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My girls are named after my maternal and paternal grandmothers. Grandma Kate was shorter than Grandma Lilly, so we decided whoever was smaller would be Kate. So, my 3 pound Baby A is Lilly and 2 pound 13 ounce Baby B is Kate.
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Originally Posted by 2+twins View Post
We had a singleton boy name picked (or I guess boy in b/g twins). We ended up breaking up the first & middle name and making each a first name.
We did this too. We had a singleton girl name of Willow Fiona, but I was debating whether to split it because I liked fiona so much. We we got twin girls so we ended up using both!
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When we thought we were having just one baby, we had a hard time agreeing on names. But when we found out we were having twins, we came up with 4 sets of names within hours! The boys names were all family names (after my FIL, my dad, and both of my grandfathers); if they were girls, their middle names would have been my mom's name and DH's mom's name.

We also named them in utero - when it was just one baby, we referred to him/her as "Junior", but A and B just seemed too impersonal. As soon as we found out they were both boys, we assigned names - James was on my left side, Bryan on the right. Our doctor was so sweet - he always called them by name when he checked for heartbeat (I suspect he checked the chart each time to remember who was where, but it was still sweet).

Even though they are identical, and even weighed the same, Bryan was born with a full head of hair; James just had fuzz (we could tell them apart even in the dark for months). As someone else mentioned, James never looked like a Bryan, nor Bryan like a James. for a few days I toyed with calling James "Jamie", but it didn't suit him at all. He is almost 13 years old now, and is still James, though some of his friends call him Jimmy.
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Originally Posted by cjcolorado View Post
We didn't know ahead of time the gender(s) of our twins, so we had two names of each sort of 'ready to go.' Shortly after they were born, my dh said, this one looks like Sam to me and this one looks like an Eli. Little did I know at the time that he was basing their naming on how much they resembled certain characters/cast members from Lord of the Rings! (Sam being the chunkier one and Elijah Wood having the big eyes). Nice, eh?
haha your husband cracks me up. at least the kids have a story to tell when they get older!
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Baby A got the name that began with the letter A. Baby B... well we already had a child whose name began with the letter B, so she just got the other name LOL. I wanted all my kids to have names that began with different letters of the alphabet (as opposed to all five kids names starting with the letter _____)
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Mine had TTTS, so one was always smaller than the other, and when I had u/s I could always tell the difference between one and the other... I always wanted to name my first baby Rory, and then I picked Tiger (I was a single mom of twins, so no fighting over names with anyone!) and I decided the bigger one should be Tiger, because a smaller kid named Tiger might get a complex

Their names fit them nicely.
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We were naming one for my sister, the third in my own family. Since our first twin was our third child, we gave her that name (mine are Colette and Cate--Catharine, officially).
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