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Maya Grace is here!

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Hey all! Well, she made it into the world in a fury on 05/01/07 at 1:47a.m.

She weighted 9lbs. 3.5oz. and was 21 1/2" long! She's a champion nurser and good sleeper, too!

I'll post the rather fast birth story later, but wanted to post pics!

Me on the way to the hospital

Sleepin' in the Happy hangup

Sweet Baby Maya
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let me say CONGRATS!

and you look too cool, calm, collected, and cute to be going into labor in that photo


what a beautiful kid!

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Congratulations!!! What a beautiful baby. Love the name, too.
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Wonderful!! Congrats
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She is amazing! Congrats!!
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you were on your way to the hospital in that photo? you looked amazing!!! and what a precious little girl....
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Congrats...she looks great.
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Congratulations! Maya is sooo cute!

Like PPs have said, don't try to convince us that was you on the way to the hospital though.
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Way to go!
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Maya is beautiful. And you look so wonderful, too.
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Congrats, Mama! Enjoy your new little one.
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I love your pics. You are too cute! Your precious is just that! congratulations!
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I can believe that's you on the way to the hospital...you've got this amazing glow about you in the pic! How exciting! Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. Enjoy your babymoon!!
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congrats, mama! beautiful baby, and i love the name!
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The pictures are fantastic, she's beautiful.
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Congrats and Happy Babymoon!!
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