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So, when I went to the OB on Tuesday, my bp was a bit high - 140/90. They did blood work, and kidneys and liver and rest of blood work looks great. So, is this something I should worry about, or not? I took it at home, and it was still a bit high, although not as high as at the doc... 124/87.

I'm 37 weeks tomorrow, so if things need to be moved along, its doable... but as much as I want to be done, I don't want to rush if I don't have to, kwim?
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What is your baseline BP from earlier in the Preg?
Good that your liver & kidneys look good. No proteinuria I assume.
Are you having swelling?

Definitly add calcium magnesium to your diet. Here's a link from the Cochrane review about it.

Also, do you have access to swimming? If not try taking baths instead of showers. Just being in the water lowers BP, and any water pressure also helps reduce any swelling.
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Were you anxious about anything at the appt? Your at home reading I wouldn't be too worried about, but the ob reading... I don't know, maybe? And then there are the classic PIH symptoms to watch out for - do you have much swelling or are you having headaches?

I'd spend some time relaxing and monitor your bp a little more making sure that it wasn't just nerves before doing anything else... but that's just me. What did your ob say?
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No swelling, no headaches, no spots before my eyes - and as for if I am anxious at the doc - the answer is yes. I guess I'm anxious in general these days. And I get nervous that my bp will be high, which only makes it worse... I even try deep breathing, visualization - nothing helps.

I actually do have access to a pool, but I don't have a maternity bathing suit... maybe I could wear DH's trunks and a tshirt or something...

I'll definitely look into the calcium magnesiusm...
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I wouldn't be super concerned then, unless it continues to get worse or other symptoms pop up... the two times I was sent to the hospital for monitoring, my bp sky-rocketed, but it was just nerves. It doesn't sound like you're getting PIH to me.

Hope you enjoy your last weeks of pregnancy complication-free!
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Ok. Sounds good
I'd profolactically arm myself with good evidence about inductions, etc. Incase the doc gets pushy. Also, maybe take your BP frequently and report your findings do the doc. Tell them in no uncertain terms that BPs taken at their office are elevated and you do not consider them to be your normal BP. (and practice mentally lowering it. . .I can knock 10 points off both numbers by uncrossing my legs, sitting back, breathing deeply, etc.)
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try taking your BP while laying down, too. and i agree with keeping a log at home & letting your OB know so you can have evidence if they want to induce and you're not comfortable with it.

the bottom number is the one you should be most concerned about & 90 is getting up there. did you say what your baseline is? this is the pressure in your vessels when at rest (the top number is the pressure in your vessels while constricting & is most susceptible to fluctuations due to stress & anxiety).

it doesn't sound like too much to worry about but i would keep checking & recording it.
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You also want to try lying on your left side prior to having your blood pressure read. Breathing exercises are helpful, too.

My blood pressure spikes when I'm stressed: I have a visiting nurse right now and she takes it daily at my house and it's always low or normal. But when I'm in the hospital or at the doctor's office, it's invariably alarmingly high.

Hang in there- as long as your bloodwork is OK, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.
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