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Lamest/best thing someone said to you this week

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I need to get my mind off all the other people in this group that are having their babies already. So as a fun little distraction, share the lamest, and the best, thing that anyone has said to you in the last week.

For me, the lamest would have to be, "When is that baby going to pop out of you?! You look huge!" First of all, thanks a lot for calling me "huge" and second, I hate the "pop it out" expression. I am not a container of Jiffy Pop, thank you very much.

But the best would have to be several of the other parents at the kids' preschool who have said things like, "Wow, you look great!" or "You are really carrying this pregnancy well!" I don't know if they're being truthful or just flattering me but it's still nice to hear.
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lamest_ my husbands x girlfriend when she saw my belly pic online "wow your huge, are you sure its not twins?" Ughhh

best thing would be my MIL validating my feelings and being truly caring towards me
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Lamest: some random middle aged guy (who was following me in Michael's Arts & Crafts) told me I look really uncomfortable. I was actually feeling pretty good that day and had on a cute sundress and new MJ Crocs.

Best: my sister's friends telling me how much they love my baby belly.
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Best-all the people who have said how great and healthy and beautiful I look, although they may be exaggerating a little..
Lamest-well, it's not lame as in insulting and annoying, but the market trader who told me I 'looked swell' (swell isn't really used as a compliment much here, it was an attempt at a 'swollen belly' joke..) was practicing some pretty gentle humour....
It's so weird how random people have started to actually notice and comment on it, after looking just fat for the last 6 months, I'm never quite prepared for it.
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Best: Hubby telling me yesterday that I looked really great :

Lame: (same day) random lady at the store patted me on the shoulder and said 'oh honey you look SOOOO miserable!'

I wasn't. I was feeling really good! All dressed up and looking great too so

Lame #2: My MIL sees my maternity photos and where I'm bare belly with my hands on my belly she's saying it looks like I'm holding a giant ball of bread dough. Grr.
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My HB midwife: "This does not feel like an 8 and a half pound baby."
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Originally Posted by Munchkimo View Post

My HB midwife: "This does not feel like an 8 and a half pound baby."
Lame: MY midwife thinks that 8 1/2 lb babies are really big.... DH is 6'4" and I am the shortest/smallest in my family at 5'6" and I don't think that there's been a baby between my mother and MIL that was less than 8lbs 10oz! We're just big people ok!!!
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Some man at church last week told me it looked like I was going to explode. Nice...

(Sorry--best would have to be many people commenting on the fact that I'm "All Belly"...and it doesn't look like I've gained much weight. I've gained 30 pounds this time which I'm extremely happy about compared with my last two--40lbs and 60lbs!)
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Lamest - last week, my mom said "I hope you have the babies on Sunday so that you have to have them in the hospital..." (Sunday was the day before 36 weeks and a birth center delivery makes her really nervous) Gee, thanks!

Best - today, a woman at the office where I have my bpp's said "OMG! You still have a waist from behind!"
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Lamest- dumb nurse practicioner telling me I'd be delivering in two weeks (I am just 36 weeks pg.) and if I went past 40, baby would be too "big and fat":

Best: you look great, etc
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I'm really just a lurker, but I've got the best "lamest" and had to share.
My FIL keeps asking me when I'm going to "lamb." Ugh.
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my mom keeps saying how I look like I am headed to stables soon.

And ofcourse there are the people who cant believe it isnt twins.

I pay them no mind, they are just people being people.
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I have had 3 "pop" comments in 2 days, plus several other not so useful one! I have also had some "you look great" comments which I much prefer and last night my friend finished making these for the baby!


The red pants - the little green ones are something for her son's doll and he wanted them in the picture
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The checker at the grocery store said to me, "Wow, I bet you're ready to spit that one out right now, huh?"

Ewww, spit it out?! Come on! That just gives me a very gross visual.

Best thing: One of my girlfriends told me my ass looks great!
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You look radiant today!


Oh, I did not know you were pregnant!
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lame: waitress told me not to stub my toe. I said what? she said I looked like I was going to pop.

Best: Stranger told me I look so happy and comfortable pregnant.
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"OMG are you having twins?!"

URGH, if one more person asks me that..
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Best: Two different women at church said, "You don't even look pregnant from behind!"
And from the mw last night at our 37w appt, "You've done really well, you've only gained 24 lbs." :

Lamest: DH, "Look at your feet! They look like balloons!" (Then he said, "Poor honey.")
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