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Poll Results: How often do you call 911?

  • 84% (133)
    Less than once a year
  • 12% (19)
    1-3x per year
  • 0% (1)
    4-6x per year
  • 2% (4)
    7+ x per year
157 Total Votes  
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I forgot about the time when I was still preg with ds1 and we were sitting at home one night (it was actually Valentine's Day I believe) and could swear we smelled smoke. We didn't have a phone so Dh ran down the street to work and I believe he called the fire station and they said hang up and call 911. : Um ok. They all had a big laugh about it afterwards - a fire is an emergency! Well, we just weren't sure if there was a fire or just smoke or what. It turned out the guy under us fell asleep with a cig and burned his mattress up, he put it out, and then was sleeping again by the time the fire. dept. arrived.

The Christmas night fire a few weeks before that night was so bad it burned out the apt. adjoined to ours and damaged our place too (but we had no where else to go but back in there). I don't know who called 911...it was all my 2 SILs, 2 BILs and MIL could do just to get out in time.
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Originally Posted by barose View Post
Public Enemy - I think about that every time I have to call 911.
Oh yeah! Flava Flav - and no wonder that song pops into your head.
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Originally Posted by Wabi Sabi View Post
I voted 1-3 times/year.

In the past year I've called when dh and I were following what was an obviously very intoxicated driver- he was swerving all over the road, ran a red light, and driving headfirst in the wrong lane into on-coming traffic!

I also called when there was a dead deer- obviously had JUST been hit- in the middle of the highway. I was concerned because it was right over a hill where cars coming wouldn't see it until they were right on top of it and going 65 mph. There would have been no way to slow down fast enough and swerving to go around it would cause you to possibly swerve into oncoming traffic.
In many areas you can call *11 (include the star) on your cell phone and you will get Highway Patrol Dispatch. They will come clear the obstacle from the road.
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I've called once, when my FIL fall off a ladder. He ended up with a severe concussion.
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I only had to call once.
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I've never had to call 911...thank goodness
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I call whenever there is something laying on the highway and could cause an accident. I travel a lot for work so I think I called twice this week.
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I've only called once in my life--a car accident happened right outside my door, and I called it in.
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When we have cell phone service, I call probably once a year to report fender benders, vehicles broken down on the side of the road, reckless drivers running other cars off the road, etc. I'm usually in a rural area where I don't know the local police number, so I just call 911.
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Once in my life. I was about 11 years old and I dialed from a pay phone because my mom had just been in a minor car accident.
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I've called once. I was still living at home, going to college, and volunteering. I stopped home for a quick lunch between activities and noticed that our woods were on fire. I was the only one home and freaked out and dialed 911. I'm glad I did as the fire was traveling in the lower layers of pine mulch and it was actually much bigger than I thought it was. My parents were quite shocked when they got home and there were fire trucks.
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I accidentally set my family's kitchen on fire when I was 18. THAT was fun.

DH and I were driving and saw a motorcycle rider get hit by a car- it wasn't too terrible (low speeds), but we called anyway, because the rider flew off his bike and seemed like he might need help.
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Never. They never respond.
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The last few years, about once a year:

car accident.. .
strange guy laying in the street, might be hurt... .
someone firing a gun behind our house. . .
police came looking for our neighbor, but I thought they were looking for different neighbor, so I called them back. . .
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I haven't called 911.

There was only one instance where it would have been appropriate to do so but DH's father and I took DH to the Emergency Room. That was stupid in retrospect but now we know better.
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I never have

Originally Posted by applejuice View Post
Never. They never respond.
How would you know if you've never called? :
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I called the poison control center when my cat ate a lizard and started foaming at the mouth.
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Once, in NYC, when a clearly mentally unstable man was ringing the buzzer for my apartment for around half an hour and showed no signs of stopping. I was home alone and pretty freaked. The police came, talked to him, sent him on his way.
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