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supermodel baby

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hey guys... i just wanted to share this picture... my ds at 2 days old has already mastered the sultry and somewhat disgruntled gaze of the male model! perhaps a career with calvin klein is in his future?


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Cute picture.
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oh super squishy beautiful baby!
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I love it!
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That is a perfect description of the look...

I needed that.
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that is hilarious! how cute he is...
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Ohh just like Derek Zoolander! Blue Steel!
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way too adorable....and hilarious! makes me think of that 80's song "i'm too sexy."
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LOL that is great!
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Haha! That's a great picture. What a ladies man.
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Oh Selena! Hilarious!!
What a gorgeous babe..
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Hehehe, gorgeous!
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He's beautiful, better watch out for the baby supermodel recruits! They'll be knocking down your door now that you've posted that pic!
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What a great pic - thanks for sharing!
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Originally Posted by ginnyjuice View Post
Ohh just like Derek Zoolander! Blue Steel!

That is exactly what I was thinking! Now I have to go watch that movie again.

ex-stasis, your boy is adorable!
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i think he's saying "you're taking another damn picture?"

He is a doll.
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oh! my!:
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Oh my goodness he is soooooo darn cute!! Thanks for sharing that w/ us! I think you are right better call Calvin and tell him his next star is coming!!
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