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Will I be next?!?!?!

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Well I went for my appt today and I am 3 cm!! I did get a "stretch and sweep" done. Maybe these contractions I've been having will actually pick up and be real labor now. I am crampy. And still contracting. She said that if it put me into labor, it would be in the next 24 hours.

I tried everything yesterday......long walk, long bath, sex. Maybe this will do the trick. With prodromal labor lasting for the past 3.5 weeks, I am done! :

Wish me luck!!
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anything else going on? hoping this is IT for you!!!
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Well, as the day has gone on, my contractions have gotten stronger. Quite uncomfortable really. And some lower back pain. I can feel her pushing on my cervix and I can hardly pee because she is SOOOO low. I don't know if this will keep progressing, but I sure hope so. (the labor, not the peeing problem lol.)

The contractions aren't regular. They very from 5-15 minutes apart. But when they come, I know they are there for sure. My GBS was + so I was told to go to the hospital when they were 5 mintues apart to get abx. I was already 3cm before the "sweep" today. DH is off the next 4 days, this would really be a great time.(normally he works 75 hrs a week!!!) So he is really hoping.

I'll keep ya posted.
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Well, i think this is really it. I have been nausous for the past few hours and unable to eat for about 8 hrs. And been cleaning the house all day.

My conx have gotten that old familiar labor feeling to them. Altho still not closer than 10 minutes apart. I've never gone into labor tho. Always induced with pit. So this is sure to be slower than with the pit rushing thru my body forcing things along.
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Good luck!
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I hope you're holding your baby girl soon!!!! Sending lots of smooth labor vibes!
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waiting to hear your good news!!
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Looking forward to hearing an update or announcement- sending lots of good vibes!
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Sending easy labor vibes your way!!
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Well, I decided that around 11pm they were indeed REAL labor pains. So at about 1am with them 5-8 mintues apart, we went to the hospital. The did a check right away and I was at4cm from 3cm before the "sweep" in the morning. The contx were coming 3-4 minutes apart. Then they wanted to check again about 3 hours later to see if there was progress. I was having hard PAINFULLLLLL contx. And the same nurse said I was still 4 but she could tell a difference.

So things continued for a few more hours and then another nurse checked and said that I was at 3cm and I needed to go home. Well. That was a shock.

So they sent me home at 6am. I went to bed with a sleeping pill they gave me. And just got up. My family is going to the mall now, so hopefully things will keep progressing.

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oh...that's disappointing. how's the rest of your day been today?
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How frustrating. I hope things move along quickly for you!
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Originally Posted by doulalove View Post
oh...that's disappointing. how's the rest of your day been today?
Juts woke up. I still feel contx. Oh well. I guess next time I'll wait until I can't walk or speak to go to the hospital.:
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