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Getting closer!

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I'm getting contractions, but nothing timeable. I had soft stools this morning. Still have my mucuos plug so I know that it can be days or weeks but its nice to see my body preparing!
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you and me, girl. sounds like my morning.

representin' for north AND central texas, yeeee-ha!!!!!

let's have some cinco de mayo babies!

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Maybe there's something in the air... I've got steady BH and feelin' crampy every once in a while.

My mw did a little dance today when she saw the contractions registering on my nst... but her birth assistant is out of town this weekend and will be very cross with me if I deliver while she's gone!
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well ladies? what' going on today? sounds like some babies are on the way!!!
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Still crampy and still feeling some irregular contractions, but nothing stopabble (me that is, still able to do things). I was able to take a nap with DD and now I may do some light cleaning just in case. I smell blood, I don't know what symptom that is.
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vegan baby, thats weird about the blood smell, maybe you are a vampire

my legs are so sore its really hard to move. i am slow as a turtle today, and very very spacey.

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