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Kyla Rose (We're spelling it Kaila Rose)

April 30th, 2007

I woke up just before 5am. I knew the alarm was going to go off at 5:30, so I just couldn't sleep and decided to start getting ready. I was having some braxtons the last few days that were starting to get painful, I found out later I was actually in the first stages of labor. I got ready and hubby and I left just after 6 am for our 45 min drive to the hospital. We arrived just after 7am and took a couple last pregnant pics outside the hospital. (I am still looking for these and other pics. Hubby downloaded them when I was in the hospital, but somehow they got lost on the computer and I have spent the last 12 hours trying to find them. :0( I don't have any other copies of these pics, so I'm really hoping I can find them somewhere. There are some very precious pics on there that I'd like to share.......)
When I got there, they hooked me up to a nst, took my urine, my temp, and blood pressure. 20 mins later, I got to meet the doctor who was going to deliver me. She did a cervical check. She said I was having contractions, but not regular yet and was 3 cm dilated. At 8:10am I got moved to the delivery room. They hooked me up again to monitor contractions and babys heartbeat.

Between 8:15 and 8:45am, they decided to get me hooked up to an i.v to get some fluids in me and take my blood sugar levels because there was sugar in my urine and have my blood taken. They couldn't find a good vein and 3 different nurses put 4 different needles in my hand/wrist until they found a good vein! OOOUUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ended up having 6 needles between the i.v attempts, blood sugar test and blood test all in 45 mins. I felt like a pin cushion, but gained strength from these, since I knew I still had the biggest needle to come yet....the epi needle.
It was a waiting game now as we waited to see if I would progress on my own. My doctor came in and did another cervical check, we were about the same. The anestesiologist (Opps-sorry, can't spell) arrived at 9:30 and went over things with us. At 9:45 I got my epi. It wasn't NEARLY as bad as I had geared up for it to be, in fact the i.v's were MUCH more painful then the epi!!! He inserted the needle etc. and then glued the cathater in place from the top of my back to the base and them taped over it to be sure it wouldn't move. He said "You did great!!" I couldn't believe I did it, I was so worried I couldn't handle the painful needle in the spine and it was so much easier then I had imagined!! He gave me the walking epi, so I was still able to feel a lot, but unfortunately after awhile, we discovered that only the right side had frozen and I could still feel my contractions on the left side! Lol! At 12:10 I had another cervical check. Still 3 cm. 12:45 Dr. Fellenz decides to strip my membranes. They also decide to insert a catheter into my....eh hem......so that I could pee without having to get up, incase my legs weren't strong enough and my labor went too fast. That was fun, let me tell you!!! I've never had so many nurses looking at my hooo haaa and trying to insert something UP it!!! The epi man (because I can't spell the actual word today) came back into my room and decided to move the needle so that my left side would freeze. That was fun, moving a catheter in the spine! Another ouch, especially also ripping off the glued tape to my back! :0( It seemed to work though because after awhile, my left side was more numb and I couldn't feel the contractions any more. At 2:00 Dr. Fellenz decided to rupture my membranes. She said it wouldn't be long now, she went through the first layer,then the second etc. Things started to progress and my contractions became a lot more frequent (every 2 mins) and much stronger and longer. 45 mins later I was 6-7 cm dilated and things were rolling fast. I was getting a lot of rectal pressure. I wanted to lie on my back because every time I did, my contractions would pick up and things would go fast, but they kept rolling me on my left side saying that the epi would only freeze my back and not my tummy if I stayed on my back, so every time I was on my left, things slowed down because that was our regular comfort position. Finally hubby said, just try pushing during one of the contractions, which is what I felt like doing anyway, so during my next contraction I pushed, just slightly. Well, that was enough! It moved baby right down and she crowned instantly!! They sat me up (there were 3 nurses, a student nurse and a doctor in the room with us) in a sitting position and while they were sitting me up, her head started coming down and right there! Daddy was beside me on the left and he held my hand the whole time. He watched in amazement (He was so happy that he didn't have to deliver this time! heee! heee!) They said I could push if I wanted but the doctor said my body was already doing it on it's own and I didn't have to do anything! I started to cry, I couldn't believe she was actually coming into this world!! The doctor said "You're going to get all of us crying aren't you?" THe doctor said, "I know you're anxious to meet your daughter...." I said "I just want her to be born in the most gentle way possible, I'm not in a hurry, I will wait so that she has a beautiful birth...."
I saw in the mirror and felt down and touched her head. I could see that she had a tiny bit of hair. When her head was out, she started to cry/whimper. The next contraction she slid out and I pulled her up onto my chest. The nurses told me I could clean her, which I started to do and I kissed her head and told her how long we had waited for her. I looked at her and instantly saw Daddy and her brothers. I thought, this little face looks familiar! hee! hee!

(Seconds old-holding and cleaning her)

I was also amazed at how well she could already hold up her head!! She kept lifting it up as I held her.

After a few mins, they took her away and checked her, as they were checking her, she was a hungry little girl and started sucking on her hand!! (I knew she was going to be hungry because we hadn't eaten all day because of the epi. and usually I'm eating a lot!! Lol!)
In the mean time, the doctor sewed me up. I ripped a bit because of my previous births, so I had to get 3 inside stitches and about 10 outside stitches. After they took the catheter out of my "hoo haa" and cleaned and tested baby, I was able to have her back and nurse her. That was the longest few mins of my life, waiting for her to return to my arms again. After they cleaned her, Daddy got to hold her and brought her over to me. As he was standing beside me holding her and looking at her, he started to cry.....happy tears this time, not the devasting ones that I had seen him cry last time he held our daughter. I think we got everyone in the room crying with us!

20 mins after she was born, she did her first sneeze! hee! hee! She weighed in at 6 pounds 14 ounces. She was full of rolls on her arms and had a double chin....I saw that the cheesecakes had done her well! :0) THat first day, she never cried, only whimpered slightly when she wanted to nurse. She still whimpers a lot before she actually cries. She latched really well instantly and I got to learn very quickly that my little girl is a super sucker!! ha! ha! OUCH!! We are still working on the tender nipple issue. I am happy though that she loves to eat.
We were able to come home 2 days later-Wednesday May 2nd. We arrived home about 5pm and decided to have a day of celebration! On the way home, we picked up a bundle of colorful hydrogen balloons for each of our boys, some paper planes each, some of their own tools, a movie to watch and of course PIZZA!!!!! We wanted them to feel special and embrace their new roles as big brothers to their new sister! They were so happy and exited!! :0)
My milk has started coming in today. (Day 3) I'm glad because she dropped down to 6 pounds and now we can get her back up. :0) Oh, she decided that she doesn't like to sleep at nights. She will sleep well during the day, but at night time, she thinks it's time to play and stay awake. So Mommy is a bit exausted now, averaging about 3-4 hours sleep a night since she's been born. I have decided that I am going to get a glider chair for my room, so that I can sit up and feed her and spend this time with her, since sitting against the wall during the night just makes for a grumpy Mommy! Lol!

She is my little angel!



The boys absolutely adore her. Daddy is in absolute awe. The boys can't stop touching her and kissing her and thanking God for their little sister. She is our miracle baby. We have been greatly blessed! Thank you God for this beautiful gift!
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congratulations and thanks for sharing your beautiful story
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I'm so happy for you and your family!
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Congratulations and best wishes!
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She is beautiful (as are you mama!)
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Congrats, Mama!
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Yeah!! Congrats She is beautiful!
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Thanks for sharing!
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Congrats and you had me crying too! She's beautiful!

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what a beauty she is!!!
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wow, congrats, mama!!!
: Kyla!!!
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Ah... thanks for sharing your birth story!

Congrats and Happy Babymoon!!

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She is beautiful! Congratulations!!
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thank you for the great wonderful story
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What a doll! Congratulations!
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Your happiness just brought tears to my eyes, mom! Congratulations and Happy Babymoon!
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So happy for you and your family and a beautiful birth!!! Thanks for sharing!
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Congrats! Thanks for sharing!
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congrats, mama!!

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Sounds like a great birth! i was also worried about the epidural being painful but I also had a good anastesiologist and it wasn't bad at all. Sounds like you an dbabe are doing really well and I sympathize with you on lack of sleep!
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