 and I'm on cd26 - so we'll see if my 11 day lp curse hits or what's going to happen. My avg cycle length is supposedly 33 days. Supposedly. Have a terrific day, ladies!!
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I'm just hanging out in the 2ww. I was happy about the temp yesterday and a bit bummed that my temp dipped back down a bit. I want to be optimistic but I'm also sick of going through the pain and disappointment every month.

ocean - Hm that's a tough spot to be in. I consider beginning to look into adoption since it came take quite a bit of time but then our housing situation isn't permenant. We're planning to move to a different area in two or three years and I'm not sure if we'll end up living in our rental place for that entire time.

booja's mom - I hope the IVF works for you!

fierrbugg - Good luck with the progesterone!
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