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Sorry if this has been asked before, I didn't look too hard!

My question is this, for those of you with multiples with at least 2 of the same gender, how did you decide which name went with each child?

I know someone personally who just named them in the order they came out. But I've also heard of cases where they were named before being born.

So I'm just curious, how did YOU decide?
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oooh so interesting! (mine are b/g so I never had to think about it) :
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I know my brother and SIL have names picked out for their triplets and they are very much hoping to be able to give the particular names to the particular child they have in mind. They are having 2 girls and I know that they call the girl on SIL's left side by one name and the one on the right by another name (though they haven't told us all the names yet ). They are hoping to be able to figure out which baby is which after the babies are born by c/s-- maybe by tracing back the umbilical cords to find out which girl was originally positioned on which side? Does that sound possible?
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OK I thought about it. Here's what I would do if I were pregnant with 2 girls (or 2 boys)... I would pick 2 names dh and I loved. If one were a family/the 2nd type name, that would go to the firstborn. Otherwise, I would name them alphabetically, so Baby A got the first name in the alphabet.
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We coincidentally (I swear!) picked an "A" name (August) and a "B" name (Benjamin). So it was pretty obvious. Gus was on the bottom from the 20 week u/s on, so his fate as Baby A and his name were determined early in my pg.

I have since met several other sets of twins whose names begin with A and B. Common solution I guess!
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We didn't know ahead of time the gender(s) of our twins, so we had two names of each sort of 'ready to go.' Shortly after they were born, my dh said, this one looks like Sam to me and this one looks like an Eli. Little did I know at the time that he was basing their naming on how much they resembled certain characters/cast members from Lord of the Rings! (Sam being the chunkier one and Elijah Wood having the big eyes). Nice, eh?
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We also didn't know gender, but we had Phoebe & Fiona picked out for girls names. I swear if they'd been two boys, we'd still be arguing about names. Anyway, I had a C-section and DH picked who was named which name. I don't know if he had any rhyme or reason, but they fit their names. Phoebe is not a Fiona and Fiona is not a Phoebe.

We took a few days to pick out their middle names.

We really, really don't agree on names.
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Our boys are Ansel and Marcus. Ansel was Twin A consistently throughout the pregnancy and was, in fact, born first. I guess there was probably a minor thought to the "alphabetical order" thing that a PP mentioned. But bigger was the consideration that people always speak or write the kids' names in chronological order. We thought DD#1, DD#2, DS#1, Ansel, and Marcus rolled off the tongue more easily than "and Ansel". So although we had this idea in our minds during the pregnancy that baby on my left was Ansel, we quite likely would have switched the names around if they'd been born in the other order for some reason.

Another "name thing". . . at the delivery, Twin A was out and the nurses were asking if we had a name yet. We did, but I just kind of blew off the question with some sort of non-commital response. We really both thought that everything would be A-OK. But a tiny thought in the back of my mind was about waiting (to not "jinx it"?) because if something terrible happened and Twin B died, we probably would have combined the names we'd chosen - as in: the first name of one baby and the middle name of the other name in a new pairing for the survivor. I hadn't ever discussed this with my husband. But talking about it all afterwards, he had felt the exact same hesitation for the same reason when the nurse asked Twin A's name.
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We have an S and T, but honestly they had pretty different personalities in the womb and I just knew that Sebastian was a Sebastian. When he broke his water with one swift kick (ouch!), I knew I was right. We left ourselves the option of reversing the names when the boys arrived in case they didn;t fit, and to be honest, we still took about 3 days deciding, but in the end we stuck with our initial thoughts and Sebastian was Sebastian and Tillman was Tillman.
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Ah, the name dilemma...

It took us almost the entire 48 hours we were in the hospital after the boys were born to be sure of their names. The names we finally chose were after our grandfathers, Thomas was dh's maternal grandpa and Everett was the middle name of my paternal grandpa. When they were born, even though they looked exactly alike (even though they're frat... we had to have the placentas tested to br sure) Everett for some reason just reminded me of my dad. As a little time went by it seemed that Thomas bore a little more resemblance to dh and his family. So, that's how it happened.

The only thing we did know for certain is that they would both have my last name (which I have kept) as their middle name rather than doing some sort of hyphenation.

I am really glad we waited a while to name them. I feel totally certain about our choices even though it was embarassing to be calling them baby A and baby B for two days.
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I have ID girls and we were thinking of names soon after we found out we were pg. We already had a girl name "Alivea Michelle" and a boy name "Trenton James", but we werent sure what we were having, not even that it was twins yet! We found out at 12 weeks that it was twins and at 18 weeks that they were 2 girls. It took us a couple of weeks to decide on another girl name, we just didnt agree on anything. We finally sat down and I made a list and my dh made one and we switched. Crossed off names that we are complete no, then switched again and came up with "Kaytlin Renea" So they had their names before birth and we called them by name. Baby 'a' got the name Alivea since she was the first baby and the first name we decided on. Their names fit them to a "T" too!
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We have two boys but didn't know ahead of time what their gender was, and we only had one boy name and one girl name picked out. So twin A got the boy name we had picked out and and it took us an hour or so to think of a name for twin B.
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We have two boys & didn't know their genders until they were born. We had some names ready, but nothing picked out for sure. A few hours after they were born, we settled on two names. One of the names has a "v" in it, and one of our sons had a v-shaped mark on his forehead at birth, so we gave him that name.
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I call the on on my left Willow and the one on my right Fiona (because Fiona is more active... she's feisty Fiona :P), but ultimately whoever is born first will be Willow and the second will be Fiona.
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When we were deciding names Zachary was the first name we settled on. The baby who was up the highest in me kicked me hard when we said the first and middle name together so I sort of decided to name him Zachary. However we left it open to change who had what name after birth. The other name we chose was Noah. I was hoping Noah would be the first one out because I wanted the names to be alphabletical, some dumb idea I had that I just had to have happen.
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We just found out our MZ twins are girls. We had decided the night before on the names Annabelle Violet and Georgianna Mae so we too have decided to just go with the "Baby A gets the A-name" plan. Annabelle will be A from now on and Georgie will be B!
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We had a singleton boy name picked (or I guess boy in b/g twins). We ended up breaking up the first & middle name and making each a first name. We assigned names to them after they were born, based on how they looked/seemed to us. Since we used our boy mn as a first name we had to think hard to figure out mn's for the boys. They weren't named until a day after they were born and we were able to sleep/think on it awhile. Initially I thought that if we had 2 boys then the first born would get our original boy first name but it just didn't suit him. I'm glad we saw them before naming them for sure.
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My MZ girls didn't have names for about 24 hours. We just couldn't come up with names before they were born. We had ideas, but we weren't certain about anything. After they were born and we got to know them a bit, we knew exactly what their names were going to be. It just sort of came to us. It was very natural and their names suit them very well.
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Originally Posted by Ellie'sMom View Post
We coincidentally (I swear!) picked an "A" name (August) and a "B" name (Benjamin). So it was pretty obvious. Gus was on the bottom from the 20 week u/s on, so his fate as Baby A and his name were determined early in my pg.

I have since met several other sets of twins whose names begin with A and B. Common solution I guess!
We have b/g twins so I'm not in this situation but I'm finding it very interesting to read all your responses. But I also wanted to add our little story that instead of calling the babies A and B (we took such a long time to pick names, because Dh and I couldn't agree on anything until the last minute) Dh called them "Alpha" and "Bravo". He's a military man.
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Not born yet, but DH really wants to wait until after they're born before assigning the names. Names are picked out, but in the meantime, I wish I could just go ahead and name them before they're born. Oh well.
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