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Full moon

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Did it work it's magic for anyone last night?
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Not unless you count the hijinks that DH got up to. :

No, seriously, I had barely a hint of a contraction yesterday. Oh, well. I'm not even 38 weeks yet so I shouldn't be getting too excited yet.
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Was up all night while DD and hubby slept like logs. I think even the baby in my belly slept the whole night through because I didn't feel her doing her loop-de-loops all night like normal. But no birth signs, which is fine, as I'm not yet at 37 weeks.

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I wish...

No it didn't work for me. All day yesterday I had BH contractions and lost more of my mucus plug and then the contractions stopped sometime during the night. I feel back to normal today.
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i had CRAZY PAINFUL contractions last night, once every 45 minutes or so........for about 4 hours?! it was pretty exciting actually.

but of course, today, everything is back to normal.

darn it!!
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Nope. I am the believer that each woman follows her own cycle of the moon. At least, that is what I noticed with the birth of my baby and my menses. Mine is the waning of the moon when it gets closer to half moon.
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Not for me either!

I was having contractions every 5 mins yesterday. Then they went away last night. Hardly anything today. :
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I started feeling crampy at around 4pm, nothing major. I even sat in the moonlight coming in from the window for awhile but eh...
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