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DD WON'T take medicine, I really need HELP!

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The long and short of it is DD (4) hates all medicines, she and DS (2) have been coughing up a storm for weeks, they were on an antibiotic for 5 days, it did nothing, now the doc has prescribed a new antibiotic twice a day for 10 days plus cough medicine twice a day for 10 days. My DS doesn't like to take the medicine either, he cries, but I eventually get it down him. DD got herself so worked up last night, I can't even describe it. I really, really, really, don't want to force her, but I just don't see an alternative. She begs me not to force her. (She has a LOT of freedom in her life, is rarely forced to do anything, I think this is a good thing, I respect her choices and she usually makes very good ones.) But as the Mom, I HAVE to make her take medicine, right?

I am open to any and all suggestions. Please help me!!! Thanks.
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Why won't she take it? taste, side effects, moral principles?
Is there any form of the medicine that she says she will take? Do you let her measure and administer it herself?
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She won't take it because of the taste. (moral principles??: )

Yes, I have let her self administer, but I have been measuring it. We have had a half-hour horror show by the time she pops the pill (which she prefers to liquid.) And by then she's so upset that she's gagging.

I'm at a loss. I need suggestions to ease the process.
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We have to give meds 2x a day all the time for reflux. It is pretty nasty tasting, and we had major battles, until we starting giving him a small piece of candy after each dose. I don't like "bribing", but in cases like this I don't think it is. We had tried mixing with other liquids to improve the taste, everything we could think of, and for us, a small reward was the best answer, especially since we have to do it everyday for years(?) to come. We let him pick out what he wants--I keep a small variety of interesting things like mini M&m's, chocolate coins, valentine hearts,etc., and let him self administer, with a cup of water in hand to swallow afterwards. After he finishes all his meds (allergy and cold stuff if needed, too) then he gets one piece.

It also helps is a fairly rare occurance around our house, so it is special to him, and choosing his own makes it even better.

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If it's a pill she's taking, what about putting it in a spoonful of applesauce or pudding, or even ice cream? Then it could slide down unnoticed. My niece once swallowed a lobster eye on a dare. She wrapped it in squashed up piece of bread and swallowed the whole thing down. She got a dollar for it (?!) She was six or so at the time.
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I heard of someone mixing liquid medicine with a few spoonfuls of ice cream topping, and then serving it over a scoop of ice cream. Not exactly healthy, I know, but it sounds like almost anything would be better than what you all are going through. You could use rice dream, and organic preserves for the topping...I think this method works better if the medicine is already trying to taste non-disgusting, like berry or cherry flavor. Hhhmmm...maybe liquids could also be made into popsickles? Maybe try asking her, if there was any treat we could transform this medicine into that you would like to eat, what would it be? And then let her help shop for and prepare the 'healing treat.' Heck, I'd down something pretty darn rank if it was stirred into caramel sauce. Good luck, and hugs to the whole family!
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When I was little, I could not swallow pills at all - hated it, still do. I used to get liquid or fast dissolve stuff. Of course now I only use homeopathics which are either a few drops of alcohol, or some sugar pellets. Not too hard to take - my dd loves it too.

And for coughing we use mustard plasters and steam filled air. I am not against conventional medicine per se, but feel it is overused. too many antibiotics and counter productive medicines (like an expectorant to loosen phlegm, with a cough suppressant to prevent you from coughing up said phlegm. REALLY?!? come on doctors, think a little!)

it is never easy when your child is in pain.... hope all is better soon.
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Ask the pharmacist if the medicine can be administered in a suppository form. I know this isn't pleasant either, but given the choice, maybe DD will prefer to take the pill after all.

Another suggestion: find a good homeopath. Homeopathic remedies don't taste bad at all. My son loves them. Also, we have a Natural Pharmacy around here which is also a "compounding pharmacy" and they can make many traditional medicines into a more palatable form for children such as yours.

I don't think the candy idea is bad either. But I wouldn't offer it as a "reward," I would tell DD, "OK, after you take the meds you can have this piece of candy to help get rid of the bad taste in your mouth."

Good luck,
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"A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!"

Mary Poppins.

Find the ice-cream she is crazy about, and decorate it with Hundreds and Thousnds, choco syrup, whatever, + your medicine.

We never allow sweets, so we always called her cough mixture an "ice-cream lollipop" ('cos it is kept in the fridge), so it was always a special treat, (+ it tastes great), but if hers does not, make it.

Hope this helps

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I'm not worthy!!

THANKS everyone for your responses. I tried a bunch of them (I'm not above bribery!) Last night I talked to her about crunching up her pill in some chocolate ice cream, she thought that sounded fine, and by Goddess if it didn't work like a charm!! I can't tell you what a relief it was.

My little guy wouldn't eat his "medicine ice-cream" (my DD's term) so we had to do the old dropper with him again, . But the situation is now very managable.

And Wildflower, I laughed my butt off when I read, "Heck, I'd down something pretty darn rank if it was stirred into carmel sauce." A woman after my own heart!

Thanks loads to everyone who took the time to respond.
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Glad the ice cream is working! We almost had to resort to the injectable antibiotics when DD was under 6 months old! She had an unsually adept tongue thrust reflex that made quick work of anything other than breastmilk from the boob or bottle.
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Yeah, the ice cream trick works well for us too with the chewable antibiotics. Really, those things are DISGUSTING tasting. Horrid. Antibiotics are about the only med. that my 5 yr. old prefers in liquid form. He hates taking all meds, but understands consequences very well. Fortunately, he hates being sick worse. One thing that helped was to take him to the pharmacy and show him every single form of medicine dropper, spoon, cup, etc. that they carried and letting him choose his favorite. An m&m after each dose doesn't hurt either.
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