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Poll Results: Do you tip your hairdresser?

  • 82% (69)
    Only with a haircut
  • 3% (3)
    Only with a chemical service
  • 14% (12)
84 Total Votes  
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I tip my hair dresser for everything. 20% usually but last time I tipped 40% just because I had some singles in my purse.
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Originally Posted by messy mama View Post
So you really expect people to tip you, when you never even thought to tip people who did the same service to you?
: The whole OP post has me baffled to be quite honest.
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I didn't vote because I would always tip, but I've never done anything but a cut.
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I always tip my hairdresser, for cuts and color. I've been doing my own hair for 2 years now, but I sense that is about to change. I also had a hairdresser do an emergency bangs fix for me and she charged me $5 even though her shop was technically closed, so I gave her $10. To be honest, it was worth $20 to me in the moment that I had the emergency!

I usually tip between $10 and $20 without regard to the percentage and know that it all works out in the end. (This is considering that haircuts are about $50 where I live and an afternoon of coloring can cost upwards of $150.) I generally get a discount on services though.
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Um, always. I thought it was understood that you always tip the hairdresser.
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I would always tip, no matter the service, but I only ever get cuts so that is what I voted. I was just thinking about this last night though, after I got my hair cut yesterday. I always tipped her when she worked for another salon because my understanding was that all of the 'regular' price goes to the salon and then the hairdresser gets a paycheck. But now she is on her own, and I still tip her but I don't know if it is still appropriate or necessary to tip if she is the owner. Oh well, I'll still tip because I like her. I round the $29 price up to $35, which works out to about 17%.
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I've always tipped my haidressers in the past...but haven't been to one in 6 years.
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I go to a no tipping salon.
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Always. For trims i just go to Great Clips or someplace like that, I'll tip 15-20 percent, sometimes more, it just depends on what the total is. For color changes or cuts then I go to my adored hairdresser, who I've been using for 10 years, I always tip at least 20 percent.
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I tip for any service...waitress/waiter, bell hop in a hotel, hairdresser, carwash detail guy...ANY service...I try to go with 20% unless they did an exceptional job, like above and beyond the call of duty Then I tip more.
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yes! I tip 20-25% for putting up with me. unless it's the owner of the salon-sometimes I don't tip them, sometimes I do.
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Never because I only get my hair trimmed like twice a year, and I can barely afford that. Tips are out of the question, sorry
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the poll needs an "always" option!
I always tip--20%
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I tip her about 20% of the total bill, she's the owner of the salon and I've heard that it's a nono to tip them but she doesn't seem to mind it! She takes good care of me and charges me discounted prices because I have short hair and have to come in often for trims. especially now that I'm growing it longer, I need a trim every 4 weeks to not end up with a mullet! She charges me mens pricing for highlites, which I appreciate. I've been seeing her for two or more years and she has always provided consistant service and is able to fit me in on very short notice. I tip her well because she does a great job, and I like her a lot as a person.

I also tip if I get eyebrows waxed, or nails done or any other service provided. People in the service industry work for tips, if you think about it they usually have to rent their stall and what not. Sometimes at salons gratuity is included in the bill, in that case Idon't add any more to it.
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i tip. i almost never go, though. dp cut my hair last.

when i was younger i had no idea you were supposed to tip...
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I can't vote as none of the choices fit. I always tip.
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I didn't vote since I get both chemical process and cuts and tip 20% for both services.
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Always. It's rude not to.
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Other: We only get haircuts, but we always tip, esp since 90% of stylists screw up my hair, so when I actually find one who can cut my hair (you would look at my hair and think it was an easy cut, but everyone screws it up!), I tip well. I don't believe in getting perms and have never had any other type of treatment on my hair before, but if I did, I would tip for that too.
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Yep. I always tip too for all salon/spa services. Dog groomers too.
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