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I had my last final today. I think I did well. But I also think I skipped a part on accident : .

No more school till January! Yay!
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Originally Posted by kdtmom2be View Post
You are a sick sick woman....
When I finally get pics up I'll put one up of my stretch marks. DH says they are "cute". harumph! They look like a topographical map, elevation marks and rivers included.
My dh says mine are cute too and that he loves them. What a nice guy. You can see a pic of mine here.


ALL from my first child......10 years ago. He was a big boy and I was only 17. Ruined my bod forever. But, I still love him.
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my due date is the 5th. In a way I want to go into labour. I am so tired of these fake labours that last until the wee morning hrs then uruptly stop! I also feel like my legs are a wishbone and being pulled apart.

My legs haven't been giving my trouble but I can't eat anything too spicy or I am feeling it all night.

I think I have lost some weight...and I am starting to lose my plug. I had contractions last night from 5:00pm until 4 the next morning..about 15 minutes apart. They kept me awake...I am so tired.

I do have things to get done...but I am "done" so to speak.
I am 39weeks and and 5 days.

I fell bad for my two little ones they want me to romp with them and I just can't move that way anymore.

this baby is so active I am anxious to meet him/her.

This will also be my first HB I am excited and hope all goes well!
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Didn't have a full moon baby, but hopefully all the contractions were doing some good.

I started taking EPO the "other way" last night. Not as bad as I thought it would be. I am hoping it'll help!

DH will be rubbing my ankles later on, try to get some labor pressure points!

LABOR VIBES to all who want/need them!
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Hmmm....Labor wise I'm not really feeling anything. No BH's but I've heard they are less with each PG and this is my fifth. I can't sleep very well and the heartburn is a killer. I'm so crabby too. I'd like her to be here soon! I know I wont lose my plug or have my waterbreak it'll just be boom...labor!

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Originally Posted by jstar View Post
i never had hemmhoroids (and i can't spell them) until i pushed out ds1. but they are plaguing me at the end of this pregnancy and i am so scared of getting really bad ones during pushing again this time
Is this any consolation? I was afraid of hemorrhoids last pg, then had an unplanned cesarian and bypassed the whole region. No hemorrhoids, just 6 mos of abdominal pain. This time I think, episiotomy, roids, whatever, bring it on, I just want to vbac.
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Congrats to Mamas finishing school and completeing tests- inspiring inspiring!!

Little update from me:
I have (as I intuited) had several days of smooth, building practice labor. My house is so clean, I'd feel comfortable eating off the floors.

I have just been drinking my fill of RRL infusion, massaging with EPO, resting as much as I can (sleep is pretty sporatic), and letting it all flow. The full moon definately had an effect. And we continue today... somehow, I don't mind this endless preparation.. I feel like I am packing my bags for a long trip or something?? Hmmm.. I can feel people's anticipation on the sidelines however, with yesterday being my EDD, and this bothers me- I really feel the need to buffer myself from people- not anyone's fault, I just want to do my thing w/o all the narration and w/o family's expectations.
I feel I could give birth at any moment~ the rains bring in a fresh energy, all nature feels like she is birthing... wet, abundant, flowing.
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Well said Baraka! My son, our first, was born about 4 days after my EDA and I was feeling great and havig lots of contractions and getting ready for about 5-6 days before hand but the external narrative was something I really could have done without!

Soon enough you will be having a beautiful home birth and your new little person to hold
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Originally Posted by richella View Post
Is this any consolation? I was afraid of hemorrhoids last pg, then had an unplanned cesarian and bypassed the whole region. No hemorrhoids, just 6 mos of abdominal pain. This time I think, episiotomy, roids, whatever, bring it on, I just want to vbac.
true true. i keep hoping it would be possible to birth without getting them so severely again but i know my chances are slim. i hope you get your vbac without roids or episiotomy! the roids don't happen to everyone
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gah, i had a big long post typed here this am and lost it :

i think i am just gonna be in labor for a month--GRR i'm so impatient already!! my due date's may 9th, but i have had so many false alarms already it's just not even funny anymore. how long can a woman stay stuck at 4 cm anyway?!?

/rant. thanks for listening
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I am still here - have only posted occasionally. Due May 20th with babe#2, gearing up for another waterbirth at home. We'll see, I am thinking I'll go sometime next week. The pool overflowed last nite since we thought it would take forever to fill, so my floors got mopped (not quite the way I'd planned, ha).

All is done except for car seat into car and set out clothes for after birth and baby. crazy. I so hear you on the "buffering" from the outside world and people's dumb comments and q's. I think I'll just hide until the baby comes - I can barely be civil on the phone when anyone calls. Ds who is 2yrs keeps wanting me to chase him and stuff and I can hardly waddle what with the hormones and heartburn the last 2 days. So that's up to Dh to do mostly to wear him out for bed!

Super crabby and hormonal Sun, then NO BH or contractions all day Mon and Tues so I nested like crazy(didn't nest with ds and he was born at 39wks 4 days after 3 days internal and oral EPO)(I have irritable uterus this time and so that is so unusual), then WEd, Thurs and today feeling crampy and tired and calm.
MW gets back in town on Sun nite and sister will be coming THurs so it would be really really nice to wait and have them both here. sorry so long, feels good to put it all out there. Ahhhh.... better I have been heard.

No circ, will bstfd and cosleep again, homebirther, SAHM, cloth diaper/EC, say no to vax (guess I'm crunchier than I thought)
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Roids. Let me tell ya. Not fun. But I got them with Delia too, just not quite this bad I don't think. I was sort of stupid and pushed for a long time (ineffectively) while sitting back sort of.

I keep trying not to sit, but it's hard to lie down SO much. I broke out the bottle of witch hazel I had from after Delia (well, I broke it out a few months ago during pregnancy!).

We took Henry to the hospital today for his PKU test and we switched my scheduled 40 week appointment to his first well baby appointment. We weighed him on my postage scale yesterday about 26 hours after birth and he was 9 lbs even, then at the doctors he was 8 pounds 13 and 3/4 ounces, so we're going with the 9 lbs even number. Probably even a little over if we had weighed him sooner. The nurse measured him at 21.5 inches long. I don't think he's quite that long but I'm not going to argue. LOL I was wrong on all counts - NOT smaller than Delia and also not a girl, and also not born after my due date. Do I care? Not one bit! Oh! The BEST part of today is that they typed his blood and he's NEGATIVE!!! So I didn't even have to get the rhogham shot! This boy knows how to please.

Oh - I got my first dose of doctor-penis fear. LOL I hadn't even thought about it. Then, my doctor was doing the exam and all of a sudden she said "testicles have both dropped.... penis looks fine" and I found myself catching my breath in fear that she'd mess with it at all. But she didn't. WHEW. So now I'm in THAT club - the penis protection club.

Off to work more on my birth story...
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emily, when are you going to start ECing him? (or have you already?)
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You know I've been wanting to say this, but I keep forgetting. It's totally random

I LOVE contractions. I am very much looking forword to labor. I can't wait to experience it again. I can't wait to labor. YET, I am not ready to be done with possibly my last pregnancy; I'm a bit apprehensive about the possibility of this birth ending in the hospital like last time (though I really don't think it will).
I'm finding myself analyzing every little twinge as a possibility of early labor. I'm so excited to do it. How do I stay patient, appreciate my pregnancy AND look forword to having the kiddo?
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Originally Posted by jstar View Post
the roids don't happen to everyone
Well, I had a couple really small ones before the first pg, and was feeling them occasionally throughout. Interestingly, this time around I'm not feeling or thinking about them at all, until I read your post.

sorry, emiLy!

And ion other news . . . feeling lots of contractions, stronger than a couple weeks ago, but no other signs of impending labor. Was really short w/ my 2.5 yo twice today, it's just too much to have to fight her or chase her or carry her when I'm already carrying an extra 40 lbs. Sigh. Poor thing, she is such a sweetheart and doesn't deserve this.

Still taking massage appts, everyone thinks I'm crazy, but i really don't mind and we need the money. I just tell everyone to wait until they hear from me to confirm that I am able to perform.
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Still pregnant. Tomorrow I hit the 42 week mark. Woot - not.

I am going to have my mom take the girls home tonight. I fully intend to have a 05/06/07 baby.

measuring 46cm - really thinking this is a bigger baby than my last two.
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Good morning mamas

Its a beautiful spring day here today with gorgeous sunshine

My midwife came to visit this morning and check out Callum, he has gained 3oz since discharge yesterday morning and my milk came in last night and he doesn't look yellow at all! Thank god, I had so many problems with jaundice the last three times I was so worried about it for this baby but he is such an aggressive nurser (an every hour and a half kind of guy)

My kids are just in heaven with him around everyone is fighting to hold him and touch him my 3 year old is a little confused why the baby can't talk

My dh took all the older ones out grocery shopping so I"m going to hit the sac for a nap

Good birthing vibes to everyone and a photo http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a1...e/IMG_1362.jpg
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He has so much hair Crys! What a cute baby..
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Originally Posted by darsmama View Post

measuring 46cm
46 cm!? sheeshta! it's definitely your turn, mama!!!

i had an official "stephanie day" today & it was worth it! i had breakfast with my dearest friend & then we walked around an outdoor mall chatting for a couple hours. we kept going into stores but i'm not even sure what we looked at because we just talked. i've known her for over 4 years & i think we've only gotten together a handful of times without children so it was fun & refreshing.
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I had a good day too. My best friend took me out. She took me to get a pedicure, which I REALLY wanted before having the baby. She also insisted that I get my eyebrows done. I could really care-less. That's why I hadn't "done" them before. Anyway, they look great now too.

Then we walked around the mall and went into several stores looking for baby coming home outfits for Saphira. My friend ended up buying her a beautiful dress and bonnet.

We had dinner at a steakhouse that was really yummy. And a coffee at the coffeehouse before going home.

I am SOOO tired. My woddle really started to become obvious after a few hours at the mall. But, I had a good time getting out of the house. Now I'm ready to just stay here until it's time to have the baby. I've had my "fill" of people for quite a while.
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