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Definitely lost my plug this morning! Maybe TMI

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OMG! So I got out of bed at 10:30 today and went to the bathroom and did one of those notorious TP checks and wouldn't you know, there was my plug! I don't know what it could possibly be but my plug. It was grayish green and streaked with a little blood. Gosh, I hope this isn't just a tease. My due date is on Mother's day, and surely my little person won't keep me in suspense much longer I hope.

I am trying not to get too excited because I know that labor could still be a little ways off, but I didn't lose mine like this with my first. How cool!

So I am going to work in a couple hours, and I hope labor does start. What a great way to get out of work.
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Oh yay! I hope this is the start of something fun!!
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Any news???
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Mmm, nothing to speak of. I was thinking about it, and if the last time around I think I did lose my plug with my daughter. I remember I had some pinkish discharge in the evening and didn't really think of anything of it, then the following morning I had some more and I woke up with contractions. I didn't have a lot of mucous at all, and I don't think I recognized it for what it was.

This time around was a whole lot of mucousy stuff, and I just got home from work, and there was a little more. I have been feeling kinda menstrual crampy too, nothing special in the way of contractions though. Last night I felt like the kid was having an all-out assault on my cervix too, those electric shock feelings in my cervix were enough to make gasp every time. I am having them now too as I am typing.

Who knows? I so would like this to be an indicator that things will get going soon, but I know not to get too excited. Now, if only I didn't feel like needles were jabbing into my cervix, I could take my mind off it:
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I'm getting a lot of the electric shock and needles jabbing the cervix, too. Ugh, talk about painful! I hope this is it for you mama and that your little one is in your arms soon!!
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how was your night? any changes?
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Same thing, different day . I think my child is a tease. I noticed too that when my cervix is killing me like that the BH are a lot stronger and more consistent. Sometimes the pain will go away when I change positions, sometimes not. Just a little mucousy stuff this morning.

I am kinda worried about him coming a little earlier than planned because I really don't feel as though I am very focused on my hypnobirthing as I would like to be. I have had a really hard time trying to do it consistently every day and am worried that it won't be very effective.

Can you sleep during a hypnobirthing CD and have it be effective? Sometimes the only time I get to listen to them is just before I go to bed, and I doze off.
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i have had that problem with hypnobirthing, but my doula has assured me that some is still getting in even if i am asleep. i also mentioned to her recently that i am finding the cds really hard to relate to (the whole body parts "vibrating" to different colors really doesn't do it for me. i am really, at this point, just trying to be consistent with making myself relax in different settings and situations through deep breathing techniques. i think that will help me greatly during labor. i also really like listening to the affirmations.
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Well that is good to know. I have no problem relaxing and going "under" when I am doing it, it is just a matter of finding the time to do it. Which unfortunately is right before bedtime. So if sleeping during the exercises is still helpful, that's great.

I think this week instead of trying to get all these last minute things done, I am going to try to just chill out and focus on me. To hell with the housework, because really, its not going to ever be truly done. I am going to do as much of my Hypbirth home study as possible, lots of yoga, and get plenty of fresh air. I think I am going to call out of work next week and tell them I'll see them in July. I understand the drive to nest completely, but I think its taking away from my main focus, which is to make this birth different from my last.

I have to remind myself that this will not last forever.

Mamas, let's just BREATHE!
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