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The article I read on CNN a month or so ago didn't make it sound theoretical... just rare. Conjoined twins were born that had different y dna but the same x dna....
Let me look for the article.
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Semi-identical twinning
from the article:

Definition: A type of twinning identified by scientists in a report in the Journal of Human Genetics in 2007. Described as identical on the mother's side but sharing only half their father's genes, the rare twins developed when two sperm fertilized a single egg, forming a triploid, which then split.

The twins, born in 2003 or 2004 in the United States, are described as somewhere between identical and fraternal. One twin is a hermaphrodite being raised as a female, with both testicular and ovarian structures, while the other is anatomically male.

Semi-identical twinning is distinguished from polar body twinning because the egg was fertilized by two sperm before splitting.
Also Known As: sesquizygotic, a term postulated by biologist Michael Golubovsky
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Originally Posted by YumaDoula View Post

I'd be thrilled if my twins had twins. Or any of my kids.
I am reallly hoping that when my girls get older that one of them have twins...that would be great to have twin grandchildren.....
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I know that all the theories and studies suggest that ID twins are just a "fluke" thing, however...I've conceived ID twins twice in a row now without the aid of fertility medications. Twins DO run in my family though....both my grandmother and great-grandmother on my Mom's side had twins. The only issue I am having is that I lost one of our first ID twins to VTS, but gave birth to a healthy, full-term baby boy 9 mos. (or less, I guess) later. This time around, I just had a D&E this past Tuesday (May 1st) due to the loss of both ID twins. I'm 34 yrs. old, and have 6 other children...so I have several contributing factors to conceiving twins. Although according to the "experts", I should be more prone to conceiving fraternal twins. I do know that I experience hyper-ovulation, but once again...that should have resulted in fraternal twins as well...not ID. It's all still a mystery to me...but from my own personal experience, I would have to say that ID twins must have some kind of genetic role...regardless of what all the studies and experts say.

By the way, although it was never confirmed by U/S, my 4th pregnancy/child was also thought to have possibly been a twin pregnancy as I experienced very heavy bleeding/passing of clots & tissue (sorry for being so graphic). I was told I had a miscarriage, but later discovered that I still had a very healthy, thriving fetus. This lead my OB to believe that I might have lost a twin that time around as well (most likely fraternal in that case though).

Sorry not much help with your questions....just wanted to throw in my experiences.
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I was 25 when I conceived my ID twins using no fertility drugs. My grandmother had 1 set of frats and these are the only 2 on my side. My dh's side is another story, he has 4 (maybe 5, dont remember) all ID. All of them are from my dh's grandfather's side and down (his brother's and sisters had ID twins) so it isnt that far in generation. I know they say that ID's dont run in families and only the woman's side counts but this is pretty odd.....:

Also in case anyone is reading this that isnt aware, ID twins can be in seperate sacs and placentas. My dd's were completely seperate, told from day 1 they were frat. Found out after birth with not being able to tell them apart, having the same blood type, hair/eye color, we had them DNA tested and they are ID. The egg split very early!
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